Latihan Soal MDE Topik : Menstrual Cycle

Sabtu, 15 Maret 2008

1. 7 day after ovum and sperm fertilized,the implemented will produce a substance. What is the hormon that saves corpus luteum from degeneration ?
a. LH
b. Progesteron
c. INhibin
d. Oxcytocin
e. hCG

2. The secretion function of corpus luteum can be determined by measuring substance level in plasma and serum. Whai is the substance ?
a. LH
b. Progesteron
c. Inhibin
d. Oxytocin
e. Cytrantoxin

3. What hormon that increase flexibility of the pubic symphipis during childbirth ?
a. Estrogen
b. Oxytocn
c. Relaxin
d. Inhibin
e. Progesteron

4. What hormon is secreted by corpus luteum to maintain the uterine lining during the first semester of pregnancy ?
a. Relaxin
b. Inhibin
c. Progesteron
d. hCG
e. LH

5. The first the female getis called :

6. Which the following statment are correct :
(1) the female reproductive cycle consist of menstrual phase, a preovulatory phase, ovulation and postovulatory phase.
(2) During the menstrual phase small secondary follicle in ovary begin to enlarge while the uterus is sheeding its linning
(3) During the preovulatory phase a dominant follicle continues to grow and begin to rebuild
(4) Ovulation result in the realese of an ovum and the shedding of the uterine lining to nourish and support the realesed ovum
(5) After ovulation, a corpus luteum forms from the ruptured follicle and begine to secrete progesteron and estrogen , which it will continue to do throughout pregnancy if the egg is fertilized
(6) If pregnancy doesn't occur,then the corpus luteum degenerates into a scar callled corpus albican, and the uterine lining s prepared to be shed again

a. 1,2,4,5
b. 2,4,5,6
c. 1,4,5,6
d. 1,3,4,6
e. 1,2,3,6

7. The permanent cessation of menses is called :

8. What hormon that stimulate the initial secretion estrogrn by growing follicle :
a. FSH
b. LH
c. Oxytocin
d. hCG
e. Estradiol

9. What event that are happenend in the uterus during secretory phase :
a. Decresing level estrogen
b. DEgeneration of corpus luteum
c. produce the corpus luteum
d. Vascularization of the superficial endometrium
e. Endometrium is dischargr

10. What hormon is rising during last part of preovulatory phase ?
a. Estrogen
b. Progesteron
c. FSH
d. LH
e. Relaxin

11. After ovulation, a blood clot forms from minor bleeding of the ruptured follicle name :
a. Graafian foicle
b. Secondary folicle
c. Corpus hemorhagicum
d. Corpus luteum
e. Corpus Albican

12. One folicle outgrows the others and become dominant while other degenerate. THis event occur during :
a. Preovulatory phase
b. Ovulatory phase
c. Post ovulatory phase
d. Secretory phase
e. Menstruation phase

13. Which hormon is responsible for the surge of LH at midcycle :
a. FSH
b. LH
c. Progesteron
d. EStrogen
e. Inhibin

14. Which of the following is not the function of the estrogen :
a. maintain secondary sex characteristic
b. Decrease protein anaboism
c. LOwer blood cholesterol level
d. Development of female reproductive organ
e. In moderate levels inhibit realese GnRH and secretion of FSH and L

15. Which hormon that is secreted by granulose cell of growing follicle :
a. estrogen
b. progesteron
c. relaxin
d. inhibin
e. oxcytocin

16. HOw much blood that is discharge during the menstrual phase
a. 25-50 ml
b. 50 - 75 ml
c. 50-100 ml
d. 50- 150 ml
e. 100- 150 ml

Answer :
1. E
2. B
3. C
4. C
5. menarche
6. E
7. Menoupose
8. A
9. D
10. A
11. C
12. A
13. C
14. B
15. D
16. D

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