Kumpulan soal FBS III
1.A much more common technique for identification and location intercellular protein is to use spesific antibody probe. The antibodies recognize their particular antigen and bind tightly to antigenic molecules. This antigen antibody can be visualized by enzymatic secondary antibody probes. Which of the following is the most likely to be alive?
b.Polyclonal antibiody production
d.Western blotting

2.The microscope which work with principle: absorbing light at spesific wavelenght and emits light at a spesific and longer wavelenght within a visible spectrum is ....
a.Light microscope
b.Immunofloresence microscope
c.Confocal scanning microscope
d.Phase contrast and normanski interference microscope
e.Transmission electron microscope

3.Below is the reason why the biologists prefer to culture cell in laboratory, except...
a.experimental conditions can be controlled much more rigorously in culture than on an organism
b.a single cell can be readily grown into a colony
c.animal and plant tissues are composed of several different types of cells
d.animal and plant tissues do not require rich media
e.all of the above

4.Which of these statements are not true?
Differentiation between eukaryotic an prokaryotic cells
Eukaryotic Prokaryotic
a.Have nuclear membrane Have no nuclear membrane
b.Include animal and plant cells Include all bacteria, eubacteria, archaebacteria
c.DNA is thread like material DNA is in the form of a single circular molecule
d.Have no cell wall Have cell wall
e.Have complex system and stucture Have relatively simple structure

5.Resolution ...
a.Not dependent at value of D
b.Is better when value of D is bigger
c.Decrease when the value of D decrease
d.Is better when wavelenght of incident light is shorter
e.Will be improved 4-fold when using such oils that have refractive index =2

6.The steps for preparing samples for light microscopy:
a.Fraction, sectioning, embedding, staining
b.Embedding, sectioning, staining
c.Fraction, embedding, sectioning, staining
d.Staining, fraction, embedding, staining
e.Fraction, staining, sectioning, embedding

7.See the picture below!

The part of cells which is labelled “X” has main function as :
a.Carrying genetic material
b.Synthesize protein
cRegulates the movement of of the material from and to the nucleus
d.Maintain cell shape and mobility
e.Separate the cytoplasm and nucleoplasm

8.Maturation of secretory protein is begun in rough Endoplasmic Reticulum then carbohydrate chains of glycoprotein will be modified in ...
b.Smooth endoplasmic reticulum
d.Apparatus golgi

9.Zellweger syndrome which has defective in oxidation of the very long chains fatty acids is caused by the transport of all proteins in this oraganelle is impaired. What is it and its function?
a.Ribosome, synthesis protein
b.Mithocondria, cell respiration
c.Apparatus Golgi, maturation of protein
d.Nucleus, storing genetic information
e.Lysosome, cell digestion

10.Part of mithochondria
1).Inner membran of
2).Outer membrane
Synthesis of ATP from ADP and Pi is occured in

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