Jawaban & Pembahasan Soal MDE Buku Biru FBS 3-5 No. 295-310

Selasa, 25 Desember 2007

295. Blood has these characteristic, except...

A. Human total blood is 5 litre

B. Belong to group of connective tissue

C. In centrifuge separate erythrocyte and plasma

D. Basic cell type is erythrocyte, leukocyte, trombocyte

E. Buffy coat is a layer of leukocyte

Jawaban: A/C

Pembahasan: Sebenarnya aq bingung jwbnya bisa A ato C. Kalau A, banyak buku2 yang menyebutkan bahwa total darah itu is about 5 litre, di tortora 5-6 liter(pria) dan 4-5 liter(wanita), ada juga yang menyebutkan 5,5 liter (di Basic Histo kalo gak salah). Nah aq blum nemuin buku yang menyebutkan total darah itu is 5 litre. Kalo C, jadi darah setelah disentrifugasi maka akan terbentuk 3 lapisan, paling atas plasma, tengah leukocyte, dan paling bawah itu erythrocyte.

Sumber: Basic Histology hal. 223

296. Depression in bone where active osteoclast are located?

A. Lacuna

B. Kanalikuli

C. Howship’s lacuna

D. Haversian canal

E. Travicula

Jawaban: C

Pembahasan: In areas of bone undergoing resorption, osteoclasts lie within enzymatically etched depressions in the matrix known as Howship’s lacunae.

Sumber: Basic Histology hal. 136

297. Which the characteristic of cartilage which distinguish the bone with other connective tissue?

A. It’s predominant type as mesenchymal derivatives

B. It secrete both fibers and ground substance

C. It’s lack of blood vessel

D. It’s function is for movement

E. All true

Jawaban: C

Pembahasan: Cartilage merupakan connective tissue yang avascular, yang mana cartilage mendapatkan nutrisi dari difusi nutrient pada kapiler di perichondrium atau dari synovial fluid di rongga sendi. Pada beberapa hal, blood vessels melintasi cartilage, tetapi tidak untuk memberikan nutrisi pada cartilage melainkan pada jaringan lain. Cartilage juga tidak mempunyai lymphatic vessels atau saraf.

Sumber: Basic Histology hal. 128

298. The cell type mainly responsible for producing and maintaining all the component of connective tissue extracellular matrix is?

A. Mesothelial cell

B. Fibroblast

C. Mast cell

D. Lymphocyte

E. Macrophage

Jawaban: B

Pembahasan: Fibroblasts synthesize collagen, elastin, glycosaminoglycans, proteoglycans, and multiadhesive glycoproteins. Fibroblasts are the most common cells in connective tissue and are responsible for the synthesis of ECM components.

Sumber: Basic Histology hal. 91

299. Regular dense connective tissue is a?

A. Contain primarily of fibroblast

B. Contain primarily ground substance

C. More mast cell than in any connective tissue

D. Found primarily in connective tissue with capsule type

E. May found in tendon

Jawaban: E

Pembahasan: Tendons are the most common example of dense regular connective tissue. Selain itu, yang paling dominan dalam dense regular connective tissue adalah fiber nya yg tersusun dalam bentuk bundles.

Sumber: Basic Histology hal. 119

300. Function of connective tissue including ?

A. Immunologic protection

B. Tissue repairment after injury

C. Structural support

D. Fuel store

E. All above

Jawaban: E

Pembahasan: Susunan sel, fiber, dan substansi dasar dari connective tissue membentuk suatu structural support bagi tubuh. Immunologic protection merupakan fungsi dari leukocyte. Tissue repairment merupakan salah satu fungsi dari fibroblast. Sedangkan fuel store merupakan fungsi dari adipocyte.

Sumber: Basic Histology hal.91

301. The smallest repetitive subunit apparatus of contractile is sequence?

A. Extend from A band to A band

B. Extend from I band to I band

C. Extend from M band to M band

D. Extend from Z line to Z line

E. All false

Jawaban: D

Pembahasan: The smallest repetitive subunit of the contractile apparatus, the sarcomere, extends from Z line to Z line and is about 2,5 µm long in resting muscle.

