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Senin, 16 Juni 2008

Comprehensive Test Part 2

1. Jika terjadi deficiency Carbonic Anhidrase apa yang terjadi?

a. Eksresi Na+

b. Eksresi K+

c. Inhibit HCO3-

d. Peningkatan plasma pH

e. Eksresi H+

2. Transport of K+ in what tubule?

a. proximal convoluted

b. descending limb

c. proximal straight

d. collecting duct

e. thick ascending limb


4. The primary means of regulating body water gain is adjusting…

a. the volume of water intake

b. rate of cellular respiration

c. the formation of metabolic water

d. the volume of metabolic water

e. the metabolic use of water

5. PCO2 naik?

Answer : respiratory acidosis


7. Micturition reflex initiated by…

Answer : stretch receptor in urethra


9. Which of the following statement is correctly about the fluid in the juxtamedullary nephron?

a. It enters the loop of Henle hypertonic to plasma

b. It enters the loop of Henle hypertonic to plasma

c. It enters the loop of Henle isotonic to plasma

d. It leaves the loop of Henle isotonic to plasma

e. It leaves the loop of Henle hypertonic to plasma






15. Yang dipunyai Gram (+)….techoic acid




19. The steps leading to the synthesis of peptidoglycan occur in the cytoplasm, on the cytoplasmic membrane, and extracellularly. Which antibiotic inhibits the extracellular step in peptigodglycan biosynthesis?

a. Bacitracin

b. Cycloserine

c. Penicillin

d. Rifampin

e. Streptomycin




23. Which of the following genital flora microorganism is present in a significant decrease in bacterial vaginosis?

a. Candida albicans

b. Corynebacteria species

c. Lactobacillus species

d. Prevotella species

e. Staphylococcus epidermis


25. S. Pnemoniae merupakan flora normal di…

a. hidung

b. nasopharynx

c. esophagus

d. lambung

e. colon


27. Man à abdominal cramp & diarrhea

Mac-konkey à inoculated & grow gram negative rod

Kriegler à isolate shigella & salmonella

Untuk membedakan kedua pathogen…?

a. fermentasi glukosa

b. tidak bisa fermentasi sukrosa & laktosa

c. motility in medium

d. produce gas in medium

e. produce urease


29. Gram (-) bacillus, oxidase (+)

a. E. coli

b. Proteus

30. Virus RNA dependenet RNA polymerase characteristic?

a. semua virus RNA punya

b. tidak perlu bantuan dari host cell untuk polymerasenya

c. hanya negative-stranded yang punya

d. ada pada RNA corenya


32. A synthetic that inhibits influenza virus by blocking viral uncoating for treatment?

a. acyclovir

b. amantidine

c. lamivudine

d. ribavidin





37. 2 year old suffering diarrhea, rotavirus was suspected. Cara yang tepat untuk diagnosis virus itu?

a. detection virus by enzyme linked immunoassay (ELISA)

b. fluorescent staining stool

c. light microscopy…

d. stool culture to find shigella, campylobacter, salmonella

e. viral culture


39. menderita penyakit ginjal selama 5 tahun, kemudian ditreatment mengakibatkan lymph… disorder. Virus apa yang menyebabkannya?

Answer : Epstein Barr Virus (?)

40. Correct about rhinovirus?

a. amantidine protect against infection

b. there are three antigen type

c. most common for common cold

d. can’t survive in environmental condition

41. Intestinal nematode that passed through lung first before become adult in intestine

a. Trichostrongilloides culibro

b. Trichiuris trichiura

c. Trichinella spiralis

d. Enterobius vermicularis

e. A. cantonensis


43. Habitat Ascaris lumbricoides?

a. duodenum

b. colon

c. jejunum

d. rectosigmoid

e. proximal ileum


45. Mode of transmission of Amubiasis?

a. Flies as biological vector

b. Food contaminated vegetative stage

c. Insect bite

d. Congenital

e. Flies as mechanical vector


47. Causing scrotal swelling?

a. Wuchereria bancrofti

b. Brugia malayi

c. Brugia timori



50. Lympathic filariasis à transmission methodnya?

a. TOT

b. Cyclico developmental

c. Propagative

d. Cyclico propagative

e. hereditary








58. Ada kemungkinan anak menderita apa lagi?

a. Trichuriasis

b. Ambiasis

c. Cutaneus larva migrant

d. Ascariasis

e. Oxyuriasis

59. s

60. s

61. Based on her medical record, Mrs.R has been diagnosed as having hepatic carcinoma. All of the following parasite in its life cycle may pass through the liver, but not all of them may live in the liver. Which of the following parasite can live surrounds the blood vessels in the intestinal tract and the liver?

