Soal COMPRE part 1

Senin, 16 Juni 2008

Comprehensive Test Part 1

1. The optomotor nuclei is

a. vestibulonuclear nuclei

b. ambiguous nuclei

c. abducen nuclei

d. facial nuclei

e. hypoglossal nuclei

2. The true about tectum of brainstem:

a. It is the base of brainstem

b. At the level of midbrain, it is called tectum

c. At the level of medulla oblongata, it is called quadrangular plate

d. It contains the nuclei of cranial nerves

e. It is the roof of the brainstem



5. This structure gives the axon for innervating the gland & run inside the facial nerve

a. corticospinal tract

b. superior salivatory

c. motoric trigeminal

d. inferior olivary nucleus

e. Edinger-Westhpal nucleus



8. Which nerve has parasymphathetic compartment for pupil reflex?

Answer : Occulomotor


For question No.10-12

a. Thalamus

b. Hypothalamus

c. Inferior olivary nucleus

d. Hypothalamus-hypophyseal tract

e. Hypophyseal portal system

10. It has destination on the anterior lobe of pituitary gland

11. It has destination on the posterior lobe of pituitary gland

12. Highest brain structure that directly concerned with body’s homeostatis & integration of internal environment



15. Innervated by sympathetic preganglion?

a. postsynaptic sympathic

b. postsynaptic parasympathetic

c. lumbar spinal cord

d. cervical spinal cord

e. medulla oblongata




19. When the light strikes the eye, which of the following will increase?

a. the sodium conductance of the photoreceptor

b. the amount of transmitter release from the photoreceptor

c. the concentration of rhodopsin in the photoreceptor

d. the membrane potential of the photoreceptor

e. the concentration of cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP)

20. Ketika disuruh melihat chart yang jaraknya 20 feet, pandangan mata jadi blur. Ini disebabkan bayangan katuh di belakang retina. Masalah yang dialami:

a. myotroph

b. hypermetroph




21. In emmetropic people, which one is true?

a. mata tidak akomodasi à 100 feet

b. mata tidak akomodasi à 10 feet

c. Increase surface tension à 5 feet

d. Parasimpatetik àciliary muscle à 5 feet



23. Besides lens, part of the eye which the function is to refract light is…

a. sclerae

b. aqueous humor

c. vitreous humor

d. cornea

e. retina



26. What physical factor that influence total acoustic impedance of ear system?

a. geometry of outer ear

b. structure of middle ear

c. fluid in the inner ear

d. membrane tymphany thickness

e. room temperature


For question No.28-30

a. Parietal lobe

b. Frontal lobe

c. Occipital lobe

d. Temporal lobe

e. Insula lobe

28. As a buried island of cortex

29. The primary motor area

30. Primary sensoric area

31. s

32. Which one is true about cerebellum?

a. 6 cortical layer

b. Affected motoric…

c. Affected sensory

d. -

e. 3 peduncles


34. Mengapa suara frekuensi tinggi hanya dideteksi di base of basal membrane dari organo corti?

a. bagian base merupakan bagian yang paling tipis

b. memiliki receptor paling banyak

c. suara frekuensi tinggi dapat menggetarkan thick membrane

d. suara frekuensi tinggi menggetarkan thin membrane

e. memiliki receptor paling sedikit



37. Why sometimes help to inhale slowly and deeply through the nose when trying to identify the odor?

a. inhale slowly and deeply provide adaptation to identify the odor

b. to larger the amount of air to be drawn

c. to prevent large volume of odor to be inhale

d. to solve the odor require a long time

e. to identify the odor require enough time

38. The olfactory system quickly adapts to continued stimulation, and a particular odor becomes unnoticed before very long, even though the odor molecule are still present in the air. Which of the following site in the olfactory pathway where such adaptation can occur is true?

