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Cell Cycle & Cell Division
G1 – S – G2

Fase Mitotik : Mitosis, Meiosis

Profase – Metafase – Anafase - Telofase
Laki-laki, 3 yrs

Ada lesi (bintil) di paha kiri
Semakin merah, lunak, dan bernanah

Hasil permeriksaan:
— Pembengkakan lymph node
— WBC naik
— Ada infeksi staphylococcus (+)


— Abscess di kompres
— Pemberian antibiotik selama 5 hr

Lab Activity:
Mengamati proses pembelahan sel pada mikroskop cahaya
— Sel / jaringan dibiakkan di medium tertentu selama kurang lebih 36 jam (kalo ga salah)
(*pokoknya sampai masuk ke fase mitotik)
— Sel / jaringan tersebut diberi zat kimia tertentu sehingga sel yang mengalami mitosis terhenti.
— Sel diamati dengan mikroskop cahaya

Infeksi staphylococus (+)

Menghasilkan zat kimia (hyaluronidase)

Jaringan di sekitar infeksi rusak

Proteksi tubuh


Kebutuhan WBC (neutrofil) naik

Pembentukan WBC naik
Neutrofil migrasi (diapedesis) ke sumber infeksi

Pembesaran lymh node

Ekstravasasi WBC meningkat



Kasus abscess di atas berhubungan dengan basic science:

Cell Adhesion
Diapedesis netrofil melalui sel epitel pembuluh darah (di daerah yg ikatan antar selnya terputus)
Cell motility
Diapedesis netrofil dari pembuluh darah ke ECM
Extra Cellular Matix (ECM)
ECM merupakan area yang terinfeksi (Hyaluronic acid terurai oleh Hyaluronidase)
Cell Cycle & Cell Division
Pembentukan WBC yang meningkat dihasilkan dari perkembangan dan pembelahan sel.

soal mde fbs 1

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5. inner matrix mitochondria...
a. as.amino oxidasi pathway
b. oxidasi fatty acid pathway
c. enzyme aiklus krebs
d. enzim glikolisis
e. ATP synthase

6. Elemen dasar..
Answer : C, H, O, N

10. Substance that produce from metabolic activity out from lung is in the form of...
a. CO2
b. urea
c. sulfur
d. albumin
e. metana

11. Kandungan matrix mitokondria?

12. Under physiological condition, the secretion of protein maybe through...

18. amino acids containing imydazole...
a. glysin
b. methionine
c. valine
d. arginine
e. histidine
answer : e. histidine

21. Sebelum ngasih obat, resercher used term in experiment called...
a. concentration
b. molaritas
c. molality
d. normality
e. percent
answer : a. concentration

22. Function of bile salts in digestin of fats....
a. emulsifier
b. solute
c. solvent
d. electrolyte
answer : a. Emulsifier

32. which the organic compound that can produce a substance in the following of addition reaction?
a. alkohol
b. alkene
c. alkine

33. Reaksi apa yang terjadi pada ATP untuk menghasilkan energi?

38. Vitamin is needed to stop bleeding?
Answer : vit.K

40. aldehyde and ketone are important groups for identifying monosacharide. What reaction that occurs?
a. group-transfer
b. redox
c. rearrangement
d. hydrolisis
e. elimination
answer : b.redox

44. Struktur sorbitol?

45. Tentang uronic acid

48. Tantang detoxifying agent

Dr 50-54
a. dextran
b. glycoprotein
c. glycogen
d. glykosaminoglikan
e. peptidoglikan

50. Gram (+) bacterial cell walls contain multilayer of this compound...
Answer : peptidoglycan

51. Condroitin sulfat merupakan contoh dari compound apa?

52. This compound abundance in muscle tissue, where it is use for energy realese?

54. This compound stores in the liver as the major energy storage?

56. gram negative bacteries contaon single layer of...
Answer : proteoglycan

57. for exa,ple, the mucins found extensively in salivary secretion, contain many short o-linked

58. Blood glucose is resulted from hydrolisis of this compound...

61. it is a non reducing sugar
a. lactose
b. sucrose
c. cellubiose
d. gentibiose
e. maltose

62. found in milk..
Answer : lactose

66. Lactose terkandung di..
Answer : susu sapi (cow milk)

67. Struktur dari fatty acid?

68. Struktur dari sphingosine?

69. Struktur dari choline?

70. Struktur dari sphingomyelin?

71. Struktur dari phosphic acid?

74. Triester with glycerol 3-phosfat?

75. Lechitin termasuk apa?

76. Which of the following compounds are derivative from cholesterol
a. prostaglandin
b. phospholipid
c. cholesterol
d. bile acid
e. sphingomyelin

83. . . . is the protein conformation disease
a. albumin
b. mad cow disease
c. Hb
d. collagen
e. myoglobin

88. True about saturated fatty acid?
a. all have 8 long carbon
b. all have 18 long carbon
c. at least one double bond
d. fully hydrogen

89. What is the different between cis and trans fatty acid?
a. number of double bond
d. configuration between double bond
e. number of carbon

93. struktur dari cytocyne

95. Struktur basa yang ditemukan dalam DNA & RNA (soalnya dlm bentuk gambar)

98. Given the bases sequent of a segment of one strand DNA
Answer : 5’GAATGAAT

100. What is the most important bio function nucleotids?

106. What is the major event of protein digestion in the stomach?
a. the partial breakdown of protein
b. mechanical digestion
c. digestion by several enzymes
d. emulsifies protein & release peptides
e. condenses protein

111. In what condition nitrogen balance positive occurs?

115. makanan yang tidak mengandung protein..
a. bread
b. milk
c. oil

116. kelebihan protein akan menyebabkan?
a. healthy
b. dehidrasi
c. edema
d. obesitas

119. The factor that effect vitamin bio availability?
a. the amount of food
b. body weight & body heigh
c. other food consumption at the same time
d. food composiyion
e. method of food storage

120. How to minimize vitamin losses for the food?
a. rinses fruit and vegetables ...
c. put fruite & vegetables in warm water
e. cook fruit and vegetable in high temperature

123. Which of following condihons need of vitamin c is highest?
a. alcoholic
b. the eldery
c. the infant
d. smokers
e. adolescent

129. Karakteristic fat.soluble vitamin?
a. mudah diekskresikan
b. diekskresikan lewat urine
c. dr usus lalu liver ditransport oleh lipoprotein
d. tidak didimpan di jaringan tubuh
e. jarang mencapai level toxic

170. LDL is produce in the following organs?
a. small intestine
b. ball badler
c. liver
d. pankreas
e. kolon

jwabn bluebook dr no. 49-64 tp....

