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Selasa, 25 Desember 2007

381. Which explanation is suitable for endoplasmic reticulum ?

Answer : D. all cells contain rER for the synthesis of plasma membrane protein and matrixes

Sumber : Medical cell biology, 127

382. Which explanation is suitable for Golgy complex has 3 regions, cis, medial, and trans.

Sumber : Medical cell biology, 134-135

383. What is suitable statement that describe lysosome ?

Answer : B. Have degradative enzyme

Sumber : Basic Histology, 38

384. Glycosilation is the principle modification to secretory protein synthesis. In which of organelle is glycosilation occur before enter the golgy complex?

Answer : B, Endoplasmic reticulum

Sumber : Medical cell biology, 130

385. Cristae are folding of the membrane. In which organelle are the cristae found ?

Answer : E, mitochondria

Sumber : Medical cell biology, 130

386. If expressed in striated muscle …

Answer : - (bukan ga ada jawabannya, tapi ga ngerti maksud soalnya … maafkan)

387. Most cell are stationary but change in morphology inside cell. Which is not movement ?

Answer : - (bukan ga ada jawabannya, tapi ga ngerti maksud soalnya … maafkan)

388. Which is the best explanation for cell motility ?

Answer : B. Protrusion process accompanied by depolymerization of actin

Sumber : Medical cell biology, 307

389. Which explanation is suitable to membrane organization ?

Answer : C. the 2 membrane leaflet have different lipid composition

Sumber : Medical cell biology, 34

390. The specialized region of plasma membrane from cell junction to spread parts of the cell membrane. Which explanation is suitable to plasma membrane of the intestinal epithelial cell ?

Answer : C. The brush border or villi is specialized to increase the surface of membrane

Sumber : Basic Histology, 10

391. Gap junction ?

Answer : B, Consist of protein connexon

Sumber : Medical cell biology, 201

392. About adherens junction ?

Answer : A. Form belt cell to cell adhesion

Sumber : Medical cell biology, 201

393. Specialized region of the plasma membrane as the formation of glycocalyx which explanation is suitable to the glycocalyx ?

Answer : B, composed of oligosaccharides, glycoprotein, glycolipid including various enzymes

Sumber : Medical cell biology, 33

394. What happened in depolarized period ?

Answer : B. Na+ conductance

Sumber : Basic Histology, 158

395. The action potential is initiated by which the following membrane changes ?

Answer : D. An increase in membrane permeability to sodium ions

Sumber : Basic Histology, 158

396. Which of the following statement will cause an increase in rate of diffusion of substances across a membrane ?

Answer : B. Increasing the effective concentration gradient of the substance

Sumber : Lupa baca dimana…


  1. The knowledge sources that we get from the experience is called …

    1. Empiricalism

    2. Belief

    3. Rationalism

    4. Revelation

E. Intuition

Jawaban : A
2.) Specific conclusion drawn from some general statements is the characteristic of …

A. Inductive thinking

B. Deductive thinking

C. Analytical thinking

D. Irrational thinking

E. Logical thinking

Jawaban : B

3.) Mathematic is proved by …

A. Theory of pragmatics

B. Theory of practical

C. Theory of empiricalism

D. Theory of coherence

E. Theory of correspondence

Jawaban : D

4.) Ideas become true just so far as they help us to get into satisfactory relations with other parts of our experience. This statement is the explanation about …

A. Theory of idealism

B. Theory of practical

C. Theory of empiricalism

D. Theory of coherence

E. Theory of correspondence

Jawaban : B

5.) They are the pioneers of deductive and inductive thinking, except …

A. Copernicus

B. Kepler


D. Newton

E. Einstein

Jawaban : E

6.) The investigation of the methods used to get result is …

A. Method

B. Methodology

C. Hypothesis

D. Conclusion

E. Theory

Jawaban : B

7.) The first step that we have to do to begin the research is …

A. Identification, selection, determination, and formulation of a problem

B. Literature study

C. Formulation of hypothesis

D. Identification, classification, and description of variables operationally

E. Selection of data as the instruments of deduction process

Jawaban : A

8.) We can get some problem from these sources, except …

A. Intuition

B. Discussion

C. Experience

D. Literature

E. Regulation

Jawaban : A

9.) We can get the hypothesis based on …

A. Research result

B. New theory

C. Temporary answer

D. Empirical proof

E. Intuition

Jawaban: C

10) There are two type of hypothesis according to the variable, they are …

A. Hypothesis of correlation and hypothesis of differentiation

B. Hypothesis of coherence and hypothesis of correspondence

C. Hypothesis of correlation and hypothesis of coherence

D. Hypothesis of differentiation and hypothesis of correspondence

E. Hypothesis of correlation and hypothesis of correspondence

Jawaban : A

11.) These are some research design, except …

  1. Historical research

  2. Developmental research

  3. Differentiation research

  4. Correlational research

  5. Experimental research

Jawaban : C

12.) To describe some data of population characteristics, systematically, factual, and accurate is the goal of …

