Jawaban MDE FBS 1 No. 1-15

Rabu, 16 Januari 2008


1. The space in the inner membrane of mitochondria is called the matrix. What does it contain?
A. high hydrogen ion concentration
B. low hydrogen ion concentration
C. no ribosome
D. no DNA
E. no protein synthesis

Jawab : B

2. The true statement about 3D structure of protein:
A. The 3D structure is determined by sequence of
amino acid
B. The 3D structure has non-covalent bonds
C. The 3D structure only interact with hydrophobic
D. The 3D structure is not found in human
E. The 3D structure is only important in enzyme

Jawab : A. Di Slide lecture disebutkan the primary structure is the covalent ”backbone” of the polypeptide formed by the specific sequence. This sequence is code for by DNA and determines the final three dimensional from adopted by the protein in its native state.

3. Which statement is associated with three dimensional
A. primary structure
B. secondary structure
C. tertiary structure
D. primary.secondary,tertiary structure
E. not depending in structure of protein

Jawab : Gak tau... Maaf!!!

4. Which of the following statement is true about 3D protein structure if it is heated at high temperature?
A. amino acids will combined with other amino acid
B. protein will function at constant rate
C. will lost it function
D. not effect at all to the protein structure

Jawab : C. Protein terurai apabila dipanaskan.

5. The mitochondria have 2 membranes.The outer
membrane is permeable to small molecules and ions
while the inner membrane is impermeable to most
small molecules and ions,including hydrogen ion.The
inner mitochondria membrane serves the component of
the following
A. All glycolytic enzymes
B. Enzymes for citric acid cycle
C. Fatty acids B-oxidation pathway
D. Amino acid oxidation pathway
E. ATP synthase

Jawab : E.

6. What is the major element of the cell?
A. C, H, O, N
B. C, H, S, P
C. C, H, S, Na
D. S, P, Ca, Na
E. S, H, Na, C

Jawab : A

9. When base sequence of DNA segment likes above,how
many H-bonds these nucleotides segment will have?
A. 8
B. 16
C. 18
D. 20
E. 24

Jawab : C

12. Under physiological condition, secretion of protein maybe through which of the following?
A. Vesicle
B. Across lipid bilayer
C. Using protein membrane as transporter
D. To build complex with Ca++
E. Should bind enzyme molecules

Jawab : A

13. What is NOT the basic field in medical science?
A. Biology
B. Chemistry
C. Biochemistry
D. Nutrition
E. Statistics

Jawab : E

15. What kind of glucose in human body cell?
A. D-Glucose
B. L-Glucose
C. Both of them
D. None
E. Bind with ATP

Jawab : A

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