Soal MDE 135-150

Senin, 24 Desember 2007

135. Which statement about tight junction is correct…
Jawab: (E) Tight junction encircles the apical most region of epithelial cells
Medical Cell Biology, hlm 197

136. Which statement is true about inner nuclear membrane…
Jawab: (B) Close contact with meshwork of intermediate filament
Medical Cell Biology, hlm 111

137. The DNA protein complexe to be transcriply active is refer to as…
Jawab: (B) Euchromatin
Medical Cell Biology, hlm 122

138. Lysosomes enzyme secretory protein from ER to golgi apparatus will be modified before transported to lysosome in cis golgy, the proenzyme will be added to M6P (mannose-6-phosphate). In this case what is the function of M6P?
Bingung, coba baca Medical Cell Biology hlm 137

139. The patient with “I cell disease” have a severe genetic anomaly resulting in a deficiency of multiple lysosomal enzymes in the fibroblasts and macrophages. Normally the lysosomal enzymes degrade glycolipid and extracellular component. Which is this explanation is likely correlated with the disease?
Jawab: (C) Defect of M6P receptor
Medical Cell Biology, hlm 138

140. Mitochondria have double membrane, inner and outer membrane. Peroxisomes and other organelles has single, what is the other organelle that has double membrane?
Jawab: (A) Nucleus
Medical Cell Biology, hlm 111

141. In the mitochondria, the final stage of acid citric cycle happens. Where this happen?
Jawab: (D) Matrix
Medical Cell Biology, hlm 54

142. Intermediate filament differ from microtubules and microfilament by…
Jawab: (B) Their ability to be made as heteropolymer
Medical Cell Biology, hlm 93

143. In RBC, which of the following protein cytoskeleton cross links with actin to form a two dimensional meshwork that covers the cytoplasmic surface of the plasma membrane?
Jawab: (A) Spectrin I
Medical Cell Biology, hlm 90

144. In non muscle cell actin myosin interaction are important for?
Jawab: (A) Separation daughter cell. dan (B) Flattening fibroblast cell
Medical Cell Biology, hlm 86

145. The characteristic finding which allow the definitive diagnosis of Duchenne’s versus Becker’s muscular dystrophy is?
Jawab: (C) Absent dystrophin
Medical Cell Biology, hlm 92

146. The microscope contain modification in the condensed and objective lens and the net effect is increased the contrast. Fixation and tissue processing are not required, hence microscopy is valuable tool for examining unfixed living cells, which of the following is the most likely to be above?
Jawab: (D) Phase contrast microscope
Medical Cell Biology, hlm 11

147. RBC à actin filaments à membrane…
Jawab: Spectrin, kayanya spectrin I, ga yakin juga
Medical Cell Biology, hlm 90

148. Which of the following isoform of actin has been described in non muscle cells of human and animal albino…
Jawab: (A) β cytoplasmic and γ cytoplasmic
Medical Cell Biology, hlm 68

149. Cilia and flagella are specialized organelles composed of microtubule, which define cilia and flagella?
Jawab: (A) Cilia and flagella are specialized cellular appendages that extend from surface of several different cell type
Medical Cell Biology, hlm 99

150. Which is the best explain metaphase in cell division?
Jawab: (A) Chromosome at the equator of spindle
Slide FBS 3 Cell Division

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