a. Necator americanus

b. Schistosoma japonicum

c. Ascaris lumbricoides

d. Plasmodium falciparum

e. Fasciola hepatica


63. Amoeba which can cause diarrhea..?

a. Plasmodium falciparum

b. Balantidium coli

c. Entamoeba hystolitica

d. Giardia lamblia



66. Parasite infection menyebabkan abdominal pain. Di bawah ini yang merupakan abdominal pain resemble duodenal ulcer adalah…

a. Cochin Cina diarrhea

b. Lambliasis

c. Intestinal amoeba

d. Ucinariasis

e. Ascariasis


68. A 50 years old man suffers from acute abdominal pain. The pain is constant and intense to his upper back. Lab findings show elevated plasma level of amylase & lipase. Which is the right as a group abnormality cytoskeletal?

a. decrease phospholipids of mitochondria

b. increase uptake of Ca2+ in mitochondria

c. degradation & activation of phospolipase

d. unstratified free fatty acid

e. activation of protease


70. Reversible injury?

Answer clumping of chromatin



73. Extravasasi pada leukocyte di lumen

a. migration-rolling-adhesion

b. margination-rolling-adhesion

c. margination-rolling-adhesion-migration

d. rolling-adhesion-migration



50 years old man came to visit clinical lab RSHS for regular checked of his DM. Lab staff took 2 ml blood from him.

76. To what subdivision that labstaff have to send the blood?

a. Clinical hematology

b. Clinical chemistry

c. Clinical immunology

d. Clinical microbiology

e. Clinical parasitology







83. The congenital disorder in bilirubin metabolism that caused by reduce activity of bilirubin- UDP-glucoronidtransferase?

a. Gilbert’s syndrome

b. Crigler-Najjar syndrome

c. Dubin Johnson syndrome

d. Rotor syndrome

e. Hemolytic disease of newborn



86. Increase urea in urine due to…?

87. mucosa-shorted vili, lymphocyte in lamina propria

a. Rotavirus

b. Entamoeba hystolitica


89. If she suffers rice water diarrhea that contain flecks of mucous, and the microscopic feature shows that the microba never invade epithelium but remain within lumen. What is the etiologic of the disease?

a. Clostridium botrium

b. S. flexneri

c. V. cholerae

d. Rotavirus




92. If hematocrit centrifugation needs 1000 rpm, what will happen if we use 800 rpm?

a. Blood will lysis

b. Hematocrite abnormal

c. Hematocrite normal

d. Hematocrite is lower than normal

e. Hematocrite is higher than normal


94. Neutrophil PMN = Norman, Basophil = normal, Eosinophil = increase. What is condition of this patient?

a. Neutrophilia

b. Eosinophilia

c. Basophilia

d. Leukocytosis

e. Lymphocytosis

95. A 20 years old lady come to primary health center with a chief complaint of dizziness. From the physical examination and laboratory result, the doctor diagnosed this lady as anemia. What further laboratory test to classify her anemia?

a. RBC index

b. Hb

c. RBC count

d. Hematocrit

e. BSR


97. Laboratory technician performed Hb measurement with hemiglobincynadin method. She needs 20ul of blood. What will happen if she took 25 ul blood?

