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Rabu, 04 Juni 2008

1. A 50 years old man suffers from acute abdominal pain. The pain is constant and intense to his upper back. Lab finding shows elevated plasma level of amylase & lipase. Which is the right as group abnormality cytoskeletal?

A. Decrease phospholipids of mitochondria

B. Increase uptake of Ca2+ in mitochondria

C. Degradation & activation of phospholipase

D. Unstratified free fatty acid

E. Activation of protease

2. Enzyme yang dimiliki peroxisome?

A. SDO C. Catalase

B. Glutathione peroxidase

4. Which of the following is extremely important as the cause of injury…?

A. Infectious agent D. Genetic derangement

B. Chemical agent E. Oxygen deprivation

C. Immunologic reaction

5. Plasma membrane alteration…?

A. Swelling D. Desegregation of polysome

B. Blebbing E. Amorphous density

C. Fibriller elemnt

7. Leukocyte adhesion molecule?

A. PECAM D. P-selectin

B. ICAM E. L-selectin


7. Induce apoptosis…? (Activation caspase?)

8. Which of following death receptor that initiated apoptosis mechanism?



10. Mana yang termasuk dystrophi calcification?

A. PTH ↑ D. Atherosclerosis advence

B. Destruction bone tissue E. Renal failure

C. Deficiency vitamin D

14. Adhesion molecule pada leukocyte?

A. PECAM D. P-selectin

B. ICAM E. E-selectin


15. Include classical pathway…?

A. C3B Bb D. C5-9

B. C4b 2b E. C3b

C. C3b Bb 3b

16. Which of the following is included in leukocyte effect in IL & TNF?

A. Leukocyte adherence ↑

B. PGI ↑

C. Cytokine synthesis ↑

18. Important for cytokines of lymphocyte...?

19. Which of the following is included in azurophil granule neutrophil?

A. Myeloperoxidase D. ALP

B. Phospholipase E. Plasminogen activator

C. Lactoferin

20. Yang mempengaruhi increase vascular permeability?

A. LT4 B.?

21. Efek major dari TNF dan IL1 pada acute infection…?

A. Increased leukocyte adherence

B. Neutrophilia

C. Increased PG1

D. Increased protease

21. Sintesis yang tergantung pada enzim…?

A. DNA D. Ribosom

B. Nucleic acid E. Poliribosom acid


22. Anaphylactic…? (C3b?)

23. Kinin system…?

A. HMWK kalikrein → bradykinin

B. Fibrinogen thrombin → fibrin

C. Plasminogen kalikrein → plasmin

D. C3 plasmin → C3a

E. L-selectin Xa → thrombin

25. Pemeriksaan pasien DM adalah…

A. Blood urea C. Blood creatinine

B. Blood glucose D. Blood cholesterol

26. Mr X 45 years old, periksa lab setelah main tenis. Kadar yg naik yg long term?

A. CCK D. Aldolase

B. LD E. Plasminogen


27. Patient 36 years old man. Complain restlessness and difficult in breathing. He works in rubber plantation and never wear shoes when he was working. Apa yang diperiksa oleh dokter?

A. RBC count D. Hemoglobin concentration (P?)

B. Leukocyte count E. Leukocyte differentiation count


28. Tentang POCT…?

29. Which of the following is including in qualitative assurance program?

A. Documentation of reproducibility of the test

B. The test is should be performed according to manufacture recommendation

C. Assessing the technical aspect of the test

D. Performed normal level of the test

E. Performed abnormal level of the test

30. On a heavy smoker, what you expect to be high?

A. Eosinophil C. Neutrophil

B. Erythrocyte

31. Disease agent of thalassemia…?

A. Infectious agent C. ?

B. Genetic (P?) D. Inflammation

34. Nephrotic syndrome, harus tes urine untuk menentukan blood protein level. Apa specimen urine yang dipakai?

36. Urine dalam 24 jam 3500 mL, berarti…?

A. Adequate D. ?

B. Anti Diuretic Hormone E. Dehydrated

C. Abnormal failure

37. Chyluria…why?

A. Rupture lymphatic vessel to renal pelvis

B. Increase neutrophil in urine

C. Positive porphyrin in urine

D. Pseudomonas infection

E. Ingested Rifampin

38. A 67 years old woman is diagnosed as multiple myeloma. Her urine showed proteinuria of +++++. What kind of proteinuria we can find in this patient?

