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Sabtu, 04 Juli 2009

22. Metotrexate termasuk kelas apa?
A. Enzyme
B. Folic acid analog
C. Antibiotic
61. Which of the following is the most likely cause of her missed period?
A. The corpus luteum degenerate
B. A trophoblast is formed that secretes are estrogen and progesterone
C. A trophoblast is formed that secrete is gonadotrophin
D. Decrease production of estrogen and progesterone
E. Negative feedback of estrogen and progesterone on FSH and LH pituitary
67. Cairan amnion yang banyak dapat disebabkan oleh kelainan CNS, penyebabnya adalah…
A. Idiopathic polyhydramnion
B. Umbilical cord compression
70. Sperm analysis shows no spermatozoa. After centrifugation of semen, few spermatozoa are seen.
A. Azoosperma
B. Asperma
C. Oligosperma
D. Cryptosperma
E. Asthenosperma
71. Penyakit di atas adalah…? (kasusnya lupa), dilated vein in left scrotum.
A. Varicocele
72. Kenapa lebih sering scrotum kiri?
A. Pokoknya yang ada nutcrackernya
73. In late pregnancy yang memisahkan maternal blood dan fetal blood?
A. Syncytiotrophoblast only
B. Cytotrophoblast only
C. Syncytiotrophoblast and cytotrophoblast
D. Syncytiotrophoblast, cytotrophoblast, connective tissue and endothelium fetal
E. Syncytiotrophoblast and fetal endothelium
74. Pembentuk amnion
a. syncitio
b. cyto
c. hipo & epi
e. epi & amnioblast
81. Di corpus luteum, progenolon berubah menjadi progesterone. Enzim katalisisnya?
89. A 23 years old woman comes with complaints about a tiny lump just in the opening over the vagina. She had an experience of curettage for hydatidiform mole. Which part that proliferate?
A. Chorion epithel
B. Trophoblast
95. Bagian paling distal dari salphinx
a. infundibulum
b. ampulla
c. isthmus
d. fimbriae
96. A 28 years old has been married for 2 years, with regular intercourse every 2 days. She complained about difficulty to get pregnant. The menstrual cycle was normal, no excessive menstrual bleeding. No history of chronic pelvic pain…dst
102. Woman with 12 week gestation complains dizziness, nausea, and vomiting. What condition responsible?
A. LH rises
B. Corticotrophin rises
C. hCS rises
D. human gonadotropin rises
E. hCG rises
108. A 40 years old woman P5 A0 had history of menorrhagea and anemic. From gynecological examination, found enlarge uterus & anteriorly displace cervix. What is your diagnosis?
A. Cervical cancer
B. Adenomyosis
C. Uterine leomyoma
D. External endometriosis
E. Internal endometriosis
111. A 21 years old primigravida, having vaginal discharge 5 days ago her fundal height is similar 12 weeks, no abdominal cramping, P.E is normal. (ada keterangan 1 lagi tapi lupa, justru itu yang penting, maaf ya). Which of the following is the most likely diagnosis of this case?
A. Missed abortion
B. Threatened abortion
C. Incomplete abortion
D. Partial hydatidiform mole
E. Complete hydatidiform mole
120. Pap smear shows high grade cervical intraepithelial lesion. Conization inappropriate in…?
A. Treatment after CIN biopsy
B. Microinvasion after diagnosis by biopsy
C. Invasive carcinoma after diagnosis by biopsy
139. Woman 24 years old, P2 A0, just delivered vaginally, infant weight 4.300 g after spontaneous uncomplicated labor. She has history with low uterine segment transverse Caesarian for breech. No problem during pregnancy and labor, placenta deliver spontaneously. There is mediate brisk vaginal bleeding greater than 500 cc. Which frequent cause of immediate hemorrhage in this patient?
A. Uterine atony
B. Uterine rupture
C. Coagulophaty
D. Uterine inversion
E. Vaginal and or cervical laceration
146. A 22 years old woman G1 delivered, 9th post-partum day, right breast engorged, hard, red, and painful. T=38, 5°C. Kalo dikultur yang ditemukan?
A. Anaerob Streptococcus
B. E. coli
C. Staphylococcus aureus
D. Aerob Streptococcus
E. Neisherria
155. Bayi lahir dengan C-section. Dalam menit pertama bayinya: irregular gasping, HR 80x/min, fair tone,…
A. No asphyxia
B. Mild asphyxia
C. Moderate asphyxia
D. Severe asphyxia