Tapi ada no. yg g keftokopiin sm mulyaabadi,,hehe sowry y ftokopi g beli!!
Gomen ne. .

49. which of the following parts of the cell that are involved in protein synthesis and modification?
1. golgi aparatus
2. smooth ER
3. rough ER
4. chromatin
Answer : B. 1 & 3

50. Regarding the neural cytoskeleton?
1. dendrites lack microtubuls
2. fast axon transport can be retrograde
3. membrane vesicle moving toward the negative pole of axonal microtubules are transported anterogradely
4. axon diameter is determined primarly by neurofilament
Answer : D.4 saja

51. Metaphase is best described as...
1. chromosomes are at the equator of the spindle
2. characterized by a fully formed spindle
3. the nuclear envelope is framented
4. the centromers uniting the chromatid split
Answer : B. 1 & 3

64. .. . . .
1. mitosis
2. haploid (n number) characteristic mature germ cells
3. crossing over occur in meiosis
4. diploid (2n number) characteristic premature germ cell
Answer : B. 1 & 3

Wuaah maaf bgt!!saiia jg g dpt dr no 52-63’ny
Gomen bgd yaahh..

fbs 3 4 5 soal 17 - 32

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FBS 3,4,5 17 – 32 (sori belum lengkap, nyusul, belum dpt sumber yg baleg)

17. An ECM is a meshwork of insoluble protein with carbohydrate chains that are produced and secreted by animal cells. Which of the following molecul is most likely to form a gel ?

Jawaban : D. polysaccharide
Lebih tepatnya GAGs (hyaluronan). Sumber slide FBS 3 : ECM and Cell adhesion

18. Which of the following molecule are part of ECM, is likely to form fibers ?

Jawaban : D. Collagen
Sumber slide FBS 3 ECM and Cell adhesion

19. This type of junction that firmly attached to the cytoskeleton within each cell is joined by intercellular filaments. Which of the following is most likely the type of junction?

Jawaban B Adhesion Junction
Sumber slide FBS 3 ECM and Cell Adhesion

23. Gene is composed by string double helical DNA, as polimerazation of nucleotides. The nucleotide. The nucleotide contain a phosphate, a sugar, and an organic base? Which of the following base is the exception ?

Jawaban : D. Uracil
Slide FBS 4 DNA structure

Jawaban : B the homologous chromosome separate during meiosis
Sumber Tortora, Slide FBS 3 Cell Cycle

28. At the equator during metaphase II of meiosiswhich of the following is most likely occur??

29. Meiosis requires 2 cell dividion and resulting 4 daughter cell, replication of DNA take place before meiosis begin. During meiosis 1 , the homologous pair and crossing over before they independently separate . In which of the following of following manner crossing over occur ?

Jawaban : E. Between non sister chromosome of bivalent
Sumber Tortora.

30.During which of the following stage of meiosis , the association between member of a bivalent is disrupted when the ciasmata, which mark point of exchange between the non sister, ceased to exist because crossing over is completed?

Jawaban : B. Methapase 1
Sumber Slide FBS 3 Cell Cycle

Latihan soal BHP

Philosophy of Science & Ethic in Biomedical Research

1. Philosophy of science is an academic field which studies…
a. Roles of science
b. Phenomenon of science
c. History of science
d. Appliance of science
e. Theory of science

2. Activity of thinking based on applying certain steps/rules to analyze a problem is called…
a. Logic
b. Analytic
c. Revelation
d. Intuition
e. Empiricalism

3. A proposition may be accepted as true if it coheres with other prepositions which are known to be true. But it is not suggest that the truth of these propositions lies in their coherence. The statement above is the content of Theory of Coherence which was declared by…
a. Aristoteles
b. Socrates
c. Plato
d. A and C correct
e. B and C correct

4. Who is the person who has to be known as someone who established the experimental method as a scientific paradigm?
a. Karl Person
b. John Dewey
c. Bertrand Russel
d. Roger Bacon
e. Francis Bacon

5. Which one is not one of the formulation of hypothesis?
a. Gives direction to the collection of needed data
b. To state the correlation between 2 or more variable
c. Clear and compact
d. In a declarative sentence
e. Can be proven

6. Variable is…
a. The basis of the correlational research
b. Factors that have a role in the phenomenon or symptoms that will be examined
c. Shouldn’t be identified operationally
d. Something that will be the subject of the research
e. The statement of the condition

7. Which one is not include the methods in historical research?
a. Collecting
b. Evaluation
c. Acceleration
d. Synthesis
e. Verification

8. To study the pattern and sequence of growth or alteration as a function of time is the goal of…
a. Historical research
b. Descriptive research
c. Development research
d. Correlational research
e. Experimental research

9. Create the possibilities to measure some variables and their correlation simultaneously in a real condition is the characteristic of…
a. Historical research
b. Descriptive research
c. Development research
d. Correlational research
e. Experimental research

10. The statement below are the application of statistic, except…
a. Formulation of hypothesis
b. Hypothesis proven
c. Arrangement of theoretic model
d. Development of data collecting
e. Arrangement of hypothesis design

11. In what year was the Nuremberg Code declared?
a. 1937
b. 1947
c. 1957
d. 1958
e. 1959

12. CIOMS stands for…
a. Centre International Organization on Medical Sciences
b. Central International Organization on Medical Sciences
c. Central International Organization of Medical Sciences
d. Centre International Organization of Medical Sciences
e. Centre International Organization of Medical Standards

13. What organization that proposed International Guidelines for Biomedical Research involving human subjects?
a. ICH
b. IEC
d. GMP
e. IRB

