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1. The principal reason of using a microscope for the observation of cells and tissue is?
A. Microscope allows the resolution of structural detail
B. Microscope magnifies objects
C. Cells and tissues need never undergo fixation prior to observation allowing the material to be
viewed in its natural state
D. None of the above
E. All of the above
Jawab: A&B,karena sel ato jaringan harus difiksasi dulu baru bias diliat dimikroskop

2. Cellular components that are stained by acidic dyes such as cosin are refered to as being?
A. Monoclonal
B. Histologic
C. Acidophilic
D. Basophilic
E. Lipophlic
Jawab: D, karena adanya reaksi antara asam dan basa, jadi bila perawnanya asam objeknya basa dan sebaliknya

3. One of the function of the plasma is to interact to each other.the part of the cell membrane that has
the function of the statement above is…
A. Enzyme
B. Receptor
C. Cell junction
D. Transporter
E. Cytoskeleton
Jawab: C, karena gunanya untuk berinteraksi dengan sel lain atau zat lain

4. the cell membrane contain several kind of molecules(s) that is(are) facing the cytosol…
A. Cholesterol
B. Phospolipid
C. Protein
D. All of the option before
E. None of the option before
Jawab: A, kolesterol letaknya didalam/ditenagah diantara asam-asam lemak liat gambar di tortora hal 62

5. Increased Ca ion level in skeletal muscle regulates contraction via Ca ion binding with?
A. Tubulin
B. Tropomyosin
C. Alfa skeletal actin
D. Troponin C
E. Myosin heavy chain
Jawab: D, basic histology bab muscle tissue

6. Intermediate filaments differ from microtubules and microfilaments by….
A. Their need of Mn ion cofactor of polymerization
B. Their ability to be made as heteropolymers
C. Their need of calmodulin accessory protein for polymerization
D. Their need of cellular ATP concentration for polymerization
E. Their formation from monomers of normally globular subunits
Jawab: E, medical cell biology. cytosceleton

7. Movements of organelle throught the cell, based upon microyubules occurs via the action of?
A. Actin and alfa-actinin
B. Kinesin and dyenin
C. Myosin 1 and calmodulin
D. Uyomurolinin and spectrin
E. Keratin and CAP Z

8. The RBC protein that cross-link actin filament at the membrane is?
A. Spectrin I
B. Spectrin II
C. Fimbrin
D. Villin
E. Dystrophin
Jawab: spectrin,tapi ga tau spectrin 1 ato 2. Sori

9. In non-muscle cells, actin-myosin interactions are important for?
A. Separation of daughter cell in telophase
B. Flattening of fibroblast cells
C. Folding of epithelial cells into tube
D. All of the above
E. None of the above
Jawab: A, slide fbs 3.cytoskeleton

10. The characteristic findings which allows a definitive diagnosis of Duchenne’s versus Becker’s
muscular dystrophy is?
A. Abnormal electromyocardiogram
B. X-linked recessive inheritance
C. Absent dystrophyn
D. Elevated creatinin kinase level
E. Absent Grower’s manever
Jawab: C,
11. Mitochondrion?
A. Involved in cellular respiration
B. Present in animal cells not plant’s
C. Breakdown ATP to release energy for cells
D. All of these are correct
E. Contain grana and cristae
Jawab: A

12. Which of the following is the most likely lysosome’s function?
A. Protein synthesis
B. Prossesing and packaging
C. Intracellular digestion
D. Lipid synthesis
E. Production of hydrogen peroxide
Jawab: C, slide fbs 3.organel structure and function

13. A doble membrane-bounded organelle. The inner membrane invaginates to form cristae, in the
matrix space. The internal matrix space contains enzyme and DNA. Which of the following structure
is most closely associated with the explanation?
B. Nucleus
C. Ribosome
D. Mitochondria
E. Golgi apparatus
Jawab: D, slide fbs 3.organel structure and function

14. Which of the following is not found in the nucleus?
A. Chromatin that condenses to chromosomes
B. Nucleosomes
C. Functioning ribosome
D. All forms of RNA
E. Nucleolus that produces ribosomal RNA
Jawab:D, karena ada juga rna yang terdapat mitochondria.slide fbs 3.organel structure and function

15. Vesicles from smooth ER most likely are on their way to which of the following structure?
A. Rough ER
B. Lysosomes
C. Golgi apparatus
D. Ribosome
E. Polysome
Jawab: C, slide fbs 3.organel structure and function

16. Type of junction that allows cells to communicate and formed when identical plasma membrane
channels join and it allows small molecules and ions to pass between them is?
A. Gap junction
B. Tight junction
C. Spot junction
D. Plasmodesma
E. B & D true
Jawab: A, tortora chapter 4

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