157. Down syndrome (simian crease, up-slanting palpebral fissure). Test to confirm diagnosis is?
a. serologic
c. serum G6DP deficiency
e. cytogenetic
158. A newborn just born 24 hours ago, physical examination equal upslanting palpebral fissure, simian line on palm. Suspected with Down syndrome. Jika dia ingin punya anak lagi, pemeriksaan apa yang dilakukan pada kehamilan selanjutnya. Apabila ingin memeriksa apakah apakah bayi yang dikandung terkena Down Syndrome atau tidak maka bisa dengan tes…
A. amniocentesis dan chordocentesis
B. chorionic/villus sampling
E. Culture
163. Energy during pregnancy?
A. 100 kcal
B. 300 kcal
C. 500 kcal
D. 700 kcal
E. 900 kcal
164. Risk factor dari kasus di atas adalah…?
165. Amniotic fluid was clear, shortly after birth subcostal and intercostals retraction muncul. Kenapa terjadi respiratory distress?
B. Primigravida
C. C-sectio
E. Mucositic aspiration
172. Exclusive breast feeding dapat mengurangi risiko…
A. diare
B. impertigo
C. urinary tract infection
D. asthma
E. conjunctivitis
175. A 30 years old woman with vaginal itching & discharge. Her husband complains of penile skin rash.
A. Trichomonas
B. Candida
C. Gonorrhea
D. Herpes
E. Cacing ??
181. Maturation Index (MI) of 80/10/10 most likely cause of above result:
A. Trichomonas vaginalis infection
B. Long term used of injection contraceptive
C. Age of patient
D. Chronic cervicitis
E. Estrogen level 
189. A biopsy of reddish breast nodule from 35 years old woman showed histological appearance of tubercle with central necrosis within breast tissue. Which is the best diagnosis?
A. Acute mastitis
B. Lactating adenoma
C. Fat necrosis
D. Mammary duct ectasia
E. Mastitis tuberculosis

21. Seorang anak fatigue dan menderita konstipasi dlaam 1 tahun belakangan, ada juga sindrom weight gain, dll.
Jawaban: hypothyroidsm
35 y0, housewife. chief complain : fatigue & lose of body weight. dia juga merasakan excessive thirst & urinate frequently. 6 bulan yg lalu : numbness in her feet & ...(utk no. 75 dan 76)
75. what further information to get the diagnosis?
a. Fatty acid level in blood
b. Amino acid level in blood
c. Glucose level in blood
d. Ureum level in blood
e. Creatinine level in blood

76. an oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT) is tested in this patient. which of the following is the most likely diagnosis confirmed with this test?
a. DM type I
b. DM type II
c. IGT (impair glucose tolerance)
d. diabetic ketoacidosis
e. DM with hypoglycemi

102. which metabolic changes of polyol pathway that responsible for the condition of this patient?
C. accumulation of sorbitol

21/71 Ada orang ngambil kompor panas, terus langsung narik tangan, fiber yg bekerja utk pain adalah
A. fast C fiber
B. slow C fiber
C. fast a alfa fiber
D. fast a beta fiber
E. fast a delta fiber
21/71 55 y.o tiba2 severe headache, vomiting
A. intracerebral hemorrhage
B. lacunar
C. subarachnoid hemorrhage
D. arterioemboli
E. cardioemboli
148. Kern Icterus merupakan slah satu ciri dari CP. neuropathology featurenya
A. Perventricular leucomalacia
B. Basal ganglia abnormalities
C. Brain calcification
D. Brain infarction

198. Untuk mendeteksi cardio emboli
C. Pulse rate
D. Heart rate
E. X-ray

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