a. in the thalamus

b. in the olfactory bulb

c. in the membrane of the nose

d. in the cortex


40. Correct about CNS?

a. Receive and transmit impulse from environment to efferent

b. Directly receives all sensory impulses

c. Regulate all skeletal and smooth muscle contraction

d. Nerve complex is called ganglia

e. Have all types of neuroglia

41. What’s the characteristic of protoplasmic astrocytes?

a. derived from monocyte

b. myelinates axons in CNS

c. predominantly in white matter

d. surround perykaryon in ganglia

e. determine by vascular-end feet


43. 40 years old woman just won the New York 10 km marathon in record time. Explain her hormonal balance as she crosses the finishing line!

a. Insulin increased, glucagon increased

b. Insulin increased, glucagon decreased

c. Insulin decreased, glucagon decreased

d. Insulin decreased, glucagon increased

e. Insulin equal to glucagon


45. The activity of adrenal zona glomerulosa is stimulated by…

a. Cortisol

b. Hypernatremia

c. ANP

d. Hypokalemia

e. Angiotensin II



48. Inhibition of thyroid peroxidase cause increase of…

a. thyroid content of iodide

b. thyroid content of monoiodothyrosine

c. thyroglobulin content in follicular lumina

d. serum TSH

e. urine content of diiodothyrosine


50. 50 years overstressed businessman, to cure his daily “heart burn” taking daily & large dose of antacid, that contains alumunium hydroxide, which later bind phosphate in GI tract cause severe hypophosphate. What increase?

a. plasma PTH level

b. urine phosphate level

c. plasma 1,25 (OH) formation

d. plasma 24,25 (OH) formation

e. bone formation


52. In human being, total hypophysectomy may cause

a. é secretion cortisol

b. é secretion tostesteron

c. Cessation menstruation cycle

d. é hypoglycemic in action insulin

e. Hyperactivity in male


54. Apa yang terjadi apabila tekanan osmosis menurun dari 290 osm à 280 osm?

55. If pituitary gland removed and implanted on kidney, the plasma concentration

a. ACTH increase (Ö)

b. FSH increase

c. GH increase

d. Proactin increase

e. TSH increase


57. What is true regarding T3?

a. ê synthesis mRNA & myocardial adenylate cyclase

b. ê sensitivity of adipose tissue to fat immobilizing action of epinephrine

c. Chronotropic action on…

d. é Na-K pump activity

e. ê metabolic rate


59. Increase in parathormone concentration result of the following?

a. Decreased absorption of Ca2+ from intestine

b. Decreased excretion of Ca2+ in intestine

c. Increased released of Ca2+ in the osteocyte and osteoclast

d. Increased Ca2+ uptake by the bone

e. Decrease blood Ca2+


61. This hormone is increase in bone formation and mineralization by increasing collagen synthesis

a. parathormone

b. calcitonine

c. growth hormone

d. cortisol

e. estrogen





66. In the β cell cytoplasma, insulin release is preceded by a decrease in intracellular concentration of…

a. potassium

b. glucose-6-phosphate

c. β-hydroxybutirate

d. acetoacetate

e. glucose


68. Sperma bersifat basa karena adanya…

Jawab : seminal vesicle

69. Movement of sperms out of vas deferens into urethra?

a. Ejaculation

b. Emission

c. Cryptorchidism

d. Polyspermy

e. Oligospermy

70. 5/7 days after ovulation and conception, implanting embryo begins to produce hormone that save corpus luteum from regeneration

a. 17-OH progesterone

b. Progesterone

c. Estradiol

d. Oxytocin

e. Chorionic gonadotropin

71. Pancreatic lipase in the intestine catalyzes the conversion of the dietary trygliceride to what end product?

a. Pentose

b. Nucleotide base

c. Amino Acid

d. Glycerol

e. Sucrose


73. 25 years old woman (normal), not pregnant, menstruation:

a. last 1st day during each 28 days cycle

b. occurs 1 or 2 days after increase estrogen

c. associated with blood loss 30 ml

d. associated with dilation of basal segment of spiral artery

e. associated with risk of uterine infection

74. Which of the following hormone exerts little or no control over the endometrium of the uterus in its proliferative phase but during its secretory phase indirectly responsible o changes that occur?

