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Kamis, 17 Januari 2008

FBS 3..
9. Which of the following is the type of plasma membrane surrounded E.coli a. cell wallb. plasma membranec.d. one surfacee. two surface
(e. two surface)
pembahasan: Gram-negative bacterial, such as the common intestinal bacterium Escherichia coli (E. coli), are surrounded by two surface membranes
sumber: slide "Cells are studied & Organization of The Cell" hal 30
3. Temperature for preserve enzyme and other moleculesa. -25b. -4c. 0d. 25e. 37
Pembahasan: Generally, the cell solution is kept at 0 C to best preserve enzymes and other constituents after their release from the stabilizing forces of the cell
sumber: slide "Cells are studied & Organization of The Cell" hal 17
1. Biopsy testis pada penderita azoospermia untuk apa?for isolating cell
152. mikroskop untuk menghitung intercellular pH?
(Flouresence microscope)
Pembahasan: Fluorescence microscopy can also measure the localconcentration of Ca2+ ions and the intracellular pH
sumber: slide "Cells are studied & Organization of The Cell" hal 6
98. "Fingerlike" structure in fibroblast?..filophodia..
147. Mikroskop yang digunakan untuk melihat bentuk virus?
(transmission electron mikroskop)
pembahasan: The transmission electron microscope is also used to obtain information about the shapes of purified viruses, fibers, enzymes, and other subcellular particles.
sumber: slide "Cells are studied & Organization of The Cell" hal 13
FBS 4..147. Telencephalon berkembang / berdiferensiasi jadi apa?a. thalamusb. hipothalamusc. cerebellumd. cerebral hemispheree.
(d. cerebral hemisphere)
pembahasan: the telenchepalon develops into the cerebral hemisphere
sumber: Tortora 11th hal.516
9. Which of the following is correct about Okazaki fragments?a. double strandsb. covalent link between RNA and DNAc. hybrid of RNA and DNAd. arise from sugar phosphate backbone of parental DNA chaine. removed by nuclease
51. Transition of GATTC..(a. GGTTC)
3. Discontinuous nature of DNA synthesis..
37. Fungsi H1?
Phosphorylation of histone H1 is associated with the condensation of chromosomes during the replication cycle
1. Jenis mutation? purin replaced with purin, and pirimidin replaced pirimidin..
98. Siamese twin, term for? ..skin bridge..
FBS 5..42. nerve tissue..
41. Neuromuscular junction temporary sequence?
45. Hyaluronic acid itu apa?(ground substance in connective tissue)
5. jaringan epitel yang bisa berubah bentuk berdasarkan volume? (transitional)
10. Cover innermost side of vagina? (e. stratified squamous nonkeratinized)a. simple squamous epitelb. simple cuboidalc. simple columnard. pseudostratified cilia columnar epitheliume. stratified squamous nonkeratinizedf. simple squamous keratinizedg. transitionalh. epithelial tissue
4. its lines blood vessel and body cavities..(a. simple squamous epitel)
14. ada di hibernating animal and human infant..(brown adipose tissue)
30. yang dipunyai oleh myosin? ..light head..
76. This vertebrae articulates with sacrum (lumbar)
26. Appearance of intercalated disk....gap junction,desmosome,fascia adherens..
3. Basement membrane may include type IV collagen..
9. Secretory portions of glands has this epithelial type.(simple cuboidal epithelium)sumber: Tortora 11th hal.116
35. Apa yang akan terjadi apabila nerve fibers diwarnai OsO4 dibawah light mikroskop..
36. Sistem Haversian..
17. Found in ligamentum nuchae, ligamentum flavum of vertebrae column
70. What bone that has trochanter of its proximately..(femur)
80. cartilagenous joint between two body of vertebrae?(intervetebral disc)
136. penyusun vertebrae pada embryo?(hyaline cartilage)
152. Nerve untuk flexi pada elbow joint?(musculocutaneous nerve)
29. Sarcoplasmic reticulum adalah..

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