fbs 3 4 5 soal 17 - 32

Rabu, 26 Desember 2007

FBS 3,4,5 17 – 32 (sori belum lengkap, nyusul, belum dpt sumber yg baleg)

17. An ECM is a meshwork of insoluble protein with carbohydrate chains that are produced and secreted by animal cells. Which of the following molecul is most likely to form a gel ?

Jawaban : D. polysaccharide
Lebih tepatnya GAGs (hyaluronan). Sumber slide FBS 3 : ECM and Cell adhesion

18. Which of the following molecule are part of ECM, is likely to form fibers ?

Jawaban : D. Collagen
Sumber slide FBS 3 ECM and Cell adhesion

19. This type of junction that firmly attached to the cytoskeleton within each cell is joined by intercellular filaments. Which of the following is most likely the type of junction?

Jawaban B Adhesion Junction
Sumber slide FBS 3 ECM and Cell Adhesion

23. Gene is composed by string double helical DNA, as polimerazation of nucleotides. The nucleotide. The nucleotide contain a phosphate, a sugar, and an organic base? Which of the following base is the exception ?

Jawaban : D. Uracil
Slide FBS 4 DNA structure

Jawaban : B the homologous chromosome separate during meiosis
Sumber Tortora, Slide FBS 3 Cell Cycle

28. At the equator during metaphase II of meiosiswhich of the following is most likely occur??

29. Meiosis requires 2 cell dividion and resulting 4 daughter cell, replication of DNA take place before meiosis begin. During meiosis 1 , the homologous pair and crossing over before they independently separate . In which of the following of following manner crossing over occur ?

Jawaban : E. Between non sister chromosome of bivalent
Sumber Tortora.

30.During which of the following stage of meiosis , the association between member of a bivalent is disrupted when the ciasmata, which mark point of exchange between the non sister, ceased to exist because crossing over is completed?

Jawaban : B. Methapase 1
Sumber Slide FBS 3 Cell Cycle

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