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2. Important science about chemical hazards?

A. ergonomic

B. toxicology

C. epidemiology



3. To solve the problem in occupational health, it needs many factors. What is the important study to solve the problem in occupational or ocupational related disease?

A. epidemiology

B. toxicology

C. law

D. ergonomic

E. environmental engineering

4. The best way to prevent oneself from nosocomial infection is

A. doing exercise regularly

B. have a balanced diet

C. follow medical procedure

D. using masker and gloves in hospital

E. examining patient from a safe distance

9. A young doctor work as PTT in remote area. What kind of hazard it is?

A. physical burden

B. mental burden

C. social burden

D. expenses biology

E. psychological burden

12. Definition of health care waste?

A. pharmaceutical

B. pathological

C. infectious

D. highy infectious


14. highly infectious culture from lab

15. human tissue

17. Gas cylinder à pressured containers

19. What is the main risk with infection in hospital?


B. body fluid

C. hospital waste management

D. sharp contamination

E. hospital waste of handling inadequate

21. Yang termasuk physical hazard di RS adalah?


B. gas sisa anestesi

C. static posture



21. Yang termasuk physical hazard di rumah sakit?


B. gas sisa anestesi

C. static posture



22. Disease yang didapat saat kerja yang hazardnya adalah biological? nosocomial

25. Peningkatan angka kejadian tapi tidak separah epidemic? Outbreak

27. Peningkatan insidensi penyakit di atas perkiraan? Epidemic

28. Disease caused by work or work environment? Occupational disease

A. physical

B. chemical

C. biological

D. ergonomic

E. psychosocial

29. repetitive motion

30. lack of control over work

31. pesticides

32. improper desigened tools

33. radiation

34. The most important thing to identify medical problems related to occupation?

A. occupational history

B. history taking

C. physical exam

D. chest x-ray

E. pulmonary functional test

A. environmental psychosocial

B. physical

C. environmental chemical

D. social support

E. interindividual relationship

38. low wage

40. job turn over

Endogenous infection in nosocomial is caused by?

A. direct infection

B. indirect infection

C. transmission of agent from patient to patient

D. microbial agent acquired in hospital

E. patient’s own flora

41. Stressor at workplace

A. relationship at work

B. support to engage personal interest

C. dual career status

D. air quality

E. lack of promotional opportunity

44. UU perlindungan keselamatan kerja? UU no 14 tahun 1949

48. Apa yang dmaksud dengan accident pro nenes?

A. penyakit yang berkaitan dengan sinar UV

B. idem tapi x-ray

C. perilaku tidak patuh pada peraturan keselamatan kerja



50. Yang termasuk golongan penyakit Sick Building Syndrome? ISPA

53. Labor union-helath care professional relationship?

A. advocate safety issue



D. to know medical info


A. government role

B. management control

C. legislative control

D. engineering control

E. medical control

58. Implementing regulation or laws of health

61. Working with tractors or other farm equipment such as motor vehicle and sharp tools for cutting or pruning can cuse following health hazard in agriculture?

A. musculoskeletal disorder

B. respiratory disorder

C. traumatic inury

D. toxification

E. dermatitis

63. Combination of ailment associated with individual’s place of work or residence is known as?

A. musculoskeletal disorder

B. nosocomial infection

C. respiratory disorder

D. occupational injury

E. sick building syndrome

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