a. blood lysis

b. blood to dilute

c. Hb level will be normal

d. Hb increase

e. Hb decrease

98. Which of the following is lower risk of thrombosis in hypercoagulability status?

a. prolonged bed rest

b. MI

c. Arterial fibrillation

d. Congestive Heart failure

e. Nephrotic syndrome


100. Bilirubin causes prolong jaundice and bound to albumin…

a. α-albumin

b. β-albumin

c. γ-albumin

d. δ-albumin

e. θ-albumin


102. What process occurs to creatinine in the tubule

a. secretion

b. excretion

c. reabsorption

d. diffusion

e. filtration


104. What process occurs to urea in the tubule?

a. secretion

b. excretion

c. reabsorption

d. diffusion

e. filtration

105. Which from this renal function test is affected by muscle atrophy?

a. creatinine level

b. Fractional excretion

c. BUN

d. Cystatine C

e. Fractional reabsorption

106. Apa yang meningkat jika anion gap meningkat?

a. lactate

b. ketone

c. creatinine

d. glucose

e. urea



109. What is the most abundant cation in extracellular fluid?

a. sodium

b. potassium

c. calcium

d. magnesium

e. ferrum

110. pH=7,3, pCO2=normal, HCO3-=increase

a. metabolic acidosis

b. metabolic alkalosis

c. uncompensation acidosis

d. respiratory alkalosis

e. respiratory acidosis

111. Bronchial asthma with respiratory acidosis are the result of which mechanism disturbance?

a. Inhalation of CO2

b. Exhalation of CO2

c. Excretion of HCO3-

d. Secretion of H+

e. Secretion of NH4+



114. Rhabdomyosarcoma pada lower one third leg. Definisi rhabdomyosarcoma?

a. Malignant of skeletal muscle

b. Malignant of smooth muscle

c. Benign of skeletal muscle

d. Benign of smooth muscle

e. Malignant of melanocyte

115. Characeristic benign tumor

a. slow grow, infiltrative, metastasis

b. slow grow, small, doesn’t metastasis

c. fast grow, small, metastasis

d. fast grow, infiltrative, doesn’t metastasis

e. fast grow, enormous, metastasis

116. Ovarian tumor pada female 27 years old dengan pembesaran 9 cm, teeth and hair?

a. choristoma

b. hamartoma

c. teratoma

117. A 5 years old boy has a lung mass contain normal cartilage & disorganized lung tissue?

a. Chondroma

b. Hamartoma

118. A 40 years old female has just received her pap smear test. In the microscopic description the pathologic describe her smear contain atypical cells that shows anaplasia. Which of the following statement is characteristic of anaplasia?

a. cell & nucleus pleomorphic in size & shape

b. nucleus content more DNA & hyperchromatic

c. Prominent cytoplasm

d. A + B

e. A + B + C

119. 50 years female had an ulcerative tumor in his face. He was told that the tumor was malignant but rarely metastatic. Which of the following cancer is the most likely describing that conditions?

a. small cell carcinoma

b. squamous cell carcinoma

c. basal cell carcinoma

d. large cell carcinoma

e. rhabdomyosarcoma

120. A 55 years old female had breast tumor and large axilla lymph node. The most common way to metastasize for this tumor is via?

a. hematogenous

b. bone

c. perineural fluid

d. lymphatic

e. serous sac

121. A 65 years old male had a tumor called colorectal carcinoma through the GIT. The most common way for the carcinoma to metastasize is via?