14. There are several investigator’s responsibilities, except…
a. Communicating with the IRB/IEC
b. Complying with the trial protocol
c. Reporting adverse events
d. Reporting trial result
e. Review of the trial protocol and other key documents

15. Identifying information is essential for linking the records of specific individuals from different sources such as the following, except…
a. Physicians records
b. Hospital records
c. Death records
d. Diseases records
e. Employment records

16. Epidemiologic studies have used the following procedure, designed to protect the confidentially of subjects, except…
a. Informed data is required for all phases
b. As a first step in study, records must be viewed
c. All data obtained are stored under lock and key
d. Only study numbers are used on data forms
e. All result are published only in aggregate or group form

17. Which one of these statements is not include the roles of the epidemiologist?
a. Developing specific policy proposals
b. The process of policy making
c. Absenting specific policy options
d. Projecting the impact of each options
e. Including generating and inter

18. Given the pivotal position of epidemiology in the development of clinical and public health policy and its implications for the statements below, except…
a. The best conclusions possible in research
b. Environmental regulation
c. Individual lifestyle changes
d. The finding from epidemiologic studies attract widespread attention and high public visibility
e. Modifications in clinical practice

19. What is the most important considerations in biomedical research on human trials?
a. The rights of the trial subject
b. Safety of the trial subject
c. Well-being of the trial subject
d. All of the above
e. None of the above

20. Employer of industry/government epidemiologist may be significantly affected…
a. Politically
b. Socially
c. Legally
d. A and B correct
e. A and C correct


1.B 2.B 3.D 4.E 5.B
6.B 7.C 8.C 9.D 10.E
11.B 12.B 13.C 14.E 15.D
16.B 17.C 18.A 19.D 20.E

soal2 fbs III,IV,V buat latihan

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  1. Procollagen changes assembly into triple helicis in the………and are modified in the………

Rough ER, Golgi complex

  1. Which junction allows cells to communicate?

Gap junction

  1. The inner membrane of mitochondria contains………


  1. Chromosomes condense during the………of mitosis

prophase period

  1. In ………the chromosome start to uncoil and become less condense


  1. Proteoglycan consist of a core protein covalently attached to one or more polysaccharides called………


  1. ………is a period from time a cell comes into existence until the cell divides to two daughter cells

Cell cycle

  1. The cell cycle regulators are………

Cyclin and cyclin dependent kinases (Cdks)

  1. FGF (Fibroblast Growth Factor) binds tightly to the ……… in extracellular proteoglycans

heparan sulfate chains

  1. ………and………are principal structural proteins of all basal laminae

Laminin, Nidogen

  1. The trophoblast consist of………and………

Cytotrophoblast, syncythiotrophoblast

  1. In ……… twin, both zygotes implant individually in the uterus and each develops its own placenta, its own amnion, and its own chorionic sac


  1. ……… is the study of birth defects, their causes and investigations pertaining to both structural and behavioral abnormalities


  1. The wandering cells in connective tissue which have surface receptor for the Ig E antibodies that trigger degranulation are………

Mast cells

  1. Reticular Fibers consist mainly of collagen type………


  1. Elastin is hydrolyzed by pancreatic………


  1. Which adipose tissue whose function to produce heat?

Multilocular adipose tissue

  1. ………is the junctional complexes at the interface between adjacent cardiac muscle cells

Intercalated disk

  1. Which part of skull that provides a case for the brain, blood vessels, cerebrospinal fluid, cranial meninges, and cranial nerves?


  1. The innervation of posterior fascial compartment of the forearm is………

Radial nerve

kunci soal2 mde no 231-246

231. A
Posterior interventricular memisahkan right and left ventricle (Tortora hal.701)
232. B
(Clinically Oriented Anatomy hal. 210)
233. C
(Tortora hal. 760 & 771)
234. ?
235. A
(Tortora hal. 440)
236. C
237. ?
238. C
(Tortora hal. 492)
239. B
(Tortora hal. 491)
240. A
(Tortora hal. 474)
241. D
(Tortora hal. 506)
242. A
(Tortora hal. 771)
243. ?
244. ?
245. C
(Tortora hal. 112)
246. A
(Basic Histology

Jawaban & Pembahasan Soal MDE Buku Biru FBS 3-5 No. 295-310

295. Blood has these characteristic, except...

A. Human total blood is 5 litre

B. Belong to group of connective tissue

C. In centrifuge separate erythrocyte and plasma

D. Basic cell type is erythrocyte, leukocyte, trombocyte

E. Buffy coat is a layer of leukocyte

Jawaban: A/C

Pembahasan: Sebenarnya aq bingung jwbnya bisa A ato C. Kalau A, banyak buku2 yang menyebutkan bahwa total darah itu is about 5 litre, di tortora 5-6 liter(pria) dan 4-5 liter(wanita), ada juga yang menyebutkan 5,5 liter (di Basic Histo kalo gak salah). Nah aq blum nemuin buku yang menyebutkan total darah itu is 5 litre. Kalo C, jadi darah setelah disentrifugasi maka akan terbentuk 3 lapisan, paling atas plasma, tengah leukocyte, dan paling bawah itu erythrocyte.

Sumber: Basic Histology hal. 223

296. Depression in bone where active osteoclast are located?

A. Lacuna

B. Kanalikuli

C. Howship’s lacuna

D. Haversian canal

E. Travicula

Jawaban: C

Pembahasan: In areas of bone undergoing resorption, osteoclasts lie within enzymatically etched depressions in the matrix known as Howship’s lacunae.

Sumber: Basic Histology hal. 136

297. Which the characteristic of cartilage which distinguish the bone with other connective tissue?

A. It’s predominant type as mesenchymal derivatives

B. It secrete both fibers and ground substance

C. It’s lack of blood vessel

D. It’s function is for movement

E. All true

Jawaban: C

Pembahasan: Cartilage merupakan connective tissue yang avascular, yang mana cartilage mendapatkan nutrisi dari difusi nutrient pada kapiler di perichondrium atau dari synovial fluid di rongga sendi. Pada beberapa hal, blood vessels melintasi cartilage, tetapi tidak untuk memberikan nutrisi pada cartilage melainkan pada jaringan lain. Cartilage juga tidak mempunyai lymphatic vessels atau saraf.

