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Kamis, 20 Maret 2008

1. As result of the lipid puring tisue preparation,the fasciculata cells appeard vacuolated in commom histological prepaation because of their vacualization ,the cell of the fasciculata also called
a. holocyte
b. vacuocyte
c. spongyocyte
d. pynocyte
e. colimnacytes

2. The layer of adrenal gland that contain lipofuscin pigment granule is
a. zona fasciculata
b. zona reticularis
c. zona glomerusa
e. adrenal medula
e. none

3. The function of chromograin is as ..
a. Binding protein for cathecolamins
b. Binding protein for ATP in adrenal medula
c. Bindin protein for Dopamione
d. BInding pratein for Androgen
e. Binding protein for glucocorticoid

4. What is true abaout islet of langerhan
a. Monohormonal endocrine microorganism
b. Islet are more abindant on several tissue to cause entry of glycogen into cell
c. B cell act on seveal tissuer to cause entry of glycogen into cell
d. The cell type thar has lowest avinity is D cell
e. The cell type that has the highest quantity is B cell

5. A diffuse source of catecolamine
a. paraganglia
b. Postganglia
c. Preganglia
d. Neural Crest
e. ANS

6. The difference betwen adrenal cortex and adenal medula is...
a. The adrenal cortex is red peripheral layer
b. The cell of the medula derived from neural tube
c. DHEA is yhe only sex hormon that is secreted by adrenal medula
d. The cell of adrenal cortex synthesize and secreted steroid hormon upon demand
e. The adrenal medula is a reddish brown peripheral layer

7. ... Stimulates contraction of smooth muscle inthe walls of arterioles
a. renin
b. Angiotensin I
c. Angiotensin II
d. Aldosteron
e. ACE

8. Low blood level of glucocorticoid stimulate neurosecretory cells in the hypothalamus to secrete ...
a. adenocorticoid releasing hormon
b. corticotropin
c. corticotropin stimulating hormon
d. corticotropin realesing hormon
e. adenocorticotropic hormone

9. The hormon produicng cells in the adrenal medula are called ...
a. chromagrain
b. Spongiocyte
c. Pinealocyte
d. Chief cells
e. Chromaffin cell

10. .. produce digestive enzyme
a. Delta cell
b. F cell
c. Acini
d. Tail of pancreas
e. Head of pancreas

11. The secretion of insulin is stimulated by... except
a. ACH
b. Arginin and leucin
c. GIP
d. hGH
e. Increase activity of the sympathetic division

12. 90-95 % of the cortisol in the plasma bind to plasma protein , especialy ...
a. albumin
b. globulin
c. Fibrinogen
d. Serum
e. protrobin

13. Except for that portion of the insulin that combines with the reception is the target cell, the remainder is degarded by the enzme, ... mainly in the liver
a. insulin
b. insulin phospatase
c. insulin esterasse
d. insulin desmotase
e. insulin degradase

14. Glucocorticoid hava the folowing effects, excepts...
a. resistance to stress
b. stimulated lypolisis
c. inhibit WBC
d. Slow wound healing
e. Stimulate immune respone

15. Lipid soluble hormon are
1. Eicosanoid hormon
2. nitric oxide
3. Amine hormon
4. Thyroid hormon

A. 1,2,3
b. 1,3
c. 2,4
d. 4
e. 1,2,3,4

16. The action of water soluble hormon ...
1. Activte adenylate cyclase
2. ATP is converted to cAMP
3. Protein kinase is activated
4. G protein is activated
5. Phospodietilsterase inactive cAMP
6. Water soluble hormone bind to its receptor

a. 6-1-2-3-4-5
b. 6-4-2-1-3-5
c. 6-2-3-1-5-4
d. 6-4-1-2-3-5
e. 6-5-4-3-2-1

17. The receptor of water soluble hormone is located
a. within the cytosol
b. Outer surface of the plasma membaran
c. Inner surface of the plasma membran
d. At nuclear membran
e. Within the nuclear

18. The adrenal gland of the new born is proportionately larger than that of the adult because there is a layer know as
a. Provisional cortex
b. Periphera layer
c. Advance medulla
d. Adrogenic layer
e. Fetal medulla

19. The cell types in islet of langerhan that are located usualy in periphery have the characteristic ...
a. have irregular granul
b. Have function to inhibits release of other isle cell hormon
c. Produce pancreatic polypeptida
d. About 20 % of the total cells in islet of the langerhan
e. Secrete DHEA

20. Secrete granule in adrenal medula contain,excepts..
a. Dopamine & Hydroxylase
c. ATP
c. Chromagrains
d. Enkephalin
e. Cyclic AMP

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