Final BHP V 2009

Selasa, 15 Desember 2009

3. In dental practice, the clinical asepsis protocol must cover “the after treatment matters”. What does it means?
A. personal protective barriers
B. office study
C. waste management
D. prevention of cross contamination from instrument to patient and dental team
E. prevention of cross contamination from patient to patient

15. Pasien burn injury mengalami luka bakar di wajah dan memerlukan operasi plastic tapi dia tidak mampu, stengah biaya dibayar oleh pabrik. Kamu tetap melakukan operasi. Ethical issues…
A. beneficence
B. non-maleficence
C. autonomy
D. justice

18. Due to ideal thin body, overweight obese men & women suffer from discrimination. X remembers after her date with a good loking man, he walks & said “it’s good thing you have a pretty facebeacuse you’re so fat”, since then X decided to undergo liposuction. Which moral ethical principle is involved?
A. beneficence
B. non-maleficence
C. autonomy
D. justice

19. Beauty comes in 2 kind, in a narrow sense, it can be depend in terms of a personal physical features independent of other character. What is the broad concept of beauty?
A. beauty depend on biologically anchored universal beauty norms based on shape, propose and harmony
B. beauty can be objectively evaluated, without refer to an observer / content
C. relative to context and personal identity
D. beauty cross cultural agreement

21. Breast augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery. This surgery raises many questions, such as what the motives of the women are. The other ethical issue concerning breat augmentation surgery is…
A. This woman want to put an end to their suffering of small breast
B. The pressure by the media and fashion industry of ideal body image
C. The role of breast as sex symbol and real women image
D. Controversion of silicon implantation whether it is safe or not

22. Face surgery pada down syndrome. Apa disadvantage nya?
Jawab: eradicate characteristic of down syndrome

25. Wanita, femoral fracture, unconscious, dibawa ke A&E, hanya bisa didapatkan nama. Setelah itu dibawa ke orthopedic ward. What should we do?
A. tunggu orang tuanya dating
B. informed consent
C. langsung dibawa ke orthopedic ward
E. pay first

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