pembahasan fbs 2 no 90-122

Kamis, 17 Januari 2008

90. Why diarrhea person become easily dehydrated?
A. GI tract secretes two fold of blood volume
B. GI tract contains electrolyte
C. difficult to drink
D. mostly children
E. susceptible group for GI tract reaction

Answer : b

97. Enzyme inhibitors are molecular agent that interfere in catalysis, slowing or halting enzymatic reaction. What is competitive inhibition?
Answer : A. Inhibitor that compete with a substrate to bind to an active site

98. The inhibitor constant [k¡] can predict?
A. The strong inhibition of enzymatic inhibitors
B. Velocity of enzymatic reaction

Answer : b

99. The function of cofactor is
A. as primary catalytic center
B. as electron donor
C. bridging group to bind substrate
D. structure formation of enzyme
E. all of the above

Answer : e

100. Hydrolysis process
A. Couple B. Anabolic
C. Catabolic D. Glucogenesis
E. Endergonic

Answer : c

100. The sigmoid phenomena of enzyme is refer to
A. competitive inhibitor
B. uncompetitive inhibitor
C. noncompetitive inhibitor
D. allosteric site E. all enzyme
Answer : d

101. If Adenine of a double helical DNA consist of 10% of total base, what would be Cytosine?
A. 10% B. 20% C. 30%

D. 40% E. 50%

Answer : d.

Karena jumlah adenine dan timin pasti sama, berarti 20% DNA disusun dari adenine timin, sisanya, 80% untuk guanine dan cytosine, karena jumlah keduanya sama, berarti cytosine=guanine=40%

102. Enzyme activity is important in medical because
A. to predict prognosis
B. to monitor response of treatment
C. to understand pathogenesis of disease
D. to support diagnostic
E. all the above

Answer : e

103. Which of the following statements is closely associated with pepsin?
A. active at neutral PH
B. not active at low PH
C. active at high PH
D. an active form of pepsinogen
E. is a group functional enzyme in blood

Answer : d

104. Select the following statements that is closely associated with zymogen
A. An inactive form of enzyme
B. An active form of enzyme
C. Is not a group of enzyme
D. To catalyze blood clotting
E. Is not found in human

Answer : a

105. If an inhibitor does not alter the Km, the inhibition is probably
A. competitive inhibitor
B. noncompetitive inhibitor
C. uncompetitive inhibitor
D. not an inhibitor
E. none of the above

Answer : b

108. What do we call an enzyme active affected with a molecule bind to a certain site?
A. end product enzyme
B. coenzyme enzyme
C. isoenzyme
D. allosteric enzyme
E. feedback enzyme

Answer : d

116. Which of the following can acetyldehyde dehydration be classified as?
A. oxidoreductase B. isomerase
C. hydrolases D. ligase
E. lyases

Answer : e

121. Which of the following given condition in an enzymatic reaction may appear irreversible?
A. High temperature
B. Under equilibrium condition
C. If the product is thermodynamically far more stable than the reactant
D. If the product accumulate
E. At high enzyme concentration

Answer : ???

122. Function of VB/UB primarily
A. enzyme B. serotonin precursor
C. coenzyme D. antagonists
E. antioxidant

Nb : vb/ub itu apa ya???

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