A. Glomerular proteinuria D. Mikroalbuminuria

B. Moderate potreinuria E. Benie Jones proteinuria

C. Overflow proteinuria

40. Determine synthesis function of liver…?

A. Albumin D. α-1 antitrypsin

B. Ammonia E. Ceruplasmin

C. α-fetoprotein

41. One of liver injury test is de Ritis ratio. It’s the correlation between…?




42. Enzim-enzim di hepatocyte?

43. Test for diagnosing hepatocellular carcinoma?

A. Lactate dehydrogenase C. α feto protein

B. de Ritis ratio D. PANCA

44. In bile duct destruction, condition found for bilirubin & bilirubin metabolite found in patient with…?

A. Increase unconjugated plasma bilirubin

B. Increase conjugated plasma bilirubin

C. Decrease unconjugated plasma bilirubin

D. Increase urobilinogen in urine

E. Increase stercobilinogen in stool

47. What protein reflecting synthesis of liver and converting iron to ferri?

A. Albumin B. α1? C. ?

50. Exudative diarrhea. Microscopic feature: bacteria invade intestinal mucosa do not beyond lamina propria. Appropriate diagnosis…?

A. Basilar dysentery D. Yersinia enterocolitis

B. Typhoid fever E. Campylobacter

C. Cholera

52. Patogen mikroba yang lack mitochondria or Kreb cycle enzyme. Microbe obligatory ferment glucose to etanol which cause ulcer…?..., Which one of these?

A. Cestoda D. Pseudo colitis

B. Filiaris E. Chron disease

C. Giardiasis

54. Spongiform encephalitis disebabkan oleh…?

A. Ricketsia D. TB

B. Prion E. Bacteries other than TB

C. Chlamydia

55. Bahayanya bakteri?!

A. Adherence to host D. Bacterial exotoxin

B. Bacterial endotoxin D. Bacterial virulence

56. Hemoglobin test perlu 20 μL. Jika diambil 25 μL…?

A. Blood lysis D. Hb ↑

B. Blood to dilute E. Hb ↓

C. Hb normal

57. If hematocrit centrifugation needs 1000 rpm, what will happen if we use 800 rpm?

A. Blood will lysis D. Hematocrite ↑

B. ? E. Hematocrite

58. A girl 8 year old, visit pediatrician because of fever and sore throat. WBC count 18.000 (normal: 4.000-10.000). What is the condition of the girl? (Leukocytosis?)

59. Myeloblast: 70%

PMN→ Neutrophil: 20% Lymphocyte: 5%

Basophil: 1% Monocyte: 1&

Eosinophil: 3%

Abnormal finding in peripheral blood?

A. Myeloblast D. Basophil

B. Neutrophil E. Lymphocyte

C. Eosinophil

60. 40 ♂ → dg lab…?... Eosinophil 20% (Normal: 1-4%), ini termasuk…

A. Neutrophilia D. Leukocytosis

B. Basophilia E. ?

C. Eosinophilia

61. A 20 years old lady come to primary health center with a chief complain of dizziness. From physical examination and laboratory result, the doctor diagnosed this lady as anemia. For further laboratory test is needed to classify her anemia is…?