a. Progesterone

b. FSH

c. Estrogen

d. Prolactin

e. LH

75. In normal healthy young woman with 28 days menstrual cycle

a. Proliferative uterus because of estrogen produced by follicle de Graaf

b. Menstruation because of progesterone in corpus luteum

c. Oral estrogen/progesterone à enlargement ovary & é production of follicle de Graaf

d. Estradiol concentration plasma begin fall at ovulation & keep decreasing

e. Progesterone concentration plasma begin fall at ovulation & keep decreasing






81. One of the following statement is related to sertoli cells

a. It migrated yolk sac

b. It secretes inhibin & activin

c. It directly stimulate the proliferation of spermatozoa

d. It prevents spermatogenic cells exposed to antigen

e. It susceptible to radiation


83. This structure is long thin processes that surround the opening of the uterine tube. This processes also lined by simple squamous epithelium. Which of the following is true about the structure mentioned?

a. infundibulum

b. ampula

c. isthmus

d. interstitial tube

e. fimbriae




87. The point where the cervics projects into vagina has a hollow recess known as…

a. infundibulum

b. vestibule

c. labia majora

d. fornix

e. orifice of vagina


89. Statement that is CORRECT about the heart?

a. apex is formed by right ventricle

b. the diaphragmatic surface faces to the posterior

c. the base is formed mainly by left atrium

d. the right border is formed by right ventricle

e. coronary sulcus lies between 2 ventricles

For question No.90-94

a. arch of aorta

b. ascending aorta

c. common iliac artery

d. thoracic artery

e. abdominal artery


91. Renal artery is its visceral branches

92. Coronary arteries are its branches

93. Left carotid artery merupakan percabangan dari…


95. 1st component of 1st sound can be heard in which place of ventral portion?

a. 5th intercostals

b. 5th intercostals of patient’s left

c. 2nd intercostals over the sternum

d. 2nd intercostals of left

96. Common cause of increase coronary blood flow?

a. Coronary perfusion pressure

b. Stimulation β2 receptor in heart

c. Stimulation α receptor in heart

d. Stimulation β1 receptor in heart

e. Concentration O2 in artery coronary

97. Primary energy sources for heart on fasting healthy people is…

a. glucose

b. pyruvate & lactate

c. amino acid

d. polypeptide

e. free fatty acid (Ö)



100. During exercise, cardiac output is augmented by?

a. sympathetic stimulation of resistance vessel

b. dilation of venous vessel

c. decrease end diastolic volume

d. decrease mean systemic arterial pressure

e. increase ventricular contraction


102. 1. AV Node

2. Purkinje Fiber

3. Ventricular muscle

Which of the following is the right order of conductance from slowest to fastest?


104. The correct sequence of intrauterine hematopoiesis as follows:

a. primordial – hepatosplenic

b. hepatosplenic –medullolymphatic

c. primordial – hepatosplenic – medullolymphatic

d. primordial – medullolymphatic – hepatosplenic

e. medullolymphatic – hepatosplenic – primordial

105. In healthy 40 years old man, red bone marrow ada di mana?

a. sternum

b. humerus

c. tibia

d. femur

e. ulna



108. This is a large cell, that phagocytes bacteria, debris, cell fragment, and associated with chronic infection. Which of the following cell that describe above?