Sumber: Basic Histology hal. 186

302. The intercellular function can be classified as adherent junction, except…

A. Zonula occludent

B. Zonula adherent

C. Macula adherent

D. Hemidesmosome

E. Gap junction

Jawaban: E

Pembahasan: Gap junction tidak termasuk dalam adherent junction, tetapi termasuk communicating junction.

Sumber: Basic Histology hal. 69

303. Cranial nerve attached to midbrain?

1. Occulomotor

2. Trigeminal

3. Trochlear

4. Olfactory

Jawaban: A/B

Pembahasan: Beberapa buku menyebutkan bahwa cranial nerve yang terletak pada midbrain adalah no. III dan IV. Tapi, kalau di slide disebutkan cranial nerve nuclei yg ada di midbrain itu no. III (Occulomotor), IV(Trochlear), dan V(Trigeminal)

Sumber: Clinically Oriented Anatomy-Moore hal.1126, slide “The Brain and Cranial Nerves”

304. The cranial nerve nuclei of the pons is/are?

1. Trigeminal

2. Adducent

3. Facial

4. Vestibulocochlear

Jawaban: E

Pembahasan: Cranial nerve nuclei yang terletak pada pons adalah no. V-IX

Sumber: Clinically Oriented Anatomy hal. 1132, slide “The Brain and Cranial Nerves”

305. Which of the following is/are parasympathetic?

1. Nucleus ambiguus

2. Nucleus salivatory

3. Nucleus salitary

4. Nucleus Edinburgh

Jawaban: A

Pembahasan: Nucleus ambiguus berhubungan dengan saraf motorik no. IX dan X yg termasuk parasympathetic. Nucleus salitary berhubungan dengan visceral sensory no. VII, IX dan X yg jg termasuk parasympathetic. Selain itu, parasympathetic jg berhubungan dengan nucleus salivatory.

Sumber: Slide “The Structure and Function of Cranial Nerves”

306. The tectum brain stem consist of?

1. Superior medullary vellum

2. Inferior medullary vellum

3. Quadrigeminal plate

4. Peduncle

Jawaban: A

Pembahasan: Tectum brain stem consist of Quadrigeminal plate over the midbrain, Superior medullary velum over the pons, dan Inferior medullary velum over the medulla.

Sumber: Slide “Brain Stem”

307. The facial nerve?

1. Innervate lacrimal gland

2. Innervate expression muscle

3. Innervate two third of the anterior tongue

4. Innervate salivatory gland

Jawaban: E

Pembahasan: Keempat hal di atas tersebut merupakan karakteristik dari facial nerve.

Sumber: Clinically Oriented Anatomy hal. 1143

308. Structure which pass through jugular foramen?

1. Vagus nerve

2. Esophagus

3. Trachea

4. Accesory carotid artery

Jawaban: E

Pembahasan: Jugular foramen merupakan sebutan untuk daerah pada wilayah leher. Keempat hal di atas tersebut melalui wilayah jugular foramen.

Sumber: Slide “The Structure and Function of Cranial Nerves”

309. Which statement is/are true about parasympathetic?

1. It has norepinephrine as neurotransmitter

2. It has preganglion relatively longer

3. It has preganglion neuron in thoracolumbar spinal cord

4. It has preganglion in brain stem

Jawaban: C

Pembahasan: Pada parasympathetic, baik preganglion maupun postganglion nya menghasilkan acetylcholine sebagai neurotransmitter. Preganglion nya relative lebih panjang dan terletak pada brain stem dan lateral part of spinal gray matter (S2-S4).

Sumber: Tortora hal 538 dan slide “The Autonomic Nervous System”

310. The oxygenated blood is being brought to the fetus by?

1. IVC vein

2. SVC vein

3. Foramen ovale vein

4. Umbilical vein

Jawaban: D

Pembahasan: Umbilical veins carry well-oxygenated blood from the primordial placenta.

Sumber: The Developing Human-Moore hal 330

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