A. RBC index D. Hematocrit

B. Hb E. BSR

C. RBC count

62. RBC = 3,5 x 106/μL

Hematokrit = 24,5%

MCV?= 70 fL

63. Calculate the MCH! (B. 31,1)

66. Pengambilan urine dalam pemeriksaan creatinine clearance dengan cara…

A. 24 hours (P?) D. Clean-catch urine

B. Morning E. Mid stream urine

C. Time urine

68. BUN = 20mg/dL → Urea =…?

69. What process to cystatin C in proximal tubule? (Reabsorbsi)

70. Which of the substance overestimate GFR?

A. Urea D. Cystatin C

B. Inulin E. Paraaminopurat

C. Creatinine

71. What substance that is produced by the kidney and can be impaired in renal failure causing anemia?

A. G6-PD D. Angiotensin

B. Hidroxi E. Aldosterone

C. Erythropoietin

72. Cystatin C di renal mengalami…?

A. Reabsorption & filtration D. Secretion & Excretion

B. Filtration & secretion E. ?

C. Secretion & reabsorption

73. Gold standard in GFR?

A. inulin D. para

B. urea E. radioactive marker

C. creatinine

74. 25 tahun ♂ headache after trauma capitis. Radiology mencatat hematoma antara thalamus dan cauda nucleus…?

A. Hiperemi D. ?

B. Hemorrhage E. Embolus

C. Trombus

75. Pathogenesis dari venous thrombus…?

76. Lower risk of thrombosis in hypercoagulability status?

A. Prolonged bed rest D. Nechrosis syndrome

B. M.I E. Factor van Leyden

C. Arterial fibrilation

77. Pro-Thrombotic agent?

A. ADP D. Anti thrombin III

B. Heparin E. Von Willebrand factor

C. Thrombomodulin

78. Which of the following include in phlebothrombosis?

A. Atrial mural thrombosis

B. Venous thrombosis

C. Aortic mural thrombosis

D. Muscle muscular thrombosis

E. M.I muscular thrombosis

80. Which of the following is white infarct?

A. Venous occlusion D. Arterial occlusion

B. In loose tissue E. In tissue that previously congested

C. In tissue dual circulation

81. Which of the following …? … neurogenic shock?

A. ventricular arrhythmia

B. cardiac tamponade

C. arrhythmia

D. hemorrhage

E. anesthetic accident

82. Which of the following is usually found in septic shock?

A. Cool skin D. Flushed of the skin

B. Clammy of the skin E. Itching

C. Cyanosis skin

84. Which of the following is included in increased of hydrostatic pressure in pathophysiology of edema?

A. Protein losing gromeluronephropathia

B. Malnutrition

C. Elephantiasis

D. Angiogenesis

E. Congestive heart disease

84. Mass in buccal cavity…?

A. Chondroma C. Leoimyoma

B. Osteoma D. ?

86. Sel menunjukkan tanda-tanda pleomorphic nucleus, hyperchromatic, 3 germ layers…?

A. Adenocarcinoma C. Teratoma

B. Adenoma

91. Which one is following of gene amplification?

D. gene cloning of chromosomal break down

92. Which is following carcinogenesis agents that effect on dimmer pyrimidine?


93. Which one of this cause gastric tumor either sarcoma or lymphoma?


C. Helicobacter (P?) E. Leukocyte anti…?

94. 30 years old ♂ tall with long extremities, tapering finger and toe?

(Marfan syndrome?)