a. monocyte

b. lymphocyte

c. macrophage

d. eosinophil

e. neutrophil



111. Connective tissue that form strings between papillia muscle & AV node:

a. SA node

b. Chordae tendinae

c. Bundle of His

112. Direction of blood flow?

a. difference pressure

b. blood vessel length

c. diameter of blood vessel

d. blood viscosity

e. blood pH


114. The quality of vascular conductance of blood flow is…

a. inversely proportional to pressure difference

b. inversely proportional to vascular conductance

c. proportional to blood viscosity

d. proportional to vessel length

e. proportional to vessel diameter

115. Mekanisme inspirasi normal

a. gas transport, ventilation

b. gas exchange, ventilation

c. gas exchange, gas transport

d. gas exchange, gas transport, ventilation

e. gas exchange, gas metabolism, ventilation

116. About plasminogen?

a. berhubungan dengan serine protease

b. occur in blood but not in urine

c. inhibit fibrin degradation

d. increase vasodilate

e. none of them

117. Bleeding time will be prolonged in a person who?

a. Lack of factor VIII

b. Cannot absorb vit.K

c. Has liver disease

d. Takes large quantities of aspirin

e. Takes coumarin derivatives

118. Systemic arterioles contraction may result from an increase the local concentration of…

a. Nitric oxide

b. Angiotensin II

c. Atrium Natriuretic Peptide

d. Beta agonist

e. Hydrogen ion

119. Which of the following statement about the blocking of HbO2 formation by CO is TRUE?

a. It requires the presence of cyanide ion

b. It results in the production of carboxyhemoglobin & cyanosis

c. It involves oxidation of Fe2+ to Fe3+

d. There is no shift in the O2 affinity curve

e. CO affinity for Hb exceed that of O2

120. In the normal adult, the amount of elemental iron required for the…, utilization oxygen in the body is…

a. 3 to 5 mg

b. 20 to 30 mg

c. 100 to 300 mg

d. 3 to 5 g

e. 15 to 20 g

121. The life span of RBC

a. 30 days

b. 60 days

c. 90 days

d. 120 days

e. 150 days


123. During 3rd, 4th, 5th month of gestation, fetal Hb product primarily in…

a. blood island

b. bone marrow

c. spleen

d. liver

e. lymph node


125. AV anastomose di skin, gunanya

a. decrease constriction, decrease heat loss

b. parasympathethic makes vasodilation

c. Sympathetic makes vasoconstriction


127. Central nervous pressure is increase by

a. decrease blood volume

b. increase venous compliance

c. increase peripheral resistance

d. decrease heart rate

e. decrease aldosteron concentration




131. Which of the statement is correct for the bone marrow?

a. fibroblast play a role as host cell

b. elastic fibers serve as predominant framework

c. there are reticular fibers in the less amount

d. the capillary type is a continuous one

e. developing blood cell residue inside framework

132. True about MALT?

a. Found along the lymph vessel

b. It’s a lymph node

c. Covered with capsule

d. Produce IgA

e. Produce IgB

133. Correct for thymus?

a. secondary lymphatic organ

b. structure when young and adult is the same

c. lymph organ contain lymph nodes

d. Hessel’s bodies lies on cortex

e. Place where lymphocyte become immunocompetence



136. Which of the following structure is responsible for producing mucus?

a. ciliated columnar cell

b. goblet cell

c. brush cell

d. basal cell

e. small granule cell


138. Pulmonary compliance is characterized by which of the following statement?

a. It decreases with advancing age

b. It is inversely related to elastic recoil properties of the lung

c. It is increased in patient with pulmonary edema

d. It is equivalent to ∆P/∆V

e. It is increased when there is deficiency of surfactant




142. In what unique number would a Fahrenheit and a Celcius thermometer record the same numerical number?

a. -40oC & -40oF

b. -32oC & -32oF

c. 0oC & 0oF

d. +32oC & 0oF

e. 0oC & +32oF

143. Tekanan parsial pada udara 1,35. Berapa humidity udara jika saturation udara=1,8?

a. 100 %

b. 80 %

c. 75 %

d. 55 %

e. 40 %

144. Which of the following increase repiratory minute work?

a. airway constriction

b. increase tidal volume

c. a & b true

d. increase compliance of lung

e. decrease density of inspired gas


146. Control medullary ?

a. PCO2 é, pHê in CSF, increase numerous inspiratory

b. Alkaline(pHé), pCO2ê, inspiratory deep

c. Both of them


e. None of them

147. Chemoreceptor in peripheral circulation is most important, karena respon terhadap…

a. increase pO2 in arterial

b. increase pO2 in venous

c. increase pO2 in CSF

d. decrease pO2 in arterial

e. deacrease pO2 in venous



150. It’s a pacemaker

a. in floor fourth ventricle

b. in pneumotaxic

c. in apneustic



151. Which of the following is the most important in increasing respiratory minute volume with a slightly increase pCO2 of body fluid?