Sumber: Basic Histology hal. 128

298. The cell type mainly responsible for producing and maintaining all the component of connective tissue extracellular matrix is?

A. Mesothelial cell

B. Fibroblast

C. Mast cell

D. Lymphocyte

E. Macrophage

Jawaban: B

Pembahasan: Fibroblasts synthesize collagen, elastin, glycosaminoglycans, proteoglycans, and multiadhesive glycoproteins. Fibroblasts are the most common cells in connective tissue and are responsible for the synthesis of ECM components.

Sumber: Basic Histology hal. 91

299. Regular dense connective tissue is a?

A. Contain primarily of fibroblast

B. Contain primarily ground substance

C. More mast cell than in any connective tissue

D. Found primarily in connective tissue with capsule type

E. May found in tendon

Jawaban: E

Pembahasan: Tendons are the most common example of dense regular connective tissue. Selain itu, yang paling dominan dalam dense regular connective tissue adalah fiber nya yg tersusun dalam bentuk bundles.

Sumber: Basic Histology hal. 119

300. Function of connective tissue including ?

A. Immunologic protection

B. Tissue repairment after injury

C. Structural support

D. Fuel store

E. All above

Jawaban: E

Pembahasan: Susunan sel, fiber, dan substansi dasar dari connective tissue membentuk suatu structural support bagi tubuh. Immunologic protection merupakan fungsi dari leukocyte. Tissue repairment merupakan salah satu fungsi dari fibroblast. Sedangkan fuel store merupakan fungsi dari adipocyte.

Sumber: Basic Histology hal.91

301. The smallest repetitive subunit apparatus of contractile is sequence?

A. Extend from A band to A band

B. Extend from I band to I band

C. Extend from M band to M band

D. Extend from Z line to Z line

E. All false

Jawaban: D

Pembahasan: The smallest repetitive subunit of the contractile apparatus, the sarcomere, extends from Z line to Z line and is about 2,5 µm long in resting muscle.

Sumber: Basic Histology hal. 186

302. The intercellular function can be classified as adherent junction, except…

A. Zonula occludent

B. Zonula adherent

C. Macula adherent

D. Hemidesmosome

E. Gap junction

Jawaban: E

Pembahasan: Gap junction tidak termasuk dalam adherent junction, tetapi termasuk communicating junction.

Sumber: Basic Histology hal. 69

303. Cranial nerve attached to midbrain?

1. Occulomotor

2. Trigeminal

3. Trochlear

4. Olfactory

Jawaban: A/B

Pembahasan: Beberapa buku menyebutkan bahwa cranial nerve yang terletak pada midbrain adalah no. III dan IV. Tapi, kalau di slide disebutkan cranial nerve nuclei yg ada di midbrain itu no. III (Occulomotor), IV(Trochlear), dan V(Trigeminal)

Sumber: Clinically Oriented Anatomy-Moore hal.1126, slide “The Brain and Cranial Nerves”

304. The cranial nerve nuclei of the pons is/are?

1. Trigeminal

2. Adducent

3. Facial

4. Vestibulocochlear

Jawaban: E

Pembahasan: Cranial nerve nuclei yang terletak pada pons adalah no. V-IX

Sumber: Clinically Oriented Anatomy hal. 1132, slide “The Brain and Cranial Nerves”

305. Which of the following is/are parasympathetic?

1. Nucleus ambiguus

2. Nucleus salivatory

3. Nucleus salitary

4. Nucleus Edinburgh

Jawaban: A

Pembahasan: Nucleus ambiguus berhubungan dengan saraf motorik no. IX dan X yg termasuk parasympathetic. Nucleus salitary berhubungan dengan visceral sensory no. VII, IX dan X yg jg termasuk parasympathetic. Selain itu, parasympathetic jg berhubungan dengan nucleus salivatory.

Sumber: Slide “The Structure and Function of Cranial Nerves”

306. The tectum brain stem consist of?

1. Superior medullary vellum

2. Inferior medullary vellum

3. Quadrigeminal plate

4. Peduncle

Jawaban: A

Pembahasan: Tectum brain stem consist of Quadrigeminal plate over the midbrain, Superior medullary velum over the pons, dan Inferior medullary velum over the medulla.

Sumber: Slide “Brain Stem”

307. The facial nerve?

1. Innervate lacrimal gland

2. Innervate expression muscle

3. Innervate two third of the anterior tongue

4. Innervate salivatory gland

Jawaban: E

Pembahasan: Keempat hal di atas tersebut merupakan karakteristik dari facial nerve.

Sumber: Clinically Oriented Anatomy hal. 1143

308. Structure which pass through jugular foramen?

1. Vagus nerve

2. Esophagus

3. Trachea

4. Accesory carotid artery

Jawaban: E

Pembahasan: Jugular foramen merupakan sebutan untuk daerah pada wilayah leher. Keempat hal di atas tersebut melalui wilayah jugular foramen.

Sumber: Slide “The Structure and Function of Cranial Nerves”

309. Which statement is/are true about parasympathetic?

1. It has norepinephrine as neurotransmitter

2. It has preganglion relatively longer

3. It has preganglion neuron in thoracolumbar spinal cord

4. It has preganglion in brain stem

Jawaban: C

Pembahasan: Pada parasympathetic, baik preganglion maupun postganglion nya menghasilkan acetylcholine sebagai neurotransmitter. Preganglion nya relative lebih panjang dan terletak pada brain stem dan lateral part of spinal gray matter (S2-S4).

Sumber: Tortora hal 538 dan slide “The Autonomic Nervous System”

310. The oxygenated blood is being brought to the fetus by?

1. IVC vein

2. SVC vein

3. Foramen ovale vein

4. Umbilical vein

Jawaban: D

Pembahasan: Umbilical veins carry well-oxygenated blood from the primordial placenta.