95. If defects of glucoserebrosidase is found and involves bone marrow, what is the right diagnosis? (Gaucher disease?)

96. Yang termasuk autosomal dominant disorder and autosomal recessive disorder…?

A. Sickle cell anemia D. Wilson’s disease

B. Ehler-Danlos syndrome E. Thalassemia

C. Familial polyposis coli

97. Which explain functional cloning?

A. Disease diagnosis

B. Gene therapy

C. Prod. of human biologically active genes (P?)

D. Mutation

E. Molecules basis of human disease

98. If substituted amino acid causes little change in function, the mutation is called…

A. Missense mutation

B. Conservative missense mutation

C. Non-conservative missense mutation

D. Trinucleotid mutation

E. Nonsense mutation

100. If the deletion affects the paternally derived chromosome 15, what is the right diagnosis?

A. Prader – Willy syndrome D. Patau syndrome

B. Angelman syndrome E. Edward syndrome

C. Down syndrome

102. Calculate the anion gap!

103. Calculate the osmolality!

104. What is dominant cation in extracellular fluid? (Sodium)

106. Which of the following electrolytes that determine the osmolality of the blood?

A. K+ D. Na

B. Ca2+ E. HCO3-

C. Fe

107. Kesalahan post analytical…

A. Minum diuretic sebelum pemeriksaan

B. ?

108. Osmotic gap was found when there is different between measurement & calculating osmolality. Which the following substance that cause osmotic gap?

A. Urea D. Glucose

B. Ethanol E. Bicarbonate

C. Lactate

109. ♀ 27 thn. Pembesaran ovary dengan diameter 9 cm. ada gigi dll…? (Teratoma?)

110. Respiratory acidosis akibat failure…?

A. Exhalation of CO2 (P?)

B. Inhalation of CO2

C. Excretion HCO3

111. Blood gas analysis, diagnosis with equation of…?

A. Boyle D. Thermodynamic

B. Max Planck E. Henderson-Hesselbach

C. Beer-Lambert

112. 24 years old lady come to RSHS with severe vomiting. She has 2 month pregnant. Which of following most possible diagnosis for her?

A. Metabolic acidosis D. Respiratory alkalosis

B. Metabolic alkalosis E. Uncompesated respiratory alkalosis

C. Respiratory acidosis

113. Anak kena dyspnea, untuk mengambil darah dari mana?

A. Femoral artery D. Heel capillary

B. Femoral vein E. ? capillary

C. Femoral capillary

114. A 40 year old man comes to hospital for surgical removal of a mass on his left arm. Microscopic finding shows that all of cells are mature fat cells…?

A. Adenoma D. Myoma

B. Fibroma E. Lymphoma

C. Lipoma

115. Pain in…?..., hematoma, right flank; accident → tibial fracture. Sign of…?

A. Metastatic cancer D. Hamartoma

B. Adenoma E. Primary malignancy

116. Rhabdomyosarcoma pada lower one third leg. Definisi rhabdomyosarcoma?

A. Malignant of skeletal muscle

B. Malignant of smooth muscle

C. Benign of skeletal muscle

D. Benign of skeletal muscle

E. Malignant of melanocyte

117. 51 years old man, has malignant in his neck. Which of the following condition are characterizing that tumor?

A. Well differentiated

B. Usually progressive and slow may comes to regress

C. Undifferentiated

D. Grow slowly, do not infiltrative

E. Cohesive and expansive wall…?

118. A 30 years old man has benign tumor. Which from this following condition is characterized that tumor?

A. Growth slowly, infiltrative, metastasis

B. Growth slowly, small, does not metastasis

C. Growth fast, small, metastasis

D. Growth fast, infiltrative, does not metastasis

E. Growth fast, enormous, metastasis

120. A 39 years old female has just Pap smear test. In the microscopic description the pathology describe smear atypical anaplasia. Which of the following characteristic for anaplasia?

A. Cell and nucleus monomorphic

B. Nucleus content more RNA and polymorphic

C. Nucleolus prominent

D. No mitotic cell differentiated tumor

E. No formation giant cell

122. A 44 years old woman had a tumor in salivary gland. The microscopic finding one germ cell layer that differentiate into more than one parenchymal cell types. The best define of that tumor…?

A. Charistoma C. Adenoma

B. Epithelioma D. Mixed tumor

123. Following conditions had to be evaluated to define the grade of tumor…

A. The degree of differentiation D. A + B

B. The number of mitosis E. A + B + C

C. Anatomy content

124. 50 years old ♀, has a nevus in neck since baby. 3 months earlier the nevus become itchy, enlarges, ulcerated. Doctor diagnoses malignant melanoma. Which of the following condition is essential alteration for malignant transformation?