a. venous chemoreceptor

b. lung receptor

c. pulmonary chemoreceptor

d. …chemoreceptor

e. …stretch receptor




155. When respiratory muscle relax, the lungs are on…

a. functional residual capacity

b. total lung capacity

c. inspiratory reserve volume

d. expiratory reserve volume

e. residual volume

For question 56-58

a. nasopharynx

b. oropharynx

c. laryngopharynx

d. pharyngeal tonsil

e. vestibule

156. Bagian pharynx yang bersambung dengan esophagus?

157. Cavity between teeth & cheek?


159. Peritoneum between transverse colon and greater curvature stomach?

a. Falciform ligament

b. Round ligament

c. Greater omentum

d. Lesser omentum

e. Mesentery

160. Peritoneum between liver and anterior abdominal wall?

a. greater omentum

b. falciform ligament

c. round ligament

d. lesser omentum

e. mesentery

161. The following organ is extraperitoneal

a. jejunum

b. stomach

c. ascending colon

d. liver

e. transverse colon


163. The coordinated contraction and relaxation of muscularis which propel material through the GIT known as…

a. Peristaltis

b. Defecation

c. Vomiting

d. Diarrhea

e. Abstipatin



166. What factors that influencing the release of faeces from large intestine?

a. stretching of the rectal walls

b. voluntary contraction of external anal sphincter

c. involuntary contraction of the diaphragm & abdominal muscle

d. activity of the intestinal bacteria

e. sympathetic stimulation of the internal sphincter


168. Which of the following is TRUE about the absorption of vitamin B12?

a. In the absence of intrinsic factor no vitamin B12 are absorbed

b. Anemia occurred within month if absorption totally ceases

c. Enteric bacteria synthesis vitamin B12

d. The absorption is on the ileum

e. The liver has no store vitamin B12

169. Gastric motility is accelerated by…

a. hyperosmolality of duodenal content

b. the production of protein digestion

c. distention of duodenum

d. decreased secretion of cholecystokinin

e. distention of rectum

170. Acid secretion in stomach is inhibited by…

a. H1 histamin blocker (benadril)

b. H2 histamin blocker (cemetidine)

c. Acetylcholine

d. Ca2+

e. Stomach emptying


172. Which of the following statement is CORRECT about liver?

a. Composed of compartmental hexagonal lobules which lined by blood vessel

b. The stroma is composed of hepatocytes which lie radially to portal triad

c. The sinusoid is continuous capillary

d. The sinusoid is lined by endothelial cells, Kupffer cell and cytoplasmic processes of Ito’s cell