Sumber: The Developing Human-Moore hal 330


1.Microvilament &microtubules grow by the polymerization of ?
a.actin & kinase
b.myosin &calmodulin
c.tubulin & actin (jawaban)
d.tubulin &kinase
e.kinase & myosin

2.How many actin molecules that lies in the liver ?
c.half millon
d.half billion (jawaban)
e.none of all above

3.The richest area of actin filaments in cytoskeleton lies in the ?
a.plasma membrane
d.cortex (jawaban)
e.nucleuplasma the high concentration found in eukaryotic plasma membrane, cholesterol tends to make the membrane less fluid at growth temperature near ?

5.Detergents contain ?
a.sodium deotcysulfat
b.sodium doetcysulfat
c.sodium deotysulfat
d.sodium dodecysulfat(jawaban)
e.sodium dodecycholat

6.Which is not include in glycoprotein & glycolipid ?
c.N. acethylneuraminic acid
d.N. acethylgalactosamine acid(jawaban)

7.always found in exoplasmic leaflet ?

8.Interconnect the cels &control passage of the molecules ? junction
b.tght junction
d.adherens junction

9.consist of protein and glycoprotein ? junction
b.tght junction
d.adherens junction

10.exocytosis secrete these substace, except?

soal bhp theresia d.p / 033

1. philosophy of science is which learn about
a.the meaning of philosophy
b.what is science
c.instrument to think scientifically
d.phenomenon of science

2. this a subject of philosophy of science except
b.language n manthematics

3. what statement is true about logical thinking think clearly
b.the ability to think of reasoning
c.think based on knowladge
d.think statisticly

4. the kowladge source as follow are true except
a.fact rationale

5. the criteria of truth as folow are true except
a.theory of conclusion
b.theory of corespondence
c.theory of pragmatics
d.theory of coherence

6. the following statement is true about empiricsm
a.produce general knowladge
b.inductive in character
d.all above is true

7. the pioneers of deductive and inductive thinking is except

8. epistemology talk about
a.what is happening
b.what should someone do for a certain purpose
c.when is something happened
d.why coud be something happened

9. the following statement is true about scientific meyhod except
a.aprocedur to obtain science
b.has deskriptive characteristic
c.the expression of thougt work of thinking
d.has rational characteristics

10. this is including step of researc except
a.formula the problem
b.literatur study collection analysis

11. science can be considered as except
a.a product
b.a process
c.a fact ethical paradigm

12. a formal code of ethic for physician engage in clinical research is contain of
a.nurenberg code
b.declaration of helsinki
c.WHO law
d.ICH law

13. this is a subject of epidemology except

14. one of the ultimate objective of epiemology is improve human heath
b.the basic science of desease prevention
c.all above is true
d.none above is true

15. this statement is true about epiricism except
a.based on some real experience
b.produce general knowledge
c.tend to be collection of fact
d.all above is true

16. the statement is one of the investigator’s responsibilities except
a.communicating with IRB
b.providing for the medical care of trial subject
c.mantaining proper record
d.make a protocol

17. this statement is true about variable
a.something that will be the object of the research
b.factor that have a role in the phenomenon or symptom that will be examined
c.shoud be identified operationally
d.all above is true

18. this is one of variable classification base on quality except

19. the character of science
a.has the power to predict
b.can be proven
c.all above is true

20. the reason use statistic in eperimental process except fullfil the procedur of philosophy of science calculate the level of probability get the representative sample avoid a concidental conclution



33.which of these prolperly describe a cross between an individual who is homozygous dominant for hairline but heterozygous for finger length and an individual who is recessive for hailane and fingers?
a.WwSs x WwSs
b.Ws x ws
c.WS xws
d.WWSs x wwSs
e.WWSs x wwss(jawaban) tomatoes, red fruit (R) is dominant over yellow fruit (r) and tallness (T) is dominant over shortness(t).A plant that is RrTT is cross with a plant is rrTt.What are the chances of an offspring being heterozygous for both traits?
e.1/3 the cross RrTt xrrtt ?
a.all the offspring will be tall with red fruit
b.75% will be short with red fruit
c.50% will be short with yellow fruit(jawban)
d.50% will be tall with yellow fruit
e.25% will be tall with red fruit

36.abnormal congential diseases usually can be caused by genetic or non genetic deviation or disturbance. The genetic devation involves in number of genes can be monogenic or polygenic. Which of the following disease is most likely abnormal congential monogenic?
b.diabetes mellitus
c.anal atressia
e.low IQ
jawban: ???

37.lethal genes cause death, which occur in embryonic development before birth, or after birth. It is because the gene which control the normal character undergo mutation. Which of the following abnormal disease correlate with lethal (recessive) gene ?
a.xeroderma pigmentosum
b.pelger syndrome
c.multiple telangiectasia
e.nephrotic syndrome

38.Hemoglobinopathy is a hereditary disease (and can be inherited by autosomal chromosom), caused by hemoglobin defect in which valine of beta chain sequence of hemoglobin is substituted by glutamic acid. Which of the following is most closely explanation ?
a.cresent cell anemia
e.drug hemolisis anemia

39.genetic variation on drug response are influence also by drug absorbantion, distribution, interaction at receptor site, biotransformation, and excretion. Since protein (enzyme) participate in eachof this process, inheritated qualitative alteration in protein could alter each step and modify drug uffect. Which of the following inheritance will be transmitted by X-linked dominant ?
1.diphenlyhydantion toxicity
2.isonazid acetylator and warfarin resistance
3.barbiturate involved of hepatic poryphyria
4.succinycholine sensitivity
Jawban: ??

40.chiefly on the basis of structure, cell are divided into 2 major groups : prokaryot and eukaryote. The following that best describe the eukaryote ?
1.generally 10-100 micrometer in linear dimension protista, fungi, plant, animals
3.the DNA is compartmentalized in nucleus away from the remaining content of DNA
4.the DNA is in cytoplasmic compartment
Jawman: A, labaman fbs 3 hal 7

41.the fluidity of the plasma membrane depens on its molecules compotition. Which of the following molecules influence the fluidity ?
Jawab: E, tortora hal 64

42.betwen membrane of neighboring cells there are special region tha tallow the passage of small molecules abd ion. The component which most likely involved junction
Jawab: B, basic histology hal 66-75

43.process that likely occurs as transport of the protein mulecules accros the cell membrane?
Jawaban: A, tortora hal 72-74

44.the plasma membrane is organized into specialized region according to their special function. Which of the following structure(s) part of plasma membrane with special function?
1.brush boeder
Jawaban: A basic histology hal 66-75

45.the way that small molecules transport cross membrane is (are) …
1.simple diffusion
2.carrier protein protein
Jawban: ??

