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1.Which of the following sentences is true about rights and responsibilities…
a.Law covers only rights
b.Ethics covers only rights
c.Law covers only responsibilities
d.Ethics covers only responsibilities

2.Yang mana conduct ethically…
a.Patient have to pay
b.Patient don’t have to pay
c.Doctor have right to get paid
d.Doctor have obligation
e.Doctor have obligation to treat patient and have right to get paid

3.Patient’s right termuat dalam…
b.Circular letter from ministry of health
c.Government law
d.A and b
e.B and c

4.Hubungan antara medical ethical and government laws…
a.Many articles of medical ethics found in government law
b.Many articles of government law found in medical ethics
c.Medical ethics found in government law
d.Few articles of medical ethics found in government law
e.Few articles of government law found in medical ethics

5.Informed consent diatur dalam…
e.All of above

1.Similar and difference between ethical responsibility and legal responsibility!
2.Explain about standard operational procedure!




1. Which one is not an ethical issue in Reproductive Medicine?
a. Sex selection
b. Sperm donor
c. Surrogate mother
d. Feticide
e. Sperm insemination husband

2. PGD disadvantage?
a. Successful rate 97%
b. Escaped inherited disease
c. Prevent risk of miscarriage due to chromosomal abnonormalities
d. Can be used for sex selection
e. Can be used to avoid passing x-linked disease

3. During ISCI
a. Amicroscopic hole is drilled into ovum or chemical is used to dissolve the outer shell of the ovum
b. A single sperm is injected into center of an ovum
c. The ova are put in a dish and mixed with sperm ; the zigote are implanted
d. The zygote is placed in the fallopian tube allowing it to implant naturally
e. Ova and sperm are placed in the fallopian tube before conception

4. Contraception leads to immoral behaviour because...
Contraception make it easier to have sex outside marriage

5. Bad consequence of contraception?
Answer: lead to depopulation

6. IVF?
Answer: test tube babies are conceived in Petri Dish and then implanted in the uterus

7. Hormonal method?
a. Patch
b. IUD
c. Spermicide
d. Introitus
e. Tubal ligation

8. Barrier method?
a. Patch
b. IUD
c. Spermicide
d. Introitus
e. Tubal ligation

9. Disadvantage of IUD
Leading to a temporary risk of pelvic inflammatory disease (PID)

10. Statement related to sperm donation and intrauterine insemination
Answer: Catalogs can aid a couple in choosing the sperm from which their child may acquire certain characteristics, such as eye color, hair color, body type, intelligence, and interests.

11. Universal moral phylosophy of bioethics?
Answer: nonmalficence, beneficence, autonomy, justice

12. Yang harus diberikan ke pasien kanker stadium akhir
a. Semua treatment yang sesuai dengan protokol
b. Cure baru care
c. Care lebih dominan
d. Cure & care secara seimbang
e. Segala sesuatu yang diinginkannya walaupun itu beresiko terhadap kesehatannya

13. Included in reproductive system
a. Obstetry, gynecology, pediatrics
b. Obstetry, gynecology, pediatrics, family planning
c. Obstetry, gynecology
d. Obstetry, gynecology, contraceptive service

a. Anamneses
b. GE
c. Lab exam
d. Treatment and follow up
e. It can happen in every stages

15. Bagaimana menghadapi ibu yang baru saja melahikan anak dengan kondisi ambigous genitalia?
a. Langsung mamberitahunya
b. Memberitahunya tapi tidak secara keseluruhan
c. Memberitahunya step by step
d. Phsychology counseling baru memberitahu

16. Included in gynecology?
Woman reproductive system, outside pregnancy

17. Suborgan involve in menstruation
a. Vagina and uterus
b. Vagina & ovaries
c. Uterus, fallopian tube, vagina
d. Ovaries, fallopian tube, vagina
e. Uterus, ovaries, vagina

18. Main function of female reproductive system
Answer: Sex, reproductive, menstruation

19. Female reproductive tract?
Answer: 1 uterus, 2 tubes, 2 ovaries, 1 vagina

20. Location of choriocarcinoma?
a. Ovaries
b. Uterine myometrium
c. Gestational throphoblastic disease
d. Uterine endometrium
e. Cervix

21. Ethically statement untuk pasien choriocarcinoma stage I?
a. Memberitahu kalau dia terkena cancer agar dia bisa mempersiapkan keadaan psychology-nya
b. Tenang saja karena masih early stage

22. Choriocarcinoma, terminal stage, symptom vaginal bleeding dan metastasis to lung and brain. Psychological aspect?
a. Denial
b. Depression
c. Palliative care
d. Anger
e. Isolation

23. Which of the following is NOT the goal of reproductive health service
a. To prevent pregnancy
b. To increase the outcome of pregnancy
c. To prevent mother & fetus morbidity
d. To decrease patients dependence
e. To increase patient satisfaction

24. Which are the following NOT ethical aspect...
a. Is adolscence need family planning?
b. Is induction of menstrual need legal law
c. Is STI need condoms

N.B: Maav soalnya cuma ada seginih soalnya waktu itu banyak yang lupa bwat nyatet soal...