e. The space of Bisse contains all blood elements

173. Transportation of bile?

a. canaliculi is in the surface liver that face to sinusoid

b. there is bile duct in portal triad

c. there’s two right & left hepatic duct common in cystic duct

d. bile flow in and out from gallbladder through common hepatic duct

e. bile through duodenum is stimulated by gastrin

174. One of the following statement is related to the liver…

a. The liver is the heaviest organ in the body

b. A fold of peritoneum divides the liver into 4 lobules

c. The sinusoid contain deoxygenated blood

d. It regulates the glcose level by gluconeogenesis & glycolysis

e. It secretes erythropoietin to promote erythropoiesis


176. Location of gall bladder?

177. Which statement is appropriate for lips?

a. The external epithelium is thicker than the internal one

b. The external part is similar to the skin

c. There is abrupt change from cutan part to mucous part

d. There is smooth muscle in the middle layer




180. Which is true about colon?

a. It’s consist of pars ampularis & pars analis

b. It has intestinal vili

c. It consist of rectalis column morgagni

d. Inner muscular layer consist of taenia coli

e. Outer muscular layer can be serous or adventitia


182. The classic liver lobule

a. Structure basesd on function

b. There is bile duct in the center

c. The portal triad can be found in central region

d. The central region has most blood supply

e. It is bordered by a layer of connective tissue











193. What is the NFP, if given GBHP=40, CHP=10, BCOP=30?

a. -20

b. 0

c. 20

d. 60

e. 80






199. Ammonia which excreted by kidney mainly from

a. glycine

b. glutamine

c. leucine

d. arginine

e. tyrosine

200. Where does Tm-limited reabsorption of Na+ occur?

a. proximal tubule

b. distal tubule

c. ascending loop of Henle

d. descending loop of Henle

e. Bowman’s capsule

Without Number

(di compre kemarin keluar, tapi gat au no.berapa. Soal2 ini diambil dari soal2 MDE FBS 6-7 yang udah dibagiin)

* The cerebral aqueducts located at the

a. Telencephalon

b. Diencephalon

c. Mesencephalon

d. Metencephalon

e. Myelencephalon

* Involve in taste modalities and the parasympathetic innervation of internal organ

  1. Facial Nerve
  2. Trigeminal Nerve
  3. Inferior Olivary
  4. Occulomotor Nerve
  5. Vagus Nerve

* This nerve has the motoric component for mastication and sensoric component for somatosensoric of the face

  1. Facial Nerve
  2. Trigeminal Nerve
  3. Inferior Olivary
  4. Occulomotor Nerve
  5. Vagus Nerve

* Which of the following is true

  1. You can still taste a substance even thoug the tongue is dry
  2. To taste sour, you must put substance in tip of tongue
  3. To taste, substance must be dissolved with water
  4. Hyperpolarization of membrane receptor to begin stimuli
  5. Impulse carried by N IV

* Which of the following is the characteristic of loudness?

  1. Increase frequency of sound wave
  2. Increase amplitude
  3. Increase resonance
  4. Increase amplitude and frequency
  5. Increase amplitude and resonance

* True statement about cerebellum?

  1. afferent dari posterior lobe
  2. efferent dari anterior lobe
  3. vestibular tract bermuara ke floculonodular lobe

* Parasympathetic fiber like pupil reflex

  1. Corticospinal reflex
  2. Superior salivary nucleus
  3. Motoric trigeminal

* In lactating woman:

  1. thyroxin causes the contraction of myoepithelial cell
  2. prolactin causes the secretion of milk
  3. nursing facilitates secretion of FSH and LH
  4. oxytocin is not essential for milk ejection
  5. menstruation is more heavy than woman who do not nursing

* If epinephrine cannot be released in response to hypoglycemia, which one hormone is important for raising blood glucose level?

  1. growth hormone
  2. glucagon
  3. cortisol
  4. insulin
  5. somatostatin

* A 56 years old woman with 40 year-old history of heavy tobacco use has recently begun coughing. She has gained 20 pounds in 6 month in the face and abdomens and has noticed increasing facial hair. Her blood pressure is 160/108. She has bilateral edema of her legs. A chest x-ray film shows a large mass in her right lung. Her physicisan suspects a lung cancer that ectopic source of ACTH production. Which of the following would be increased?

  1. Serum potassium level
  2. Skin pigmentation
  3. Pituitary ACTH secretion
  4. Hypothalamus CRH production
  5. Serum renin level

* 45 years old obese man complaint of a rapid heart rate, 20 pound weight loss in 2 month and heart tolerance. His pulse rate is 110 beat/min at rest. The serum T4 is elevated. On further questioning, the patient finally admits taking large doses of exogenous T4 tablet to decrease body weight. Which of the following will be decreased?