A. Insufficiency of growth factor D. A + B

B. Insensitivity to tumor suppressor E. A + B + C

C. Evasion apoptosis

126. Gen yang meregulasi apoptosis…? (Bcl2?)

127. A 47 years old female diagnosed with ovarian carcinoma. The common pathway for the cancer to spread by...? Metastasis…?

A. Lymphatic D. Via body cavity

B. Hematogenous E. Via venous

C. Perineural

127. A 64 years old male, squamous cell carcinoma urine bladder. Associated parasite…? (Strongyloides…?)

128. Malignant yang disebabkan EBV?

A. Lymphatic & nasopharynx

B. Lymphatic & cervical

E. Lymphoma & larynx

130. Tipe HPV yang dapat menyebabkan cervical cancer…? (Tipe 16 & 18?)

131. Proteins that are expressed at high levels on cancer cells and developing but not adult tissues are…

A. Oncofetal antigen D. Antigen

B. Oncogen E. Antigen fet

C. Protooncogen

132. Pemeriksaan untuk cervical carcinoma

A. Fine needle aspiration D. Immunohistochemistry

B. Papaniculou smear E. DNA flow cytometry

C. Histologic method

133. Step in carcinogenesis? (Initiation→Promotion→Progression→Metastasis)

136. Hypertensi…?

A. Dominant autosomal C. Terkait X

B. Resesif autosomal D. Environmental…

137. Pasien mengidap DM…?

A. Multifactorial (P?) C. Autosomal recessive

B. Autosomal dominant D. X-linked

138. A 3 year old boy admitted to hospital due to severe anemia. Physical examination revealed splenomegaly and blood smear showed anisocytosis, poikilocytosis, microcytosis, and target cells. After a complete examination, doctor diagnosed that boy had thalassemia. This disease is a…?

A. Hereditary, familial, genetic disorder

B. Congenital disorder

C. Genetic, familial, congenital disorder

D. Hereditary, congenital, genetic disorder

E. Congenital, genetic disorder

139. A baby born a term has ambiguonous external genitalia. The parent want to know the baby’s sex, but the physician is hesitate to assign a sex without further information. After chromosome analysis is performed and the karyotype is 46, XX. An abdominal CT scan reveals bilaterally enlarged adrenal gland and the internal genitalia appear to consist of uterus, tubes, and ovaries. This is most likely to be an example of…?

A. Turner syndrome D. Hermaphroditism

B. Testicular feminization E. Fragile X syndrome

C. Female pseudohermaphrodite

141. Pernyataan berikut untuk menjelaskan tentang mutasi? (mutasi yang berefek pada sel germinal ditranslasikan pada progeny?)

143. Increase creatinine in peritoneal indicates....?

A. Pancreatitis B. ?

144. A 25 year old male is moderately mental retarded. Physical examination finding includes enlargement of testes. He has distinctive physical characteristic: long face with long mandible and hyperextensible joint. Which of the following is his disorder?

A. Fragile X syndrome D. Klinefelter syndrome

B. Ehler-Danlos syndrome E. Marfan syndrome

C. Turner syndrome

146. Bayi dilahirkan umur 18 minggu, di leher ada…?... ginjal berbentuk horse shoe shaped, aortic coarctation. What syndrome?

A. Down C. Patau

B. Gaucher D. Turner

147. Kariotype kromosom dari syndrome di atas?

A. 45, X D. 45

B. 46, XX E. 47, XXY

C. 46, XY

148. Yang termasuk autosomal disease?

149. Syndrome Down?

A. Trisomi 15 C. Trisomi

B. Trisomi 18 D. Monosomi

150. ♂ 40 years, infertility & oligospermia. Physical exam…?..., pubic&…?..., bone jauh. Abnormalities, long leg. Penyakitnya apa?

