SOAL MDE BHP 2 : Communication, Medical Anthropology

Rabu, 04 Juni 2008

SOAL MDE BHP 2 : Communication, Medical Anthropology

  1. Too many doctors are 'ill-prepared' to meet the challenges of... The term 'ill-prepared' is meant by

a. patients are very ill when they are prepared for surgery

b. many doctors have poor preparation to establish communication

c. when doctor is ill, the preparation for medical treatment

d. communication to the seriously ill must be well prepared

e. ill patients have difficulties in communicating

Ans : B

  1. Medical students training and education are usually geared towards...consequently medical graduates often fail to take into account... patients namely

a. attention

b. emotional factor

c. pain so that

d. anger

Ans : B

  1. 40 years (150000-200000) interviews, doctors talk more than perform, the frequency to perform of the other medical procedure is

a. <15

b. <10

c. 10-25A

d. 24-50

e. >50

Ans : A

  1. Four techniques to sharpen your listening include

a. smiling face and look happy

b. step closer

c. put up a serious face

d. dress casual

e. 'listen' with your eyes

Ans : E

  1. Methods in improving verbal and non-verbal communication include

a. exaggerate your stetement so that patient will notice

b. raise your voice

c. improve on your body language

d. use scientific language to accentuate

e. avoid open-ended statements

Ans : C

  1. In improving medical team worker communication, communication among...must be clear and complete. For example, a patient may be jeopardized when the doctor provides too little information, to consult or when nurse-to-nurse Other thing to be avoided

a. clarification

b. unanimous decision

c. lost of treatment

d. giving 2 conflicting information

e. when giving instructions to a nurse avoid being overheard by patient

Ans : D

A major initiative is taking place in Scotland to help improve the way doctors communicate with cancer patients. The cancer communication program is following a two-pronged srategy that involves improving the information available to patients as well as its method of delivery. (Soc Sci Med 1996: 11)

  1. Communication with cancer patient is special because

a. cancer patients are dying so they cannot communicate well

b. cancer patients's ability to understand is diminished

c. cancer patients are very sensitive and vulnerable

d. most of the time doctors hesitate to handle cancer patients

e. there is no hope in the future for cancer patients

Ans : C

  1. Improving doctors on the method of delivery” means

a. improving the delivery of cancer patients

b. teaching doctors to communicate the relevance of cancer

c. informing all doctors about special delivery

d. training doctors to be good communicators in cancer information

e. to teach doctors how to deliver babies from mother with cancer

Ans : D

  1. Listening in medical sense, is defined as

a. ability of adoctor to perceive spoken information by patients

b. an active cognitive process of interpreting what the patient is saying, evaluating that information and deciding on how that information may be used for the benefit of the patient

c. an active hearing process to evaluate useful from irrelevant information during history taking process

d. listening is same as hearing, only better

e. listening is careful hearing of sound that makes sense

Ans : B

  1. Which of the following stetement true for globalization increase mental illness cases because globalization

a. increase economic status

b. make communication all over the world

c. competition increase among individual or cultural group

d. political stable

e. evolotion process are solution to adaptive stress

Ans : C

  1. What is the process of behaviour change in his son called

a. culture evolution

b. acculturation

c. assimilation

d. internalization

e. socialization

  1. Which of the following condition in most associated with this situation

a. culture bound syndrome

b. intergeneration conflict

c. cultural evolution

d. enculturation process

e. general adaptive syndrome

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