  1. Serum T3 level
  2. Serum T4 level
  3. Serum TSH level
  4. Serum free T4 level
  5. Serum free T3 level

* GH secretion decline progressively in aging especially, followed by increase of…

  1. Pituitary responsiveness to GHR
  2. Increase of secretory peptides
  3. Nadir level of GH
  4. Somatostatin level
  5. Somatomedin level

* Total adrenolectomy is fatal in human being but hypophysectomy is not, this is because

  1. ADH from pituitary & aldosterone from adrenal are antagonic (hypophysectomy causes a reduces production of both ADH & aldosterone)
  2. Aldosterone secretion is not markedly reduced after hypophysectomy
  3. Cortisol secretion is not markedly reduced after hypophysectomy
  4. The adrenal cortex hyperthropies after hypophysectomy
  5. GH & cortisol are antagonistic

* T3 is more potent than T4 in that:

  1. T3 less potent than T4
  2. Over 30% of T3 is produce outside the thyroid gland than T4
  3. Half life of T3 is 7 days, half life of T4 is 1 day
  4. Most T3 in plasma bound 2 protein
  5. Concentration T3 in plasma more than 60 times concentration T4

* Parathormone:

  1. By increase renal clearance of Ca2+ ; decrease renal clearance of phosphate, hyper Ca2+ diikuti dengan hypophosphate
  2. Increase renal clearance of phosphate ; decrease renal clearance of Ca2+, hyperphosphate then hypo Ca2+
  3. Hyper Ca2+ à hypo
  4. Tidak ada efek sama sekali

* A single plasma level of hormone faithfully reflects hormone secretion if…

  1. The hormone is not secreted in urine
  2. The hormone is secreted n diurnal pattern
  3. The metabolic clearance rate of hormone is normal
  4. The hormone is not metabolized by liver
  5. The hormone is not bound to serum protein

* During sexual arousal, bulbourethral gland secrete what?

  1. Alkaline and mucuous
  2. Proteolitic and mucosa
  3. Proteolitic and PSA
  4. Mucuous and hyaluronidase
  5. Proteolitic and peptide

* Which one is TRUE from the statement below?

  1. in a lactating mother, within 24 hours after the end of parturition, the uterus stabilizes within 10% of it’s weight before pregnancy
  2. it is usually safe to have coitus during menstruation, 8 months of pregnancy, and 1 month after parturition
  3. in the post parturition period, most women who breast feed their children, have less interest in coitus than those who do not nurse
  4. there is reduced in sexual intercourse in the woman during the second trimester
  5. sympathetic stimulation enhances oxytocin secretion in lactation

* This structure will be increase mass during pregnancy by hyperplasia and hyperthropy

  1. uterine tube
  2. epimetrium
  3. endometrium
  4. myometrium
  5. vagina

* The epididimis receive mature sperm cell from…

  1. The vas deferen
  2. Rete testis
  3. Tubulus seminiferus
  4. Ejaculatory duct
  5. Prostate gland

* The crura of clitoris attached to the…

  1. Symphisis pubis
  2. Ischial spine
  3. Ischiopubic rami
  4. Transversal perineal ligament
  5. Ischial tuberosities

* Which of the following statement concerning the mediastenum is TRUE?

  1. The anterior mediastenum contains great vessel
  2. The middle mediastenum contains heart
  3. The structure inside the mediastenum ade very immobile/firm
  4. The posterior wall are cervical and thoracic vertebrae
  5. The posterior mediastenum contains subclavian vein

* Which of the following mismatched repair?

  1. Hypoventilation – respiratory alkalosis
  2. Severe diarrhea – metabolic…
  3. Excessive vomiting – metabolic alkalosis
  4. Airway obstruction – respiratory acidosis
  5. Inability of kidney secretion – metabolic…

* What are the 3 mechanism that control GFR?

  1. Renal autoregulation, neural regulation, hormonal regulation
  2. Neural regulation, hormonal regulation, chemical regulation of ion
  3. Hormonal regulation, chemical regulation, presence and absence of…
  4. Autoregulation, hormonal regulation, presence and absence of…
  5. Renal autoregulation, hormonal regulation, chemical regulation of ion

* The basic respiratory rhythm is generated by…

  1. apneustic center
  2. nucleus parabrachialis
  3. dorsal medulla
  4. pneumotaxic center
  5. cerebrum

* A woman has a normal PA CO2. if tidal volume is increased to 75 ml, PA CO2 aproximately…

  1. 15 mmHg
  2. 20 mmHg
  3. 25 mmHg
  4. 30 mmHg
  5. 35 mmHg

* Which of the following statement concerning the stomach is TRUE?