A. Down syndrome D. Hermaphrodite

B. Klinefelter (P?) E. Pseudohermaphrodite

C. Turner

151. CSF examination:

- WBC: 125 cells/μg

- Diff. count: Lymphocyte 8%

Monocyte 3%

Neutrophil 83%

- Protein: 260 mg/dL

- Glucose: 32 mg/dL

The etiology of menigitidis?

A. Fungi D. Bacteries other than M. tuberculosis

B. Tuberculose E. Viral

C. Trauma

152. Tube untuk cell counting & differential counting in CSF examination?

A. 1st B. 2nd C. 3th (P?) D. 4th E. 5th

154. Which certain type of WBC will increase in diff. count of exudative pleural fluid in fungal infection?

A. Mesothelial cells D. Lymphocyte

B. Neutrophil E. Basophil

C. Eosinophil

155. Pada microscopic stool examination, red droplet dengan Sudan III mendiagnosis apa?

A. Amoebiasis D. Fat malabsorption (R?)

B. Ascaris infection E. ?

C. Glucose

156. Untuk screening colorectal carcinoma?

A. Fecal occult blood D. Wallace-Diamond test

B. Apt test E. Scheisinger test

C. D-xylose

157. To determine the resource of the blood in stool of neonates?

158. Anticoagulant untuk synovial fluid?

A. Li heparin C. 2 EDTA

B. Na heparin

160. What infection cause viscous CSF in meningitis?

A. Mycobacterium tuberculosis D. Cryptococcus

B. Neiserria meningitides E. Toxoplasma gondii

C. Streptococcus pneumonia

161. Blood glucose level determination mostly performed with spectrophotometri. What important equation we applied in this method?

A. Timbal D. Raman

B. Rayligh E. Planck

C. Beer-Lambert

162. Spectrophotometer is a useful laboratory diagnosis. In this method we use cuvette. Equipment placed after this borosilicate glass is…?

A. Exciter lamp D. Exit slit

B. Entrance slit E. Photodetector (P?)

C. Monochromator

163. In spectrophotometer we use electromagnetic radiation. Component of spectrophotometer that will provide radiation…?

A. Exciter lamp D. Exit slit

B. Entrance slit E. Photodetector

C. Monochromator

164. Spectrophotometer is a useful laboratory diagnosis. In this method we use interfering filter. Which part of spectrophotometer use this filter?

A. Exciter lamp D. Exit slit

B. Entrance slit E. Photodetector

C. Monochromator

165. 52 thn ♂ dibawa ke ICCU karena AMI untuk diperiksa cardiac enzyme dengan cara…?

A. Reflectometer D. Flourocytometer

B. Spectrophotometer E. Osmolality metri

C. Nephelometer

167. What method we use to gain immunophenotype…?

A. Spectrophotometer

B. Flow cytometri (P?)

168. RS Hasan Sadikin has the latest type of spectrophotometry. What can we done with that new equipment?

A. HbA1c D. IgG dengue

B. HbS (sickling) E. Blood culture

C. Fetal Hb

169. The clinical laboratory of RSHS still waiting new equipment which is flow cytometri. What can be done of that equipment…?

A. HbA1c D. IgG dengue

B. HbS (sickling) E. Cell cycle

C. Fetal Hb

170. A 3 month old baby is suspected had sickle cell anemia. To confirm this diagnosis the doctors need electrophoresis evaluating. What is expected by doctors to baby had?

A. HbA1 D. MetHb

B. HbS (P?) E. Carboxy-Hb

C. Myoglobin

- Bilirubin cause prolonged jaundice bound to albumin?

A. α-albumin D. δ-albumin

B. β-albumin E. ε-albumin

C. γ-albumin

-What is the hallmark of acute inflammation?

A. Alteration of vascular caliber

B. Leukocyte mediated endothel

C. Direct endothel injury

D. Increased trancytosis

E. Angiogenesis

- Autosomal genetic disorder…?

A. Homozygote gate

B. Parents are not affected

C. Female progeny affected

D. When unaffected person marries an affected person, the children has one chance in two having disease

E. All true

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