a. lymphatic

b. blood vessel

c. perineal cavity

d. bone

e. serous sac


123. Paracancerous lesions…

a. Bowen’s disease

b. Celiac disease

c. Teratoma

d. Fibroadenoma

e. Lipoma

124. Virus yang dapat menyebabkan kanker..?

a. EBV, HepB, HepA

b. HPV, HIV, HepB

c. HTLV1, HepA,…

d. HepB, HepD, HPV

e. HTLV1, HepA, HPV

125. Molecule that plays a role in regression tumor?

a. IL-2

b. CK-7

c. CA-125

d. PSA

e. HCG


127. Step in carcinogenesis?

Answer : initiation à promotion à progression à methastasize



130. s

131. Excess physiological stress or pathogenic stimuli is resulted in…

a. accumulation

b. cell growth

c. reversible injury

d. adaptation

e. cell homeostatis

132. Penyebab pneumonia

a. reduction oxygen carrying-blood capacity

b. infeksi viral-bakteri

c. reduksi oksigen…

d. poisoning CO

133. Mr. Beckham seorang atlet sepakbola yang baik. Dia selalu berlatih.

a. hipertopi, hyperplasia

b. hipertropi, atropi

c. hyperplasia, anaplasia

d. hyperplasia, metaplasia

e. hipertropi, adaptation


135. Decrease of cell size, called…

a. hypotrophy

b. necrosis

c. atrophy

d. hypertrophy

136. Pecahnya nucleus menjadi fragmen-fragmen disebut…

a. karyolisis

b. karyohexis

c. pyknosis

137. Yang mengakibatkan cell injury?




141. Meningkatnya kadar protein di jaringan otak karena…

a. meningkatnya permeabilitas BBB

b. menurunnya resorption arachnoid vili

c. mechanical obstruction

142. In CSF, enzyme yang ada karena seizure..?

a. amilase

b. creatinin kinase

c. ALP

d. Adeno diaminine

e. LD


144. Which of the following anticoagulant used for lactate and enzyme test in synovial fluid test

a. Li-Heparin

b. Na-Heparin

c. K2-EDTA

d. Citrate

e. Oksalat


146. Ascites in hepatic cirrhosis is due to..?

a. decrease plasma oncotic pressure

147. Blood glucose level determination mostly performed with spectophotometry. What important equation we applied in this method?

a. Timbal

b. Rayligh

c. Beer-Lambert

d. Raman

e. Planck

148. Spectrophotometer is a useful laboratory diagnosis. In this method, we use cuvette. Equipment placed after this borosilicate glass is...

a. exciter lamp

b. entrance slit

c. monochromator

d. exit slit

e. photodetector

149. In spectrophotometer we use electromagnetic radiation. Component of spectrophotometer that will provide radiation?

a. exciter lamp

b. entrance slit

c. monochromator

d. exit slit

e. photodetector

150. Spectrophotometer is a useful laboratory diagnosis. In this method, we use interfering filter. Which part of spectrophotometer use this filter?

a. exciter lamp

b. entrance slit

c. monochromator

d. exit slit

e. photodetector


152. Administration of salbutamol which is the most convenience for acute asthma attack?

a. subcutaneous

b. intramuscular

c. intracutaneus

d. by nebulizer

e. intranasal



155. Effect adrenalin + local anesthetics:

a. increase DOA

b. increase OOA

c. increase MOA

d. decrease OOA

e. decrease DOA

156. Which of the following is the process studied in pharmacodynamic?

a. clearance

b. interaction between drug-receptor

c. first-pass metablolism

d. bioavailability

e. enzyme activity

157. Salbutamol à efek ke β2 di bladder wall?

a. constriction of muscle

b. relaxation

c. no change

d. reduce urine volume

158. Which of the following is the caused of prolong used by acetaminophen?

a. emboli

b. prolong beeding time

c. platelet aggregation

d. congestive heart failure

e. hepatic disorder


160. Aspirin contraindication gastritis. Why..?

a. increase pepsine

b. induction of TX

c. decrease HCl

d. decrease PG in gaster

e. inhibit platelet

161. Chhronic, type Bateman?

a. Type A

b. Type B

c. Type C

d. Type D

e. Type E

162. A 25-years-old man takes 1 tablet of sedative hypnotic every night. On the 4th day he needs 2 tablets. On the 7th day he needs 4 tablets. Which of the following the response?

a. hyporeactive

b. hyposensitive

c. tachypylaxis

d. tolerance

e. addictive


164. Which of the following causes hypersensitive?

Answer : histamin




168. Which is the following is the MOA of Ampicillin?

a. inhibit the RNA

b. bound to nucleus

c. inhibit cell wall synthesis

d. inhibit protein synthesis

e. interfering enzyme reaction


170. A woman takes jamu for pegal linu, after several weeks she always feel hungry. Which of the following drug is adulterated to the jamu?

