123. Who needs vitamin C?
A. AlcoholicB. ElderlyC. InfantD. SmokerE. Adolescent
Jawaban : C
sebenernya semuanya butuh cuman yamg ngerokok sama butuh lbh banyak soalnya vit c antioksidan
124. Which of the following increase reaction rate ofnon-competitive inhibition?
A. High enzyme concentrationB. High co-enzyme concentrationC. High substrate concentrationD. High temperatureE. High pH
Jawaban : A. kalau non kompetitif inhibitor itu kan nempelnya bukan pada active site jadi mau ditambah substrat sebanyak apapun g bakal ngepek . nah kalau jumlah enzimnya kita tambah dengan inhibitornya yang tetap berarti reaksinya akan lebih cepet berlangsung

129. Term(s) for catabolic reaction is/are?A. Glycolysis, lipolysisB. Protein synthesis, lipolysisC. Lipogenesis, glycolysisD. Gluconeogenesis, protein synthesisE. Glyconeolysis, glycolysis
Jawaban : A.
kalau ada katabolisme kata kuncinya adalah lysis jadi cari aja yang dua2nya ada kata lysis
131. Which of the following enzymes will speciallyincreased after a myocardial infarction?A. GlucokinaseB. Creatinine phosphokinaseC. Glycogen phosphorylaseD. Pyruvate dehydrogenaseE. Lactate hydrogenase
Jawaban : C/E (Harper hal 57)

133. Which of the following describes a characteristicfeature of enzymes obeying Michealis-Mentenkinetics?
A. The enzyme velocity is half the maximal ratewhen 100% of enzyme molecules contain boundsubstrateB. The enzyme velocity is half the maximal ratewhen 50% of enzyme molecules contain bound substrateC. The enzyme velocity is in its maximal rate when50% of enzyme molecules contain bound substrateD. The enzyme velocity is in its maximal rate when all the substrate molecules in a solution are bound by the enzymesE. The enzyme velocity is independent to theconcentration of enzyme
Jawaban : A (asa pernah baca kalau g salah di lipincot tolong diliat lagi ya)
. What is the function of water in our body?A. substrate on metabolic reactionB. the source of energy metabolismC. solvent of tryglicerideD. carries waste productE. aid in regulation of abnormal
Jawaban : D/E
138. First sign of dehydration is thirsty. The other signof dehydration is
A. loss in body fatB. itchingC. weaknessD. coughE. common cold
Jawab : C
140. Why does diarrhea person easily becomedehydrated?
A. GIT juice secreted almost twice fold our blood volume per dayB. GIT juice contain electrolyteC. diarrhea patient difficult to drink waterD. majority of diarrhea patient are childrenE. children is susceptible group for GIT infection
149. Brain needs ___________________ as apredominate source of energyA. GlucoseB. Amino acidC. Fatty acidD. GlycerolE. Glutamin
Jawab : A
152. Which of the following reflect the catabolicreactionA. Glycogenolysis, glycolysisB. Protein synthesis, glycolysisC. Glycogenesis, lipolysisD. Lipogenesis, glycolysisE. Gluconeogenesis, lipolysis
Jawab : A
153. Skeletal muscle will use _____ as a predominantsource of energyA. glucoseB. fatty acidC. branch chain amino acidD. ketone bodiesE. glycerol158. The pathway from pyruvate to Acetyl CoAA. Produced lactic acidB. Is known as gluconeogenesisC. Is metabolically irreversibleD. Need more energy than its productE. Is occurring in nucleus1
Jawab : C
62. During metabolism, the energy released is capturedand transferred byA. enzymesB. pyruvateC. acetyl coAD. adenosine triphosphateE. respiratory chain reaction
Jawab : D

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