  1. Correlational research

  2. Experimental research

  3. Developmental research

  4. Historical research

  5. Differentiation research

Jawaban : D

    1. Study of the cognitive development in children is the example for …

  1. Case study and field research

  2. Historical research

  3. Developmental research

  4. Differentiation research

  5. Experimental research

Jawaban : A

    1. Create the possibilities to measure some variables and their correlation simultaneously in a real condition is the characteristic of …

  1. Case study and field research

  2. Historical research

  3. Developmental research

  4. Correlational research

  5. Experimental research

Jawaban : D

15.)Ex post facto means that …

A. Data collecting after the event already happened

B. The study takes one or more results as the dependent variables and examines the data from the past to determine the causes and their correlations

C. For research with very complicated variables which cannot be studied by the experimental method

D. Using one or more control groups (untreated) as base-line to compare with experimental groups (treated)

E. Deep explore about a certain social unit

Jawaban : A

16.) These are the norm of science, except …

A. Universalism

B. Communalism

C. Socialism

D. Disinterestedness

E. Skeptical

Jawaban : C

17.) Science is not for propaganda or publicity shows that science is…

A. Universalism

B. Communalism

C. Socialism

D. Disinterestedness

E. Skeptical

Jawaban : D

18.) Science is power, technology is the tool of power, is the opinion from …

A. Francis Bacon

B. Plato

C. Aristoteles

D. Bertrand russel

E. Charles Pierce

Jawaban : A

19.) The principle of the use of a science is the meaning of …

A. Ontology

B. Epistemology

C. Axiology

D. Etiology

E. Epidemiology

Jawaban : C

20.) These are principle of morality in science, except …

A. Should be done honesty

B. Communal and universal

C. No abridgement of human values

D. No interference in human life

E. Discriminative

Jawaban : E

Sumber : Slide Philosophy of science

1.) The declaration states that research involving human subjects must, except ...

A. Conform to generally accepted socialism principles

B. Be formulated in a unwritten protocol
C. Be conduced only by expatriate
D. Include written informed consent from participants
E. Against the human well-being
Jawaban : E

2.) The clinical trial should be consistent with …

A. The human right

B. Applicable regulatory requirement

C. declaration of Helsinki

D. Nuremberg code

E. CIOMS agreement

Jawaban : B

3.) The medical care given to and medical decisions should always be the responsibility of …

A. A qualified physician

B. A qualified professor

C. A qualified researcher

D A qualified medical institution

E. A qualified scientist

Jawaban : A

4.) GMP is the abbreviation of …

A. Good medical process

B. Good medical practice

C. Good medication practice

D. Good manufacturing process

E. Good manufacturing practice

Jawaban : D

5.) These are the responsibilities of investigator, except …

A. Providing for the medical care of trial subjects
B. Communicating with the IRB / IEC

C. Complying with the trial protocol

D. Reporting only the profitable event

E. Obtaining informed consent of trial subjects

Jawaban : D

6.) IEC is the abbreviation of …

A. Independent Ethics Committee

B. Incidental Ethics Committee

C. Independent Ethics Commission

D. Incidental Endorsement Committee

E. Incidental Endorsement Commission

Jawaban : A

7.) The general responsibility of IRB/IEC are, except …

A. Review of the trial protocol and other key documents, in advance of the start of the trial

B. Advance review of the investigator’s qualifications
C. Advance review of procedures for changing informed consent of subjects and compensating them

D. Annual (or more frequent) review of trial procedures while the trial is in progress

E. Review of any proposed amendments to the trial protocol or informed consent documents
Jawaban : C

8.) We can get some information about the patient for the record from these, except … A. Hospital records

B. Physicians records

C. Employment records

D. Death certificates

E. Government records

Jawaban : E

9.) These are some role of the epidemiologist, except …

A. Generating and interpreting the data

B. Presenting general policy options

C. Projecting the impact of each option

D. Developing specific policy proposals

E. Evaluating the effects of policies after they have been implemented

Jawaban : B

Sumber : Slide Ethical Guidelines on Biomedical Research

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