46.trnasport of Na ion-K ion most closely correlate with… transport
Jawban: A, tortora hal 69

47.function of membrane protein is (are)…
2.provide anchor for cytoskeleton
3.cell junction
Jawaban: E, tortora hal 63-64

48.which of the following that most likely as the path of aprotein from rER to the plasma membrane?
1.trnasport vesicle
3.golgi apparatus
Jawaban: B, slide fbs 3

fbs 3 &4 versi slide oriented

maaf yang kemaren salah.....

ini yang udah dibetulin


Kumpulan soal FBS III

1.A much more common technique for identification and location intercellular protein is to use spesific antibody probe. The antibodies recognize their particular antigen and bind tightly to antigenic molecules. This antigen antibody can be visualized by enzymatic secondary antibody probes. Which of the following is the most likely to be alive?



c.Polyclonal antibody production


e.Western blotting

pembahasan: b. immunocytometry, lihat slide no.15 'HOW CELL ARE STUDIED'

2.The microscope which work with principle: absorbing light at spesific wavelenght and emits light at a spesific and longer wavelenght within a visible spectrum is ....

a.Light microscope

b.Immunofloresence microscope

c.Confocal scanning microscope

d.Phase contrast and normanski interference microscope

e.Transmission electron microscope

pembahasan: b.Immunofloresence microscope, lihat slide no.6 'HOW CELL ARE STUDIED'

3.Below is the reason why the biologists prefer to culture cell in laboratory, except...

a.experimental conditions can be controlled much more rigorously in culture than on an organism

b.a single cell can be readily grown into a colony

c.most animal and plant tissues are composed of several different types of cells

d.animal and plant tissues do not require rich media

e.all of the above

pembahasan: d.animal and plant tissues do not require rich media, lihat slide no. 24 'HOW CELL ARE STUDIED' , di situ dikatakan sebaliknya.

4.Which of these statements are not true?

Differentiation between eukaryotic an prokaryotic cells



Have nuclear membrane

Have no nuclear membrane

Include animal and plant cells

Include all bacteria, eubacteria, archaebacteria

DNA is thread like material

DNA is in the form of a single circular molecule

Have no cell wall

Have cell wall

Have complex system and stucture

Have relatively simple structure

pembahasan: d.eukaryot cell have no cell wall, pelajari slide 'ORGANIZATION OF CELL' tidak dikatakan bahwa sel eukaryot tak punya dinding sel, sel tumbuhan punya dinding sel.

5.Resolution ...

a.Not dependent at value of D

b.Is better when value of D is bigger

c.Decrease when the value of D decrease

d.Is better when wavelenght of incident light is shorter

e.Will be improved 4-fold when using such oils that have refractive index =2

pembahasan: d.Is better when wavelenght of incident light is shorter, lihat slide no.45 'ORGANIZATION OF CELL' point terakhir

6.The steps for preparing samples for light microscopy:

a.Fraction, sectioning, embedding, staining

b.Embedding, sectioning, staining, fraction

c.Fraction, embedding, sectioning, staining

d.Staining, fraction, embedding, staining

e.Fraction, staining, sectioning, embedding

pembahasan: c.Fraction, embedding, sectioning, staining, lihat slide no.49 'ORGANIZATION OF CELL'

7.The nucleopores has main function as :

a.Carrying genetic material

b.ynthesize protein

c.Regulates the movement of of the material from and to the nucleus

d.Maintain cell shape and mobility

e.Separate the cytoplasm and nucleoplasm

pembahasan: c.Regulates the movement of of the material from and to the nucleus, lihat slide no.10 'ORGANELLE STRUCTURE'

8.Maturation of secretory protein is begun in rough Endoplasmic Reticulum then carbohydrate chains of glycoprotein will be modified in ...


b.Smooth endoplasmic reticulum


d.Apparatus golgi


pembahasan: d.Apparatus golgi, lihat slide no.32 'ORGANELLE STRUCTURE'

9.Zellweger syndrome which has defective in oxidation of the very long chains fatty acids is caused by the transport of all proteins in this oraganelle is impaired. What is it and its function?

a.Ribosome, synthesis protein

b.Mithocondria, cell respiration

c.Apparatus Golgi, maturation of protein

d.Nucleus, storing genetic information

e.Peroxisome, contain peroxidase

pembahasan: e.Peroxisome, contain peroxidase lihat slide no.41 'ORGANELLE STRUCTURE'

10.Part of mithochondria

1).Inner membran

2).Outer membrane



Synthesis of ATP from ADP and Pi is occured in






pembahasan: b.1,3, lihat slide no.45 'ORGANELLE STRUCTURE'

11.Match the statement in the left with their properties in the right

1).Microfilament c a).Fibers with diameter 10 nm built with a common α-helical sub-unit

2).Microtubule b).Fibers with diameters 7-9 nm, grow by polimerization of actin

3).Intermediate filaments c).Fibers with diameters 24 nm grow by polimerization of tubulin

a.1-a, 2-b, 3-c

b.1-b, 2-c, 3-a

c.1-a, 2-c, 3-b

d.1-c, 2-b, 3-a

e.1-b, 2-a, 3-c

pembahasan: b.1-b, 2-c, 3-a, lihat slide no.2 'CYTOSKELETON'

12.What kind of cross-linking-protein that form a two dimensional meshwork that covers the cytoplasmic surface of the plasma membrane of red blood cells?






pembahasan: a.Spectrin, lihat slide no.22 'CYTOSKELETON'

13.Choose the best example of the function of dynamic microtubule

a.In epithelial cells, a bundle of actin and myosin filaments form a circumferential belt which encircle the inner surface of the cell at the level of the adherens junction.

