Jawaban MDE FBS 2 No. 1-5

Rabu, 16 Januari 2008



4. What is the form of energy if an athlete starts to
A. chemical energy
B. kinetic energy
C. potential energy
D. radiant energy
E. thermal energy

Jawab : A

5. Carbohydrates, lipids and proteins are the main source
of energy in our body. What is the form of energy?
A. Chemical energy
B. Radiant energy
C. Potential energy
D. Kinetic energy
E. Thermal energy

Jawab : A

6. Microorganism needs a capsule in order to survive
outside of human body. What kind of system is this?
A. open system
B. closed system
C. isolated system
D. closed system with antibiaritic
E. isolated system with antibiaritic

Jawab : Maaf,, gak tau...

10. Metabolite or substance that produced from
metabolism activity via lung in form of
A. carbon dioxide
B. disulphur substance
C. urea
D. ethane

Jawab : A

12. The purpose of stored carbohydrate and fatty acid on
starvation is
A. To contract muscle
B. Maintain body temperature
C. To produce heat
D. To produce energy
E. To produce work

Jawab : D

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