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Rabu, 12 Januari 2011

Teman2 2007,, ini ada email dari dr.Yulia tentang surat pengantar skripsi kita:

Sehubungan dengan akan dibuatnya surat pengantar penelitian minor thesis, sementara perubahan judul banyak yang belum dilaporkan, maka bersama ini saya minta kesediaan setiap ketua kelompok untuk mencocokan/mendata ulang dan mengirimkan kembali kepada saya (dalam bentuk excel) data dari masing-masing anggota kelompoknya (1file/kelompok lab CRP). Mohon dikirimkan via, paling lambat hari Minggu, 16 Jan 2011 pukul 21.00, agar surat pengantar perijinan bisa segera diselesaikan.

Catatan: semua mahasiswa HARUS mendapat surat pengantar perijinan/penelitian, meskipun penelitian akan dilakukan terhadap mahasiswa FK UNPAD sendiri. Di dalam file excel terlampir,
1. sudah ada daftar nama, judul dan pembimbing, mohon dicek apakah sudah benar. Kalau masih ada yang salah, mohon ditulis pada kolom Judul ganti/Pb ganti
2. ada pula kolom Perijinan. Isilah kolom lokasi penelitian sesuai dengan dropbox, lalu nama lokasinya, bisa nama bagian, nama desa, nama sekolah, nama laboratorium.

Terimakasih atas kerjasamanya

Contoh Tabel:

link daftar judul skripsi angkatan 2007:


4. WOTF steps in developing new drugs derived from traditional medicine?
A. identification of aims of the research
B. identification of the plants species
C. research of post marketing of drugs
D. clinical research with appropriate laboratory animal
E. research of development of plant

7. to be marketed a product of jamu must be first:
A. converted into a medical drug
B. prescribed by doctors
C. advertised as jamu
D. labeled as jamu
E. audited for safety

8. the advantages of jamu compared to modern drugs due to the characteristic….
A. does not cause side effects
B. cultural background
E. natural sources

9. what ethical issue rose when medical doctors become model in jamu advertisement
A. altruism
B. excellence
C. confidentiality
D. public health issue
E. decision making issue

10. what ethical issue rose when pharmaceutical company give free drugs sample to medical doctors?
A. public health issue
B. professionalism issue
C. decision making issue
D. informed consent issue
E. conflict of interest issue

11. What ethical issue rise when pharmaceutical company give material fee to doctor prescribing their drugs?
A. Interdisciplinary issue
B. Decision making issue
C. Truth telling issue
D. Public health issue
E. Conflict of interest issue

13. On what condition a medical doctor may prescribe jamu?
A. There is no known side effect
B. It is produced in modernized factory
C. Other medical doctors use it for patient
D. History shows people use the jamu safely
E. It has been standardized into phytopharmaca

14.The step of jamu standardization which is the same with modern drug standardization is:
A. Standardazation of marketing
B. Monitoring of local farmers in the population
C. Studies through preclinical and clinical trial
D. Educating the local farmer in plantation technology
E. Standardization of plant, land, plantation andharvesting

15. So far, why there is only few Indonesian traditional medicine studied by researcher?
A. Researcher must concentrate more on modern drugs
B. The research should be conducted abroad
C. Traditional medicines cannot be prescribed by doctors
D. The cost of the drug development is high
E. It does not need to be studied further as modern drugs do

16. The step of clinical trial which use healthy human as subjects is:
A. Phase 0
B. Phase 1
C. Phase 2
D. Phase 3
E. phase 4

18. what is d phase when traditional medicine compared with placebo?
A- pre-clinical trial
B- phase 0 in clinical trial
C- phase I in clinical trial
D- phase II in clinical trial
E- phase III in clinical trial

19. The phase when jamu is being tested to find its active ingredient in it is:
A. preclinical trial
B. Phase 0
C. Phase 1
D. Phase 2
E. Phase 3

20. The characteristic of clinical trial which is different from pre- clinical trials is:
A. To use animal as subject
B. To use human as subject
C. To search for the safe dose
D. To investigate the drug in vitro
E. To investigate the active ingredients

21. When a hospital used drugs only from certain company that has connection with hospital owner
A. Interdisciplinary team issue
B. Conflict of interest issue
C. Decision making issue
D. Public health issue
E. Truth telling issue

22. A mode of sponsorship from pharmaceutical is ethical?
A. Scholarship to medical students
B. Gift for hospital’s purchasing office
C. Renovation doctor’s waiting room
D. Fee for the doctors who prescribe their drugs
E. Travel expense for doctors attending seminar

23. The ethical way to spread information about new drug is through:
A. Brochures of public
B. Article on newspaper
C. Article journal or seminar
D. TV interview on researchers
E. Advertisement involving doctor as model

24. Direct impact to the patient when pharmaceutical company pays the doctor after prescribing their drugs?
A. No direct effect
B. Increase price of drug
C. Uncontrolled adverse effect
D. Hinders patient autonomy
E. Influence patient preference

25. What is the most important consideration by a doctor in choosing the treatment
A. Best treatment according to research
B. Most efficient treatment in history
C. Hospital standard procedure
D. Most expensive treatment
E. Patients best interest

27. Millennium Development Goal: which one is closely related to community nutrition?
A. Goal 1:Prevent extreme poor and hunger
B. Goal 2:Achieve universal primary education
C. Goal 3:Gender equality and woman empowerment
D. Goal 4ecrease child mortality
E. Goal 5:Improve maternal health

28. The cheapest protein source is?
A. Chicken
B. Eggs
C. Milk
D. Plants
E. Fish

29. How to measure hunger according to MDG?
A. The proportion of the family based on worker
B. The proportion of people living on less than $1 a day
C. The level of poorest quintile in national consumption
D. The prevalence of underweight children under 5 years old
E. By calculating the poverty gap ratio (incidence X depth poverty)

31. In which aspects of MDG's Goal 1 (Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger) relates to Goal 5 (Improve maternal health)?
A. Malnutrition often happen in women
B. Healthy women can work to get better income
C. Carrier women often have malnutrition children
D. Healthy women can prevent malnutrition in children
E. Malnutrition is common cause of death in women

32. It is a duty for doctors to support this target of MDG’s Goal 1 (Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger)
A. To halve the proportion of people living on less than $1 per day
B. To achieve descent employment for women, men and young people
C. To share of poorest quintile in national consumption
D. To halve the prevalence of underweight children under 5 years
E. To halve poverty gap ratio (incidence X depth of poverty)

Yang dibold kemungkinan besar adalah jawabannya,klo ga ada brarti masih bingung.klo ada yg mau jawab silahkan komen ya...:D