b.Dystrophin anchors an integral membrane complex of glycoproteins to the cortical actin network

c.A neuronal cell is long-lived and seldom needs to establish new connections in a adult

d.About 10 keratins are specific for “hard” epithelial tissue, which give rise to nails, hair, and wool

e.During mitosis, the tubulin is used to form the spindle apparatus, which partitions chromosome equally to the daughter cells

pembahasan: e.During mitosis, the tubulin is used to form the spindle apparatus, which partitions chromosome equally to the daughter cells, lihat slide no.50 'CYTOSKELETON'

14.The protein that build intermediate filament which typically expressed in blood vessel, endothelial cells, in some ephitelial cells, and in mesenchymal cells such as fibroblast is...


b.Glial fibrillary acidic protein (GFAP)




pembahasan: a.Vimentin, lihat slide no.66 'CYTOSKELETON'

15.Which is not true about amoeboid movement

a.Characterized by pseudopodial extension and cytoplasmic streaming

b.Accompanied by fluctuation of the cytoskeleton between “sol”and “gel” state

c.The energy used is gained from hydrolysis of ATP and release ADP and inorganic phosphate

d.Have a vigorous mechanism

e.The last step of movement the pseudopodium is still atached to the substratum

pembahasan: e.The last step of movement the pseudopodium is still atached to the substratum, lihat slide no.7 'CELL MOTILITY' point no3

a.contain two group: head goup contain glycerol- phosphate-choline, tail group contain two hydrocabon chains a major role in determine bilayer fluidity

c.the function is: tranportation, filter, cytoskeleton, receptor

d.stabilize protein

16.Match each number to their properties

a.1-a, 2-b, 3-c, 4-d

b.1-b, 2-c, 3-d, 4-a

c.1-b, 2-c, 3-a, 4-d

d.1-b, 2-a, 3-b, 4-c

e.1-b, 2-a, 3-d, 4-d

pembahasan: c.1-b, 2-c, 3-a, 4-d, pelajari slide no. 7-42 'CELL MEMBRANE'

17.Which is false?

a.Osmosis is the net movement of a solvent in through a selectively permeable membrane

b.The rate of facilitated diffusion is determined by the steepness of the concentration gradient across the membrane

c.Active transport requires energy ionic concentration gradient

d.In osmosis,water flows from lower to higher water concentration

e.Na+ ions always move down-hill and the others always up-hill

pembahasan: d.In osmosis,water flows from lower to higher water concentration,lihat slide no. 13 'PHYSIOLOGICAL FUNCTION OF PLASMA MEMBRANE

18.The sequence of endocytosis

1)Binding of LDL molecules to its specific receptor

2)Recycling the receptor

3)Invaginated membrane form clathrin-coated vesicle containing receptor-LDL complex

4)The clathrin-coated pit loses and back to the membrane

5)The uncoated vesicle fuses with endosom

6)Degradation in lysosom

Arrange to make the true sequence:






pembahasan: d.1-3-4-5-2-6, lihat slide no. 26 'PHYSIOLOGICAL FUNCTION OF PLASMA MEMBRANE'

19.What doesn't happen in metaphase?

a.The forming of spindle of apparatus microtubules make contact with and attached to the kinetochore of the condensed chromosome

b.Chromosomes begin to undergo a series of movement of all of the chromosome at the equator of the spindle

c.Chromosomes are haphazardly scaterred arround the mitotic spindle

d.the chromatids begin their migration or segregation toward opposite poles of spindle

e.All of the above

pembahasan: d.the chromatids begin their migration or segregation toward opposite poles of spindle, lihat slide no.19 (kalo nggak salah) 'CELL DIVISION & CELL CYCLE', opsi d itu terjadi di anaphase

20.Gap junction...

a.Is 2 identical plasma membrane channels join

b.Lends strenght to the cells

c.Allows cell to communicate

d.Allows small molecules and ions to pass

e.All of the above

pembahasan: e.All of the above, lihat slide no.16 (kalo nggak salah) 'CELL DIVISION & CELL CYCLE'

Kumpulan soal fbs 4

1.Chromosome from somatic cell of a normal woman consists of ...

a.44 autosomes and 1 chromosome X

b.22 pairs of autosomes and 1 chromosome X

c.23 pairs of autosomes and a pair of chromosome X

d.44 autosomes and a pair of chromosome X

e.22 autosomes and a pair of chromosome X

pembahasan: d.44 autosomes and a pair of chromosome X, lihat slide no.7 'HUMAN GENETIC'

2.Down syndrome ...

a.Caused by crossing over

b.Sterile or infertile

c.Has fold of skin on the back of the neck

d.Has very long arms and legs

e.the present of an additional number 21 chromosomes

pembahasan: e.the present of an additional number 21 chromosomes, lihat slide no.68 'HUMAN GENETIC'

3.Read the case carefully:

The marriage between a woman and a man who has a normal vision generate a son who is color blind and two daughters that has normal vision.

From case above we can infer that :

a.The mother is dominant homozygote

b.The mother is recessive homozygote

c.The mother is carrier

d.The father is carrier

e.The father is dominant homozygote

pembahasan: gen buta warna merupakan sifat terpaut sex resesif (Xcb) buta warna pada anak laki2 diwarisi dari ibunya, pada anak perempuan diwarisi dari ayah dan ibunya,

c. the mother is carrier

4.Which is true statement about pharmacogenenetics

a.Pharmacogenetics is the study of drugs in response to genetic disorder

b.Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency(G6PD) is condition where interfere significantly glucose metabolism

c.Succinylcholine is nearly always inactivated rapidly by the serum enzym, that breaks down acetylcholine, thus limiting its active life in the body to four minutes or less

d.Hepatic porphyria refer to a group of metabolic disorders manifested in some types photosensitive skin lessions

e.People with the mutant allele for resistance require a much lower dose of warfarin than normal people to produce the blood coagulation

pembahasan: d.Hepatic porphyria refer to a group of metabolic disorders manifested in some types photosensitive skin lessions, lihat slide no.100 'HUMAN GENETIC'

