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  1. Indonesia is a big country with many archipelago, etchnic and culture. What’s the study about human being?

  1. Social science

  2. Social-culture science

  3. Anthropology

  4. Sociology


Anthropology is the Branch of science concerned with origin and development of humans in all theirs physical, social, and culture relationships

  1. Medical communication?

  1. Definisi dari culture?

  1. Culture refers to meanings, values, and behavioral norms that are learned and transmitted (in the dominant society and within social groups) through contact with other people.

  1. Definisi dari ethnic?

  1. group of Individual with same anchestor, same belief, same history,...

  2. group same country
  3. group same behaviour and occupational
  4. group same race

  5. group same inoque behaviour

  1. Someone went to traditional healer with complaint headache & pain on his shoulder. He believes that it’s caused by angry spirit. After make rotual & pray, the healer give him a glass of water & his headache relief. What do you think about this case?

  1. Dia percaya kalau dia minum air itu dia akan sembuh sehingga dia menjadi lebih tenang dan sakit kepalanya hilang.

  2. Air minum itu meyembuhkan penyakitnya

  1. Why most people choose traditional healer to relief their diseases?

  1. Traditional healer bisa menjelaskan penyebab penyakit seseorang sesuai dengan kepercayaan orang tersebut.

  2. Traditional healer bisa menjamin kesembuhan orang yang diobatinya

  1. 20 yers-old boy com from small village to a city. He’s hard to adapt a his new schoo, often alone in his room and never talk to others. Proses apa yang dialami anak itu?

  1. Socialization

  2. Internalization

  3. Aculturation

  4. Enculturation


  • Internalization process :

a long process since a person born, till he / she almost die, where he / she is learning to plant in his / her personality the feelings, psychological-needs, passions, emotions that are needed for the whole life.

To activate all in his / her personality, it should be stimulated by the physical and socio-cultural environment.

  • Socialization Process :

the socialization process is connected with the learning process of culture in case of the social-system. A person who is learning the patterns action within the social communication with other persons surround him / her that have several social roles in every day life.

  • Enculturation Process (institutionalization) :

a person have to learn and adapt his / her mind and behavior into customs, norms and other rules within his / her culture.

Ex : small presents brought from a journey.

  1. The student goes to puskesmas with a lot of complaints such as headache, short breath and stomachache. When doctor examines he don’t find any symptoms that reveal s all in normal limit. What’s the most sutable cause of his symptoms

  1. What’s the definition of cultural concept of health & illness

  1. Concept of health are different in every nation

  2. Concept of ilness harus lebih diperhatikan terutama mental illness

  3. Concept of health are different in one in another culture because they have different languange

  4. Tiap penyakit bisa disebabkan oleh faktor yang berbeda untuk tiap orang


Disease : is an objectively measurable pathological condition of the body e.g. tooth decay, measles, a broken bone

Illness : is a feeling of not being normal or healthy.

9. Which one is true about cultural concept of health and illness ?
1. cultural concept of healt between one nation and other are different
2. symptoms of illness is different because different language

  1. Important element in communication process

  1. Messenger

  2. Medium of communication

  3. Voice receiver

  4. Source information

  5. Sound wavelength


Element in communication:

Source, Message, Media, Target, (Feedback), (Impact)

  1. Verbal communacation yang baik harus...

  1. Speak with soft voice

  2. Clear message

  3. Patience


Verbal communication:

  • Speaking to the person: Look straight in the eye, make eye-ball contact

  • Clear message: Relevant, interesting

  • Good listener: Allow them to digest the message and reply

  1. Non-verbal communacation yang baik harus...

  1. Hand gesture

  2. Body language

  3. Menyilangkan kaki & tangan


Non-verbal communacation:

  • Body language

  • Gesture

  • Facial expression.

  • Head movements.

  • Touching.

  1. One of seven Cs from good communication?

  1. Context


Seven Cs:

Credibility, Content, Context , Clarity, Consistency, Channels, Capability of the audience

  1. In health system, the transaction process involve?

  1. Process of modifying behaviour

  2. Sharing, selecting, sorting

15. Element communication
1. messenger
2. voice receiver
3. source of message
4. medium
5. wavelength

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