a. prednisolon

b. ephedrine

c. paracetamol

d. ampicillin

e. antihistamin

171. Which of the following is the characteristic of phytopharmaca?

a. efficacy is unknown

b. without clinical trial

c. safety is known

d. modern packaging

e. consist of 2 active substance


173. Yang menyebabkan terjadinya superinfeksi?

a. AB reduce

b. Toxin…


d. Penggunaan BSAB secara lama


174. Condition that cause accumulate AB

a. Brain dysfunction

b. Disturbed protein synthesis

c. Infarct myocard

d. TB pulmonary

e. Diabetes mellitus

175. Which of the following is the basic for choosing the appropriate AB?

a. the safety for patient

b. microbial finding

c. skin test of AM

d. the economical state of patient

e. depend on the most frequently used of AB in certain area





180. obat yang direkomendasikan untuk digunakan malam hari?

a. hyptonic-cemetidine-vaginal tablet-steroid preparation

b. anticholesterolemia-

c. anticholesterolemia-

d. anticholesterolemia-

e. anticholesterolemia-hypnotic-vaginal tablet-steroid preparation

181. From the following membrane, which is that orally administered of drug best absorb

a. colon

b. esophagus

c. gaster

d. small intestine

e. large intestine

182. How to increase bioavailability of drug..?

Answer : lowering intestinal motility


184. The reason Vit.C is in solid dosage form?

a. solid form is stable

b. solid form is more rapid in absorption

c. solid form is cheaper than solution

d. solid form is convenience


186. If 1= area under curve, 2=duration of action, 3=the highest drug plasma concentration, 4=the amount & rate of drug reacing systemic circulation, 5=the time needs of drug to achieving highest drug plasma concentration. Then which parameter determines the bioavailability of drugs?

a. 1,2,3,4

b. 2,3,4,5

c. 2,3,5,1

d. 4,2,3,5

187. The mechanism tetracycline penetrates the GI membrane is…

a. ion pairing

b. across pore

c. actice transport

d. passive diffusion

e. facilitate diffusion


189. Paracetamol yang dosisnya paling banyak di pasaran..?

a. 100

b. 250

c. 300

d. 400

e. 500

for question no.190-193

f. Ointment

g. Gargles

h. Tinctures

i. Cream


190. semisolid preparation for external application to the skin/mucous membrane/emollient


192. aqueous solution use for clearing the throat

193. made from vegetables


195. Incline solubility..?

Answer : tablet-powder-solution






Without number

Amoxicillin patio 120 ml

s.4.dd. 1.a.c.

* Berapa ukuran 1 sendok teh..?

  1. 5 ml
  2. 8 ml
  3. 10 ml
  4. 15 ml
  5. 20 ml

* Jika dimakan 3 kali sehari, akan habis dalam berapa hari..?

  1. 2 hari
  2. 3 hari
  3. 4 hari
  4. 5 hari
  5. 8 hari

* Amoxicillin adalah water insoluble, maka bentuk sediaan obat harus dalam…

  1. suspension
  2. emulsion

* Jika amoxicillin/ampicillin dimakan bersama antacid, maka pengaturannya adalah…

  1. ampicillin 1.h.a.c. & antacid 1.h.p.c.
  2. ampicillin 1.h.a.c. & antacid 1.h.a.c.
  3. ampicillin 1.h.a.c. & antacid 2.h.p.c.
  4. ampicillin 2.h.a.c. & antacid 2.h.a.c.
  5. ampicillin 2.h.a.c. & antacid 2.h.p.c.

* If adult single dose is 40 mg, the dose for 10 years old children is

  1. 5 mg
  2. 10 mg
  3. 15 mg
  4. 20 mg
  5. 25 mg

* Lab test determine autoimmune induce hepatitis

  1. alpha-feto protein
  2. anti nuclear antibody (ANA)
  3. alpha-1-antiprypsin
  4. LDH
  5. Gamma-glutamiltransferase

* Which of the following organism is important cause of chronic enterocolitis..?

  1. Salmonella
  2. Vibrio
  3. Campylobacter
  4. Yersenia enterocolitis
  5. E.coli

* Marker untuk clearance dari hepatitis B

  1. HbsAg
  2. AntiHbsA
  3. AntiHCV
  4. AntiHbe

Nb: temen2,,,sebenernya ini belum semua, tapi sisanya nyusul aja, ya...belum sempet nambah2in soalnya, nanti abis SOOCA deh dilengkapi..

semoga bisa bermanfaat ya...

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