  1. It is dilated portion of the alimentary tract
  2. Has 2 opening
  3. The greater curvature faces to the left side
  4. Has 3 layer of muscular wall
  5. Has left & right surfaces

* Gall bladder fossa between 2 anatomical lobes:

  1. Quadrate and left lobe
  2. Quadrate and caudate
  3. Right lobe and quadrate
  4. Caudate and right lobe
  5. Quadrate and left lobe

* HCl secreted by stomach gland follow this characteristic

  1. secreted by Chief cells
  2. reaction between H+ and Cl- occurs intracellularly
  3. reaction between H+ and Cl- needs CA
  4. secretion stimulated by sympathetic nerve
  5. gastrin reduce production of HCl

* To expand smooth intestine absorption area, the smooth intestine is conducted by one of this structure

  1. crypta liberkuhn
  2. plica semilunaris
  3. glandula brunneri
  4. plica sirkularis kerkringi
  5. columnar rectalis morgagni

* The filtration membrane in the kidney consists of…

  1. Mesangial cells
  2. Juxtaglomerular cells
  3. Macula densa
  4. Glomerular endothelial cells
  5. Parietal layer of glomerular capsule

* Afferent arteriol of the nefron lead directly into the…

  1. glomerulus
  2. efferent arteriol
  3. peritubular artery
  4. ureter
  5. tubulus proximal

* This organ approximately 3,7 cm

  1. female urethra
  2. male urethra
  3. fundus of the urinary bladder
  4. ureter
  5. urinary bladder

* Average filtration fraction?

  1. 10%
  2. 20%
  3. 30%
  4. 40%
  5. 50%

* It is blood vessel. Its function is to give nutrient to blood vessel. Lie in tunica adventitia. What is it?

Answer : Vasa vasorum

* The glomerular filtration rate…

  1. greater than 50% flow to glomeruli
  2. falls approximately 25% of normal when the man arterial pressure changes from 100-25 mmHg
  3. is decreased by a decreased in plasma colloid osmotic pressure
  4. increase ipsilateral to ureteral obstruction
  5. glomerular filtration rate is normally about 125 ml/min

* Facultative water reabsorption in convoluted tubule

  1. ACTH
  2. Thyroid hormone
  3. Aldosterone
  4. Vasopressine
  5. Oxytocin

* Which of the substance that a major source of urea?

  1. dietary purine
  2. dietary protein
  3. dietary pirimidine
  4. dietary phospholipids
  5. beta-hydroxy butyric acid

* A reduction of dietary K+ intake would be expected to increase K+ transport in which segment of the nephron?

  1. PCT
  2. Descending loop of Henle
  3. Proximal straight tubule
  4. Collecting duct
  5. Thick ascending loop of Henle

* A substance that renal clearance 20 times that of inulin is probably…

  1. Filteres by glomerulus
  2. Secreted by tubule
  3. Filtered and secreted
  4. Synthesized by tubule and secreted
  5. Filtered and reabsorbed

* Inadequate exhalation of CO2 causes high pCO2 in the systemic arterial blood. Which of the following is appropriate for this condition?

  1. Metabolic acidosis
  2. Metabolic alkalosis
  3. Respiratory acidosis
  4. Respiratory alkalosis
  5. Physiological response

* Most common incontinence in young female result from weakness of deep muscle pelvic floor known as…incontinence

  1. stress
  2. urge
  3. overflow
  4. continuous
  5. functional

* In respond to metabolic acidosis, the kidneys increase the excretion acid and most important of this compensatory response

  1. increase filtered loop of HCO3-
  2. enhanced reabsorption of HCO3- from proximal tubule
  3. increase synthesis of NH4+
  4. reduced H+ secretion by the collecting tubule
  5. reduced secretion of HCO3- by the collecting tubule

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