Look at the picture below

5.What is the part of ovum that is passed trough by sperm in phase 2 in fertilization?

a.Ovum cell wall

b.Corona radiata

c.Corona pellucida

d.Zona pellucida

e.Oocyte membrane

pembahasan: d.Zona pellucida, lihat slide no.39 'EMBRYOLOGY'

6.Fill the schematic diagram below about zygote development

a.Morulla, blastocyst, trophoblast, embryoblast, hypoblast, epiblast, cytotrophoblast, syncythiotropoblast

b.Morulla, blastocyst, embryoblast, trophoblast, hypoblast, epiblast, cytotrophoblast, syncythiotropoblast

c.Morulla, blastocyst, embryoblast, trophoblast, cytotrophoblast, syncythiotropoblast, hypoblast, epiblast

d.Morulla, blastocyst, trophoblast, embryoblast, cytotrophoblast, syncythiotropoblast, hypoblast, epiblast

e.Morulla, blastocyst, trophoblast, embryoblast, hypoblast, epiblast, cytotrophoblast, syncythiotropoblast

pembahasan: b.Morulla, blastocyst, embryoblast, trophoblast, hypoblast, epiblast, cytotrophoblast, syncythiotropoblast, lihat slide no.41-47 'EMBRYOLOGY'

7.Sequence of heart development in organogenesis:

1)Splancnic mesoderm

2)Single heart

3)Cardiogenic plate

4)Covered by endocardium, myocardium, epycardium

5)Cardiac primordia

The best arrangement is






pembahasan: b.1-3-5-2-4, lihat slide no.105 'EMBRYOLOGY'

8.Which is incorrect statement about dyzygotic twins?

a.They may have the same sex

b.Result from simultaneous shedding of two oocytes and fertilization by two spermatozoa

c.The zigote implant individually in the uterus, and develop its own placenta, amnion and chorionic sac identical twins

e.Is the most frequent twins happen

pembahasan: identical twins, lihat slide no.4-7 'TWINS & TERATOLOGY'

9.“Fetal alcohol syndrome”...

a.Craniofacial abnormalities (short palpebral fissures and hypoplasia of the maxilla )

b.Limb deformities (altered joint mobility and position)

c.Cardiovascular defects (ventricular and septal abnormalities)

d.Mental retardation and growth deficiency

e.All of the above

pembahasan: e.All of the above, lihat slide no.39 'TWINS & TERATOLOGY'

10.Which is wrong statement about differentiation between structure of DNA and RNA


a.Double strands molecule Single strands molecule

b.Bigger size than RNA Smaller size than DNA

c.Contains deoxyribose as pentose sugar Contains ribose pentose sugar

d.Only found in nucleus Only found in cytoplasm

e.Contains thymine as nitrogen base Contains uracyl as nitrogen base

pembahasan: d.DNA only found in nucleus, kan ada DNA mitokondria,

11.What is the function of enzyme helicase

a.Deoxynucleotide polimerization

b.Processive unwinding of DNA

c.Initiates synthesis of RNA primers

d.Prevent premature reannealing of double strand DNA

e.Seals the single strand nick between the nascent chain and Okazaki fragment on lagging strand

pembahasan: b.Processive unwinding of DNA, lihat slide ujung kiri atas hal 368 buku slide yang dikeluarkan oleh Dept. Akademik. di Harper juga ada tabel no36-5.

12. original codon UCU Þ serine

new codon UCA Þ serine

what kind of mutation above?

a.frame-shift mutation

b.mis-sense mutation

c.abberation mutation

d.silent mutation

e.translocation mutation

pembahasan: d.silent mutation, lihat slide hal 244 buku slide yang dikeluarkan oleh Dept. Akademik.


a.Serves as template on which specific sequence of amino acids is polymerized to form a specific protein molecule

b.Is a double stranded molecule

c.Acts as machinery for the synthesis of proteins from the mRNA templates

d.Serves as adapters for the translation of mRNA into specific amino acids key roles in the binding of mRNA to ribosomes and its translation

pembahasan: d.Serves as adapters for the translation of mRNA into specific amino acids, aku dapetnya dari slide no. 6 RNA nama filenya 'DR TRI'. di harper juga ada.

14.In which phase of protein synthesis, peptide bond formation is occured?




d.All of the above

e.None of above

pembahasan: b.Elongation, dah jelas kan? lihat slide no. 12 nama file 'Genetic codes and codons01'

15.These statements are explain about trancription in prokaryotes, which is false?

a. transcription and translation is located within same cellular compartment

b.promoter is TATAAT (Pribnow box) at base -10 from startpoint

c.primary transcripts directly use for translation

d.there are three classes of RNA polymerase : I, II, III

e.promoter is TTGACA sequence close to startpoint (-35)

pembahasan: d.there are three classes of RNA polymerase : I, II, III, lihat slide hal 348 buku slide yang dikeluarkan oleh Dept. Akademik.

16. Which is not the features of the genetic code






pembahasan: a.generate, lihat slide no. 6 nama file 'Genetic codes and codons01'. harusnya degenerate

17.Polymerase chain reaction(PCR)...

a.step annealing need high temperature (90o-94oC)

b.enzyme used is isolated from E.coli

c.started with annealing step

d.buffer used is consist of tris, KBr, MgI2

e.the last step is extension a complementary DNA strand

pembahasan: e.the last step is extension a complementary DNA strand, lihat lab manual bagian laboratory activity


Process no 3 to be no 4 is called



c. modification



pembahasan: d.translation, lihat slide Dr. Tri no.5

19.Sequence of replication in eukaryotic cell

1)antigen T binds to the origin of replication

2)primase creates a primer for the beginning of replication

3)antigen T separartes strands DNA into 2 DNA strands
4)forming replication fork

the correct sequence is






pembahasan: c.1-3-4-2, lihat slide 'Replication D5' no.12

20.Which is not a kind of regulation at level DNA

a.gene loss

b.activation of spesific gene

c.chemical modification of DNA

d.gene amplification

e.gene rearrangement

pembahasan: c.chemical modification of DNA. karena termasuk regulasi tingkat transkripsi