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Kamis, 27 Desember 2007

5. inner matrix mitochondria...
a. as.amino oxidasi pathway
b. oxidasi fatty acid pathway
c. enzyme aiklus krebs
d. enzim glikolisis
e. ATP synthase

6. Elemen dasar..
Answer : C, H, O, N

10. Substance that produce from metabolic activity out from lung is in the form of...
a. CO2
b. urea
c. sulfur
d. albumin
e. metana

11. Kandungan matrix mitokondria?

12. Under physiological condition, the secretion of protein maybe through...

18. amino acids containing imydazole...
a. glysin
b. methionine
c. valine
d. arginine
e. histidine
answer : e. histidine

21. Sebelum ngasih obat, resercher used term in experiment called...
a. concentration
b. molaritas
c. molality
d. normality
e. percent
answer : a. concentration

22. Function of bile salts in digestin of fats....
a. emulsifier
b. solute
c. solvent
d. electrolyte
answer : a. Emulsifier

32. which the organic compound that can produce a substance in the following of addition reaction?
a. alkohol
b. alkene
c. alkine

33. Reaksi apa yang terjadi pada ATP untuk menghasilkan energi?

38. Vitamin is needed to stop bleeding?
Answer : vit.K

40. aldehyde and ketone are important groups for identifying monosacharide. What reaction that occurs?
a. group-transfer
b. redox
c. rearrangement
d. hydrolisis
e. elimination
answer : b.redox

44. Struktur sorbitol?

45. Tentang uronic acid

48. Tantang detoxifying agent

Dr 50-54
a. dextran
b. glycoprotein
c. glycogen
d. glykosaminoglikan
e. peptidoglikan

50. Gram (+) bacterial cell walls contain multilayer of this compound...
Answer : peptidoglycan

51. Condroitin sulfat merupakan contoh dari compound apa?

52. This compound abundance in muscle tissue, where it is use for energy realese?

54. This compound stores in the liver as the major energy storage?

56. gram negative bacteries contaon single layer of...
Answer : proteoglycan

57. for exa,ple, the mucins found extensively in salivary secretion, contain many short o-linked

58. Blood glucose is resulted from hydrolisis of this compound...

61. it is a non reducing sugar
a. lactose
b. sucrose
c. cellubiose
d. gentibiose
e. maltose

62. found in milk..
Answer : lactose

66. Lactose terkandung di..
Answer : susu sapi (cow milk)

67. Struktur dari fatty acid?

68. Struktur dari sphingosine?

69. Struktur dari choline?

70. Struktur dari sphingomyelin?

71. Struktur dari phosphic acid?

74. Triester with glycerol 3-phosfat?

75. Lechitin termasuk apa?

76. Which of the following compounds are derivative from cholesterol
a. prostaglandin
b. phospholipid
c. cholesterol
d. bile acid
e. sphingomyelin

83. . . . is the protein conformation disease
a. albumin
b. mad cow disease
c. Hb
d. collagen
e. myoglobin

88. True about saturated fatty acid?
a. all have 8 long carbon
b. all have 18 long carbon
c. at least one double bond
d. fully hydrogen

89. What is the different between cis and trans fatty acid?
a. number of double bond
d. configuration between double bond
e. number of carbon

93. struktur dari cytocyne

95. Struktur basa yang ditemukan dalam DNA & RNA (soalnya dlm bentuk gambar)

98. Given the bases sequent of a segment of one strand DNA
Answer : 5’GAATGAAT

100. What is the most important bio function nucleotids?

106. What is the major event of protein digestion in the stomach?
a. the partial breakdown of protein
b. mechanical digestion
c. digestion by several enzymes
d. emulsifies protein & release peptides
e. condenses protein

111. In what condition nitrogen balance positive occurs?

115. makanan yang tidak mengandung protein..
a. bread
b. milk
c. oil

116. kelebihan protein akan menyebabkan?
a. healthy
b. dehidrasi
c. edema
d. obesitas

119. The factor that effect vitamin bio availability?
a. the amount of food
b. body weight & body heigh
c. other food consumption at the same time
d. food composiyion
e. method of food storage

120. How to minimize vitamin losses for the food?
a. rinses fruit and vegetables ...
c. put fruite & vegetables in warm water
e. cook fruit and vegetable in high temperature

123. Which of following condihons need of vitamin c is highest?
a. alcoholic
b. the eldery
c. the infant
d. smokers
e. adolescent

129. Karakteristic fat.soluble vitamin?
a. mudah diekskresikan
b. diekskresikan lewat urine
c. dr usus lalu liver ditransport oleh lipoprotein
d. tidak didimpan di jaringan tubuh
e. jarang mencapai level toxic

170. LDL is produce in the following organs?
a. small intestine
b. ball badler
c. liver
d. pankreas
e. kolon

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